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  1. high mileage

    No timing belt to worry about on this 2.4l.
  2. Oil in Coolant

    Probably the engine oil cooler under the intake manifold is leaking the oil into the coolant. The transmission cooler is part of the ac condenser. Not in the radiator on the journey.
  3. Power steering cooler

    Have it towed to the dealer.
  4. Engine tick

    I did this repair on my 2014 van. Just one rocker failed the others were still in good shape so I left them alone. The hardest part of the job was getting the rear cover bolts off. They and the wiring are tight at the firewall. Hank
  5. Actually I just got a notice in the mail today asking me to bring it in to have a new catalytic converter and a software update installed. This car is smog tested once every 2 years and easily passes. I'm not understanding why this is needed? Hank
  6. CEL....no code reader

    Is it possible to get the codes with out a reader. My 2014 ram van still allows the key dance method. Hank
  7. Need to attach front license plate

    Here in Canada the front plate is attached directly with self tapping screws no bracket needed. Hank
  8. Water Ingress? How?

    We had a 2004 Malibu that had a chronic water leak into the trunk area. After the local dealer failed to repair it. We used a garden hose to find the cause. Turned out to be a seam wasn't sealed. Silicone sealer fixed it. Hank
  9. Heat shield ??

    It's located between the muffler and the spare tire. On the plastic part.
  10. Heat shield ??

    That is the shield riveted to the plastic part that surrounds the spare tire. I reattached mine with black zip ties. It falls off after the steel rivets rust away. Hank
  11. Thanks for coming back to give us an update
  12. rear alignment problem

    Since your tires are wearing evenly I wouldn't worry too much about it. See what the dealer that did the work last time has to say about it. It probably is still within limits some shops like to push parts. Hank
  13. Check the wires in the rubber sleeve at the top left of the rear hatch. The wires are known to break there. Hank
  14. Hello from Cambridge ontario canada

  15. Engine overheated

    Headgasket, jumped timing, lots of possibilities Hank