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Found 7 results

  1. Winter Tires

    Hey guys! I recently purchased a full set of Toyo GSI 5 studless tires for my Crossroad, and they're the best set I've ever used on a vehicle. They are, in my opinion, the best for SUVs. Awesome deep tread, tons of room for snow and slush to escape. More aggressive looking. However, I did downgrade from 225/55 R19 to the 225/65 R17 for the bigger sidewalls. Snow grip - 5 Ice grip - 4 1/2 Handling - 5 Noise - 4 (in town) 3 (highway) Living in the cold snowy reaches of northern Canada, the stock Kuhmo all-weather tires on the 2016 DJ are no good, you might as well be falling off a cliff when you try to stop on a spit of ice with those tires. They couple extremely well with the AWD feature, making driving in heavy snow and slippery ice a breeze! Just don't forget to drive for the conditions. Blazing through a snow packed slippery tight corner at 60mph is gonna land you in the ditch even if you have the best tires in the world! Highly recommend taking a look at them. https://www.toyotires.ca/tires/observe-gsi5-passenger-cars-minivans-suv-s-and-light-trucks And if you live in Manitoba I highly suggest getting them on the MPI Winter tire program ( https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Rd-Safety/Winter-Tires/Pages/winter-tire-program-overview.aspx ) as the total cost of steel rims, tires, tpms, and installation was $1950CAD, and the program will cover up to $2000CAD. I probably could have found a better price online but no one in town other than my local dealership had decent pricing. Plus I didn't want to pay freight on tires. Will post pics after I get off work!
  2. Best Tire Deal I Could Find

    Wheel size is 19x7 and the oem tire was a Kumho 225/55 19. My local dealer quoted me $150 - $170 per tire for this size and about the same for a 235/55 19. Did some research and found Kumho Crugen in the 235/55 19 size for $317 for 4 tires delivered. These are new tires. This is supposed to be a bigger tire showing a speedometer speed 1.5 mph slower than actual, however I checked the speed using a gps speedometer app and both my car speedo and the phone were identical at all speeds Tires were mounted yesterday and the ride is better than those that were replaced. http://bestusedtires.com sells both used and new tires and if you enter save15 in the promo code box at checkout, you will save another $30 (the $317 price was with the promo code applied). They also have used tires for less money in various stages of tread life and different brands. Tires were delivered in 3 business days.
  3. OEM tires bald after 18000 miles

    I purchased a '11 DJ with roughly 10000 miles on it, and between that, and now the tires that came from the factory are pretty much bald in the rear. The tires are the DJ 17" Kumho tires. I took it in to have an alignment, and it was perfectly aligned. the tire pressure has been to manufacture specifications since i purchased the vehicle. Has anyone else had this issue with the stock tires? are they covered by the manufacture warranty, and if so, will the Dodge/Fiat replace them.
  4. I have a new Journey and my tires omly have 20300 miles on them and they are crap. What is the process of getting new tires by the dealership?
  5. Looking to upgrade tires. Wanting to see different tire looks on Journey. THANKS
  6. Centre Caps for Winter Rims

    Hey guys, so today I got around to putting winters on my 2013 dodge journey, and retired the factory summer tires for a few months. Got a set of Bridgestone Blizzak mounted on steel rims and my only complaint is that there's a little hole that looks like it goes into the axel right in the middle of the rim? It's probably not anything bad but I'd like to cover it up... anyone know if they have the covers like what you see on the ford police interceptors (where they leave most of the steel exposed and just cover the middle and lugs) but with dodge branding? I'll attach a photo of what I'm talking about at the end. Just like the silvery-chrome piece in the middle. Thanks Guys
  7. Good Alternative Tires (2010 Journey R/T)

    I purchased these tires for my Journey. Much nicer ride and a good tire. 235/55R19 VERSADO CUV Happy Motoring!