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  1. Yeah, do you have the sirius traffic? I find that if I should be on a highway and there is some traffic it will send me down roads that don't have traffic, but have quite a few traffic lights that slow me down. Other than those instances I haven't had any issues.
  2. Lol, hopefully OP doesn't really think that auto manufacturers are purposefully incorporating ways to drive a car without having a key... There would be a lot more stolen journeys if so, especially if we posted about it all over the internet!
  3. Sounds like it is time to have it replaced. Think of the screen like a laptop or a cell phone, they have a limited shelf life and if it's been used for about 10 years you're going to have performance issues or need to get a new one.
  4. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    Makes sense! If you want to look into the shocks an easy way to test them is by grabbing the roof rail and rocking the car side to side, if after you stop rocking it continues to move (even a little bit) they should be replaced.
  5. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    There are a few things you can do actually... Check if the shocks have been changed, these wear down over time and can make the suspension feel sponge-like. Also the SXT has smaller rims, which means the tire has more sidewall and can make the ride softer. Larger rims with less sidewall would make the ride more stiff. Given the age I would guess the shocks need to be changed out anyway if they haven't already been.
  6. P2305 and 2311 codes.

    Sounds like you are going to have to take it somewhere to get it looked at. Engines aren't really designed to sit for extended periods of time, and it sounds like it hasn't been running much at all, the issue may be tricky to find. When an engine doesn't run much it causes issues everywhere, corrosion, seals, internal lubrication, buildup in fluids, etc. You said "Accelerates quicker" in your post.... do you mean that you noticed a gain in performance when you did change the coils? If so it could take some time for the code to clear. I'd recommend leaving the battery unplugged for a while (about 30 mins to an hour) to reset the computer. If that doesn't work then you should definitely take it to get looked at.
  7. 2 years, 30k miles

    Yeah, unfortunately most people who go online to talk about their vehicles are usually doing it because they have a problem... I just like putting some positive press out there ;-)
  8. 2 years, 30k miles

    You must really love it if you got two! What are you thinking about getting next?
  9. 2 years, 30k miles

    So nearly 2 years and 30k have passed with my DJ, and I feel like it is time to let everyone know how it's going. Overall, still very good. There was a single slight hiccup that was quickly rectified regarding the suspension (I'll cover that later), but everything has been pretty peachy thus far as it should be. Good: Power: Still pulls like the day I drove it off. I don't drive like a race car driver but it gets to speed quickly, and I never have worried about getting up to speed. I do have the V6 and occasionally it has helped me get back at drivers who act like A-holes on the road, which is the ugly side of being a more passive driver (I don't like being taken advantage of)! Vehicles that I've had before have shown a power decrease in this period so I do think it is something worth mentioning about the DJ. Ride: It still rides smoothly and quietly. I have a crossroad plus and the larger wheels do tend to register bumps more than the standard wheels on the SXT, but the DJ always maintains composure when going over rough surfaces. I've never once been jarred or felt like the vehicle was falling apart over a bump. Versatility: By far the strongest hand of the vehicle. As of this post I have 2 out of the million storage compartments being put to use (a bit of an over dramatization). The passenger seat under storage area holds any secret stuff and mail that I collect before the gym that I don't want sitting out. The glove compartment holds the typical owners manual, registration and insurance information. The under-floor storage holds beer and ice perfectly well for tailgating at Jimmy Buffet and other country concerts. But with the seats folded down it is perfect for hauling business materials. I regularly transport about 1200lbs of materials for my business on a 350 mile drive, and it has never not been accommodating to my needs. Noise levels: Honestly it is serene in the cabin. Most vehicles (Honda Pilot, Honda CRV, Toyota Highlander, Chevy Traverse, etc.) have noticeably higher levels of noise when I ride in them. Most of the time it is not very significant (except in the case of the Pilot) but it is definitely a strong suit of the DJ. I've never officially measured the noise level in the Journey but maybe one day I will, and compare it to others. Seat comfort: The seats are extremely comfortable and don't "give in" on long drives. As mentioned earlier I drive 350 miles at a time pretty regularly and I never feel as though I have to stop and stretch my back, or have any pain from sitting. This may be from young age, but other vehicles have given me back problems over the same period of time. Passenger space: While definitely not the most spacious, it does have plenty of room for myself and passengers. I have never bumped elbows with anyone, and I always have plenty of room to move my seat about however I want (I even put it as high as possible and drove like a bus driver). Granted I NEVER use the third row, and I doubt I ever will. The second row seats adjust fore and aft, and the seat backs recline as well giving the back seat passengers their choice of position. It also gives all 3 rows vents in the roof which helps on hot summer days when the journey needs to cool down quickly. Warranty: I have not had to use my extended lifetime warranty yet, but for some reason it feels SO good knowing I have it. I haven't found another manufacturer that offers the same level warranty coverage. Most will simply try and sell you on a third party warranty, which was a shock when the dealership mentioned I could buy a mopar factory direct warranty (DON'T EVER BUY THIS WARRANTY FROM THE DEALER)! THE BAD/ISSUES: Suspension: REMEDIED - When I first bought the DJ the suspension creaked over speed bumps slightly... It wasn't horrible and it didn't always make the noise but it certainly made me aware of itself when I did hear it. This was fixed with a single visit to the dealer and a loaner for about 3 days. Transmission: I have posted about this before but the transmission seems lost pretty often. I would say about once a week I REALLY notice this, maybe because I am just used to it. On hard acceleration it doesn't shift smoothly, and it is reluctant to downshift to offer acceleration when you do hit the gas. Once in a blue moon it also gets lost if you ever have to slam on the brakes. A few times I have had to slam on the brakes and I could feel the entire vehicle lurch as it down-shifted... it wasn't a typical downshift, but a hard and sudden shift. I also still occasionally get the jolt when putting the car into reverse after backing out of the driveway. There HAVE NOT BEEN ANY MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION FAILURES. Cruise control?: I put a question mark next to this because I am reluctant to call this an issue, but it is more of a gripe. When I have the cruise control set, on slight inclines it will let the speed drop as many as 3-4mph. On declines it will increase between 3-4mph as well. This is a very small and nit-picky issue but it is still something I have never encountered before and will probably never get used to. I'm not sure if the cruise control has a speed tolerance built in or not but the difference of a few miles an hour can mean the difference between unexpectedly getting a ticket or not. Rattles/noises: I want to make it clear that at this time I have ZERO consistent rattles on the interior. Whenever the weather changes though for about 2 weeks I get a rattle in the dash and think it won't go away so make an appointment with the dealership to have it looked at. By the time the appointment comes it goes away so I assume it is simply the plastic expanded and contracting when it gets either warmer or colder. The plastic panel behind the drivers seat also makes a slight clicking noise every once in a while when going over bumps, however it is only when the bump causes me to move around a bit. This isn't necessarily a complaint as much as an annoyance for me. New model envy: I am a mopar fan, but I see FCA remodeling every single vehicle BUT the DJ and adding features such as Auto Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Apple Car play, Panoramic Sunroofs, etc. These electronic temptresses catch my eye and make me think I want a new Jeep or something but trust me I don't! The DJ has been forgotten by FCA it seems and hopefully it doesn't die with the Grand Caravan as all other vehicles are being refreshed and updated. Overall the DJ has been great (as any vehicle should be after 30k miles). I've never once worried about it mechanically and have had plenty of good experiences thanks to the nifty floor board coolers in the second row. I also think it still looks great, bypassing the "swoopy and curvy" styling of most other SUVs and staying boxy as most automotive magazines like to point out. I've had consistently good gas mileage (21.3 mixed and for the entire time I have owned the vehicle). The remote start and navigation works great, it never locks me out and my keys in (which I seem to test once or twice a week), I'm still on the stock tires, and I have yet to have anything done that would potentially cost me money. I'm definitely still enjoying the Journey, and don't regret my purchase one bit.
  10. Dash Rattle Near Windshield

