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Found 9 results

  1. Winter Tires

    Hey guys! I recently purchased a full set of Toyo GSI 5 studless tires for my Crossroad, and they're the best set I've ever used on a vehicle. They are, in my opinion, the best for SUVs. Awesome deep tread, tons of room for snow and slush to escape. More aggressive looking. However, I did downgrade from 225/55 R19 to the 225/65 R17 for the bigger sidewalls. Snow grip - 5 Ice grip - 4 1/2 Handling - 5 Noise - 4 (in town) 3 (highway) Living in the cold snowy reaches of northern Canada, the stock Kuhmo all-weather tires on the 2016 DJ are no good, you might as well be falling off a cliff when you try to stop on a spit of ice with those tires. They couple extremely well with the AWD feature, making driving in heavy snow and slippery ice a breeze! Just don't forget to drive for the conditions. Blazing through a snow packed slippery tight corner at 60mph is gonna land you in the ditch even if you have the best tires in the world! Highly recommend taking a look at them. https://www.toyotires.ca/tires/observe-gsi5-passenger-cars-minivans-suv-s-and-light-trucks And if you live in Manitoba I highly suggest getting them on the MPI Winter tire program ( https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Rd-Safety/Winter-Tires/Pages/winter-tire-program-overview.aspx ) as the total cost of steel rims, tires, tpms, and installation was $1950CAD, and the program will cover up to $2000CAD. I probably could have found a better price online but no one in town other than my local dealership had decent pricing. Plus I didn't want to pay freight on tires. Will post pics after I get off work!
  2. Winter Driving - So Far So Good

    Owner Impression Update, Winter Edition TLDR; I talk about my car, and other random thoughts. you've been warned. I've owned the car for 6 months, and put 12K miles on it. My biggest fear was that I would regret buying this thing... I can proudly say I'm happy. Both me and my wife still enjoy the car. Now, season's changed and it's winter - and very cold (8 F, -11 C) - and i'm on the dealership's defualt tires- Kumho Solus with the 19" rims. Big take aways with winter driving my DJ in the snow: - The wheels get imbalanced from ice collection. - The Tires / FWD / traction control leave much to be desired. I knew what I was getting into when i bought it. -Stability control works well... and ruins the fun of doing e-brake slides- Even when the traction is off. - With proper defensive driving, and speed management, the stock kumho tires are plenty sufficient for snow... under 6" depth - The heat works, just don't have the HVAC fan blowing full when the car is cold. Big engine takes a while to heat up. USE the remote start. people complain here that the heat isn't strong enough. I'll tell you, let it warm up more, run the blower at a lower fan setting. Regular Driving notes: -MPG avg 18. mixed in the snow. 25 at 85mph long haul (dry pavement). -The fuel gauge is off by two gallons. when the light comes one I've got 80 miles range (estimated). don't base your range on this number- my level sensor must be incorrect because it never goes over 85% full when topped off. -The DJ car drives smooth. The steering in not too sensitive. By comparison, I drove my dad's '13 Highlander and I felt at high speed it was too touchy on the steering. Side note: Those stock tires are awfully expensive. I had a nail, and Tuffy quoted 250 to replace.... Discount Tire then just quickly repaired it for free. The 'MSRP' on this unit was was $30K in 2011, and I picked mine up for $13,5k in '17. I'm happy with this car, and hope to drive it for a few years.
  3. Hello all! I need some advice. I have a 2014 AWD Journey. Last night coming home it was snowing and i got stuck on the hill coming to my house. The road had 3 inches of snow on it unplowed. The hill isn't very steep but I wouldn't try to get up it without 4wd/awd. I didn't have much momentum coming up the hill because of a car that was driving slow that turned off right before the hill. My Journey got stuck and whenever I would touch the gas the engine would bog down and i couldn't go anywhere. I would hear the tires screeching and then the engine would bog down. I called my brother who told me to turn off the ESP/traction control. I put the Journey in park and pushed the button and then it would allow me to get up to 35mph and would bog down again. It would say 35mph on the dash but i really wasn't going anywhere. 15mins later i was finally able to get to my house. A truck (nissan frontier) coming up the hill was able to stop next to me and ask me if i was ok. He then was able to continue to go while i was still stuck creeping up the hill. Is there any advice someone could give me as to why my AWD Journey couldn't get up the hill? This is my first winter with the Journey. Previously i had a Ford Explorer 4x4 that i never had a problem on the hill in snowy conditions. Granted on the flat roads with snow the Journey handles perfect but didn't when i needed it to. Sorry to be so long winded but im a girl and like to explain things in detail. Details about the Journey: 2014, blackout edition, AWD, V6, black dodge rims,
  4. AWD at snow

    Hi there! As you may know, here in EU is Dodge Journey known as Fiat Freemont (almost identical - only badges and front grill is different), Freemont is offering 4 engines - 2.4 L4 gasoline (125kW/170hp 6°A/T), 2.0 L4 diesel (103kW/140hp MT or 125kW/170hp version with AWD/AT availiable) and excellent 3.6 V6 Pentastar AWD A/T only. Thats just for your imagination. So, what's the point in this thread? I would like to know, how Journey behaves in snow, it should be just fine, Journey uses Jeep's ECC Freedom Drive I or II, I doesn't exactly remember which version, and according to my friends (who owns 2.0 AWD and 3.6 V6), Freemont/Journey behaves surprisingly well, definitely better than Honda's real-time AWD. And because my familly is considering buying of CUV - Freemont, Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5, and because we doesn't have plenty of snow here this winter (unlike You at US/Canada), could somebody make a short vid with Journey at snow - Slight uphill starts, stars at few inches at snow, doughnuts maybe - not necessarily that last one :-) I could only find these two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMCcsd73AQU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbD5ZkK74iY Thanks for everything!
  5. We otherwise love our Dodge journey 2012 (original dealer tires), but it has absolutely terrible handling in snow at all speeds from starting at a green light through highway driving. I just brought it to the dealer for an oil change and told them about this problem. After checking it out they found nothing wrong with the car and offered me the solace that winter is almost over. I've owned a Volkswagen rabbit, Ford Taurus, Chevrolet station wagon, two Dodge caravans, and the Dodge journey is hands down the worst handling in snow of them all. I used to be the hotshot in the left lane without a care in the world, and now I'm the granny in the right lane barely keeping up. Any ideas?
  6. Snow

  7. Fantastic in the snow

  8. Up in the hills