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  1. Dodge Journey 2009 Gearbox serial

    Hey, so a few things. First, how is a new transmission costing 10k??? The car is not even worth 10k if it is a 2009. Also, did you do an engine/tranny swap? The 3.5l and the 2.4l are not VW engines, and VW just started making their DSG transmissions in 2006 I believe, so it's unlikely they would put that transmission in a Dodge. Either you have done some insane engine/tranny mods to your DJ or someone is wildly misinforming you and trying to overcharge you for a transmission.
  2. Nice Arse

    I really like the Durango tail lights, but with the Journey soon to be discontinued I see why they didn't change the design. I like the Durango but the back quarter seems a little odd, the styling makes the back portion of the car look like it was "copy and pasted". I definitely think the Journey looks much more cohesive design-wise. I think if they updated the Journey and made it a 2 row SUV it would sell much better.
  3. New member

    Welcome! It could be a number of things, but the first thing I would look into is the antenna, especially if it is just the radio signal and there are no indications of an issue with the head unit itself.
  4. If they did an overhaul you shouldn't have anything to worry about for a long time. They replace anything that is either worn, malfunctioning or isn't up to factory specs. For lack of a better term it is basically "all-new". Was it the 4 speed with the 4 cylinder engine or the 6 speed with the V6 engine? I know a few people who had purchased previous rental cars had problems with their transmission that was determined to be a result of "extreme conditions", they either drove the crap out of the thing or had it in manual mode and ran the engine to the high rev-range. Issues aside it isn't the smoothest transmission but plenty of people have gotten tons of life out of them. Personally I've had mine over 2 years (34k) and haven't had any issues.
  5. Sensitive Brakes

    If it is something way out of the norm, it wouldn't hurt to take it in... Especially if you feel like no matter how lightly you press it seems to brake harshly. I know there are a few chain shops that also check brakes if you don't want to spend the money to go to the dealership. Firestone, Pepboys, Midas, Jiffy Lube all offer brake inspections.
  6. Sensitive Brakes

    I know whenever anyone drives my car they end up slamming on the brakes at least once or twice. They are pretty sensitive but it should get better as time goes on. Did they change the brake pads when it got to the dealer? That may be why they are so sensitive.
  7. Here's a thread from the Chrysler Town and Country forums that show how to replace the battery... It even has the part number to order it from the dealer. https://forum.chryslerminivan.net/showthread.php/47361-How-To-Replace-the-Battery-in-the-Rechargeable-Flashlight I also saw online a few websites have the flashlight itself for $37.00, not sure how much the battery costs at the dealer but either way it seems like it'll be cheap and easy.
  8. Also, I don't see how you could be "shocked", the sticker clearly lists everything that the vehicle does and does not have. Navigation is a separate option for nearly all manufacturers, and the Journeys radio was designed pre-Carplay. This is why researching vehicles before you buy is always a good idea.
  9. That's really odd... In the owners manual is states that ALL 8.4" Uconnects have bluetooth, do you have a phone icon on your home screen? If so, when you click on the player icon it gives you the option to play music through bluetooth. Make sure you read your manual just to figure out how it works, the salesman should have walked you through how to use it before you drove off.
  10. Yeah, do you have the sirius traffic? I find that if I should be on a highway and there is some traffic it will send me down roads that don't have traffic, but have quite a few traffic lights that slow me down. Other than those instances I haven't had any issues.
  11. Lol, hopefully OP doesn't really think that auto manufacturers are purposefully incorporating ways to drive a car without having a key... There would be a lot more stolen journeys if so, especially if we posted about it all over the internet!
  12. Sounds like it is time to have it replaced. Think of the screen like a laptop or a cell phone, they have a limited shelf life and if it's been used for about 10 years you're going to have performance issues or need to get a new one.
  13. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    Makes sense! If you want to look into the shocks an easy way to test them is by grabbing the roof rail and rocking the car side to side, if after you stop rocking it continues to move (even a little bit) they should be replaced.
  14. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    There are a few things you can do actually... Check if the shocks have been changed, these wear down over time and can make the suspension feel sponge-like. Also the SXT has smaller rims, which means the tire has more sidewall and can make the ride softer. Larger rims with less sidewall would make the ride more stiff. Given the age I would guess the shocks need to be changed out anyway if they haven't already been.
  15. P2305 and 2311 codes.

    Sounds like you are going to have to take it somewhere to get it looked at. Engines aren't really designed to sit for extended periods of time, and it sounds like it hasn't been running much at all, the issue may be tricky to find. When an engine doesn't run much it causes issues everywhere, corrosion, seals, internal lubrication, buildup in fluids, etc. You said "Accelerates quicker" in your post.... do you mean that you noticed a gain in performance when you did change the coils? If so it could take some time for the code to clear. I'd recommend leaving the battery unplugged for a while (about 30 mins to an hour) to reset the computer. If that doesn't work then you should definitely take it to get looked at.