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  1. Aiming headlights on 2010 Journey

    OK, with the help of you guys here, I have found the adjuster and as you said it just looks like a Philips bolt screwed into a strange washer. Now, to save trial and error, would any of you happen to know which direction to turn the bolt to raise/lower the headlights? I realize I could just turn it and see but it would save experimenting if someone here knows already. Thanks, again.
  2. Aiming headlights on 2010 Journey

    Thanks for the help. I'll get at it when it's daylight.
  3. Aiming headlights on 2010 Journey

    I'll look again (tomorrow when it's daylight) but today, even with a flashlight, I saw nothing that I could get a screwdriver or socket on. If there's any way you can take and send a photo of what you're referring to that would really be nice.
  4. Question re: aiming headlights. I have googled how to aim the headlights on my 2010 Dodge Journey. My low beams seem to be too low - i.e. focused too close to the vehicle. High beams are OK. I've found two very different descriptions and pictures of the adjusting screws one needs to use to aim them. Bigger problem is that neither of those even remotely resembles the headlights in my vehicle. It appears to me (and I could easily be wrong) that the whole headlight cluster is one sealed unit and there's no sign (that I can see) of anything resembling adjusting screws. I've attached a few photos of the outside and the back of the headlight assembly. Hopefully they're clear enough to see what I'm talking about.
  5. Where is OBD II plug

    Got it. Exactly where you said. Thanks, guys.
  6. Where is OBD II plug

    Thanks. I will
  7. Where is OBD II plug

    Thanks. That'll narrow it down. I'll get a mirror and see if I can spot it that way (with your help).
  8. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey SXT. I also have just had a hip replacement which makes it difficult to get down low enough to peer up under the dash. I also have a Garmin GPS that has a Bluetooth ECO-Route accessory that needs to be plugged into the OBD II plug (presumably) under the dash. So, question is: a) Is it indeed under the dash where other vehicles I've owned placed it and if yes b) Where is it? A picture of it up under the dash would be a big help.
  9. Ordered a battery from Chrysler dealer. It'll be a week or two getting here (British Columbia interior) as it comes from Milwaukee and is $25.00 CAD
  10. Thanks for the help. As I said, I suspected this to be the case but didn't want to break the flashlight if indeed it couldn't be disassembled
  11. My apologies if this is the incorrect subject here but I can't see anywhere else it should go. My 2010 Journey includes a rechargeable flashlight in the rear. It appears, however, that its battery is dead and won't take/hold a charge. When I attempt to turn it on the bulb lights up for about 2 seconds and then goes out. On the assumption that the battery is indeed worn out, my question is "Can the battery be replaced?". There appears to be a small notch on one side where you could insert a small screw driver and separate the case. I haven't done this yet as I don't want to risk breaking it. At the very least, if I do nothing the flashlight occupies its intended location and doesn't look as though something's missing (as it would if I break it and can't put it back in its socket).
  12. Evic controls

    Thanks, Fred. That's what I suspected. What I struggle with (given that I got this vehicle used and no contact with the original owner) is just what options it has. Some are pretty obscure. The manual constantly states "if equipped" but doesn't help a lot in determining "if" it is indeed equipped.
  13. Evic controls

    The cover page of the downloaded manual didn't get included in my previous reply.
  14. Evic controls

    Here's a scan of the DVD cover (remember, it was sealed i.e. unopened). Also the cover page of the downloaded manual and page 203 of said manual showing the buttons I mentioned above.