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    Lisa & Lee's 2012 Dodge Journeys
  3. bramfrank - sorry I missed your question about which generation of radio - I am not sure - it was listed as coming out of a 2013 Journey on the wrecker's information sheet. So far after 6-months I have not had any issues with it - although I did update it to the latest firmware available though U-Connect website. The maps need to be updated - but I am reluctant to pay more $$$ for newer maps for the amount of time I actually use it.
  4. Dash Cameras

    I think you would prefer to have a separate camera installed on the glass window, high up so it doesn't interfere with your line of sight - connected to the recorder head end unit. Mine records both front and back simultaneously while driving. The video is actually quite good in most conditions and will certainly make reading license plates easy should something happen. I didn't have too much difficulty routing my cable from back to front - I ran mine along the floor and tucked the cable under the sill trim and then up through the side of the dash to the 'A' Pillar and then up to the headliner along the windshield to connect to the main unit.
  5. Unlocking doors

    The auto unlock feature is controlled in the settings through the radio touch screen. Can you unlock it via the key fob? If yes - then I would check the settings first to see if it was changed inadvertently before I took it to the shop.
  6. 20" SRT8 wheels and tires installed

    SWEET !!!!
  7. P235/55/R19 Toyo Celcius CUV All Weather Tires

    Hi All, Update after 10,000 kms and 29 cm of recent snow - ;0) The weather here in Windsor has been pretty good for the most part. Recently we just got a 29 cm dump of snow (11.5" for our US friends) ... Wet, slushy crap that is melting as I write this post. Well - the tires performed very well considering that they are not a pure snow tire. All around performance was GOOD to VERY GOOD. The tires track well in the snow and the Journey doesn't get pushed around too much in the ruts, etc... Stopping distances were very good and overall we are really happy with them. Obviously, they do not perform as well as a dedicated WINTER tire - but if you are looking for an all around tire - that can be mounted and forgotten about other than rotations - these tires are in my opinion a good investment. I will say that if you are planning to run them year round (like me) - take steps to condition your rims before winter to prevent pitting from any road salt. I applied a heavy coat of turtle wax on my wheels, and didn't buffer it all off 100%, at the end of November. I have the chrome clad aluminum wheels - so the plastic covers should be OK so long as I don't smack them on a curb or something.
  8. Radio code

    I believe that my new one came out of a 2012 model....
  9. Thanks - I have the radio for sale on Kijiji ... but if it doesn't sell - it can stay in the box on a shelf ... just in case. I am happy that I did it as I really like the NAV function on the stock 8.3" screen as opposed to my separate Magellan unit - although the Magellan unit has lifetime updates ....
  10. Radio code

    Thank - Good to know. I will reach out to the forum if I have issues with mine...but I think mine are RB5 radios ... regardless - I will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the feedback. Lee
  11. Radio code

    I have read here in the forum that our radios can be 'glitchy' as you put it ... I thought that issue was resolved with the firmware updates?
  12. Radio code

    Hi bramfrank - Thanks .... learned something new today!!! Good to know.
  13. Fuel type ///mpg

    Hi mfeel We have two 12 R/T AWD Jouneys with the 3.6L pentastar . We average about 12.5L/100KM city and about 9.8L/100KM on highway - over the last 5,000kms. One has 78,000 kms and the other has 36,000 kms on the clock - both are about the same. bigtsr and larryl are both correct. New vehicles take time to break in and the mileage should improve - but it really depends on your particular driving style and how much time is spent sitting in traffic - stop and go driving, hilly terrain, etc... I would reset my mileage clock at every fill up - but then if I spent the first half a tank of gas in city mode only with little or no highway trips my gauge would tell me I was at 18.5L/100kms - Yikes.... all city - stop and go , etc... but over 10-tanks of gas you should get a pretty good feel for the mileage that you are going to get. On the highway - you can expect to get down to 9.5L - 10L / 100 kms - so longer trips it will do pretty well for its size and power (283HP after all).... speed plus the AWD will be negative factors. My two - cents - for what it is worth.....
  14. Radio code

    You need to bring the radio or truck to the dealer to get the anti-theft code. Dealer service can provide it and / or the parts department if you purchased it used. I you swapped it into the truck as a used part - you will need to provide proof of ownership. If it is the factory radio installed when new - the dealer can put the code in for you ... although I am concerned as to why it needed it i the first place. Did you have a dead battery or some reason for the radio to lose all power for a period of time?
  15. Hi All, I upgraded my non navigation 8.4" U-Connect Radio to the one with the navigation. My old radio was the RE2 media version. I ordered the navigation media radio (RB5 - i think) from a wrecker in London Ontario for $250.00. The wrecker shipped the part to my local used parts store and I picked it up from there. I took the new radio with my purchase receipt to the local dealer parts desk and they provided to me the anti-theft code. The swap took a total of 20-minutes - and then another 20-minutes to update the radio software which I downloaded from U-Connect web site. All in all I am very happy with the swap and for me - I was lucky in that the only thing my existing radio did not have was navigation - so the swap didn't require a new screen or new antennas, etc.... If I can do it - anyone with a little bit of mechanical aptitude can do it themselves .... Love the new radio with functioning navigation - so no need for my Magellan screen on top of my dash.... Note: I have a great RE2 non navigation media radio with the hard drive, etc.. if anyone needs it - contact me through the forum.