    They did look at it and offer to tighten the guard along the windshield. Honestly I think it was the change in weather, when it gets cold the plastics contract and with warm weather they expand. Had the same noise for about a week or two this year when it started getting warm. My recommendation is to just give it some time, if it does go away then it is because of the shift in temperatures. If not and you are still in the warranty period let your dealer know and they can try to find the source. *As a warning though, if they take the dash apart you do risk that causing more/other rattles so be certain before they do that*
  11. Dealer mechanics and their BS!

    Yeah, this is normal for the DJ... Whenever I start mine (since brand new) it has a loud whine from the steering pump warming up. Usually goes away within 10 seconds. Nothing to worry about unless it doesn't go away at all. Most FCA vehicles fitted with the pentastar have a steering pump whine, all the DJs that I test drove before I picked mine had the same sound.
  12. Full stereo upgrade

    I bet it sounds good! One a side note though, do you think maybe you are having electrical issues because of the power drawn? I have 0 experience when it comes to stereo upgrades but based on the issue you said you were having in your other post it may be related to your system. Or I could just be completely wrong, just an idea ;-)
  13. Low/high odometer readings

    Yup! I mentioned that Tesla is 100% American... But I bet they would be MUCH more affordable and accessible to Americans if some either parts or manufacturing were outsourced. They are brilliantly designed and engineered but their manufacturing process and quality control don't measure up to the amount of money they charge.
  14. Service AWD strikes again

    It sounds like it might be an electrical issue. I would start by disconnecting the battery for at least 30 minutes to reset everything. If that doesn't work you may want to check for shorts in the wiring (if you feel comfortable), or take it to the dealer. I know the AWD system uses a multitude of sensors, and one may be going out. I'd do the reset, check fuses, and if you don't find anything obvious take it in.
  15. Low/high odometer readings

    I think most people like seeing that they got their value out of the vehicle when they mention the high mileage... It is also a way to let people who are just researching the Journey and "passing through" the site know that it's not a bad investment. Either way it's great that you have enjoyed your DJ! In relation to it being built in Mexico, not a single vehicle is strictly American, and I'd be willing to bet quite a bit of money that not a single car anywhere uses parts from just one country (aside from Tesla). The Journey was being built in Mexico when under the Daimler era, when Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep were going through very rough times. They made that decision as a cost move, and because the Avenger (which the journey shares a platform) was being built there as well. The automotive landscape is very reliant on global business for profit, which is why it is hard to find vehicles designed, engineered and built in a single country. Dodge, Ford, Chevy are all American brands that built the auto industry in this country so you definitely bought as American as you can!