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Found 13 results

  1. I have a 2015 DJ R/T, on the search for some LED headlight bulbs. My first question is: Should I get an LED kit that is "CAN-bus" ready? Second question: Any recommendations on a quality brand? (Most of them look like cheap knockoff brands to me lol) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Headlight HID/LED Conversion

    Hi all, I am am wanting to replace the standard headlights on my 2013 SXT. Has anyone done the replacement housing to the AKKON (check amazon) HID lights? They look awesome but want to make sure I don’t waste money. Curious us if you do have them, how much brighter are they than stock? And did you do a LED swap for the fog lights or something else to improve how bright the lights are? Thank you!
  3. Question re: aiming headlights. I have googled how to aim the headlights on my 2010 Dodge Journey. My low beams seem to be too low - i.e. focused too close to the vehicle. High beams are OK. I've found two very different descriptions and pictures of the adjusting screws one needs to use to aim them. Bigger problem is that neither of those even remotely resembles the headlights in my vehicle. It appears to me (and I could easily be wrong) that the whole headlight cluster is one sealed unit and there's no sign (that I can see) of anything resembling adjusting screws. I've attached a few photos of the outside and the back of the headlight assembly. Hopefully they're clear enough to see what I'm talking about.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy the DJ black grille and headlights. I attached an image to show what I'm looking for. I believe all years from 2012 to 2017 fit the same. If anyone has them for sale please message me back. I am able to get them from the dealer but I figured I'd try here first to see if any fellow DJ owners had them available. Thank-you
  5. I just purchased a 2015 Dodge Journey SXT and it does not have the Automatic head lights... I contacted the dealer and they said that it is not an option to add on to the car.... Does anyone have any info on this or maybe aftermarket parts to make my head lights automatic sensored turn on and off?
  6. Dear All, This isn't my first post, I have asked before about verifying the existence of a UConnect option of a changeover switch for a Fiat Freemont's headlights to be able to drive it legally both in Europe and the UK. That was a fruitless enquiry, no one could help in the end and the mystery of whether this functionality exists outside of the owners manual still isn't solved for me. It became irrelevant as when I bought the car a year ago, the dealer promised a cheap enough solution. I have now been assigned back to the UK from Poland where I bought my Dodge Journey in its Italian suit. Problem is, to import it, it needs to pass a technical inspection and currently, the lights point the wrong way. I asked when I bought the car and was told that for about $400 equivalent the RHD lights were readily available and a breeze to fit. Now, 1 year later, I go to buy them and the Polish dealer is claiming that this was never the case. In desperation I have trawled numerous sites and other forums and I have found the ePER here: (which may be of some wider use to DJ owners) I think part numbers K05067786AC and K05067787AC may be what I need (they are the only ones listed on Australian and Irish sites) but - at over $1000USD equivalent - I want to be absolutely sure. The Polish dealer doesn't have a clue, or care, and just wants my money - can make me a special order but no returns. UK Fiat dealer is telling me that there is nothing available for my production year and to give up (not an option) The central customer helpline just directs me to speak to a parts department at useless dealers. Australia doesn't have an email and is asleep when I am awake - I have asked in a Australia forum. Japan... well... have you tried to read it? Aftermarket option is half the price but lots of risk (both because of the nightmare stories of poor quality and because it might fail at import inspection) Can any on the Gurus on here give me a clue: 1. Will the fittings for K05067786AC and K05067787AC definitely match the current set: K05067786AD and K05067787AD? Will they work? 2. What do the last 2 designators on the Mopar parts mean - do they give me any clues? 3. What are Line B vehicles as opposed to Line C & D vehicles? - I have seen references to this when differentiating between part numbers 4. How simple is it to change internal workings to make the lights RHD legal? Any, any other help with this would be greatly appreciated. I'm posted in 4 weeks so if something has got to come from a long way away, I am already cutting it close. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello Forum, NOOB here. I am looking at buying a Fiat Freemont (wolf in sheep clothing ) 2014 model. I'm in the British Army, stationed in Eastern Europe. We Brits still drive on the Left but I have got a good price for a Polish Freemont. In all of the manuals, in Polish, English, German etc.. it says that with the 8.4 UConnect System I should have an option to enable Headlight Dip (Traffic Changeover) for driving on the wrong/right side of the road. The dealership here in Poland has tried to be helpful, but he is as confused as me as to why the option doesn't appear on the UConnect system on the car I am looking to buy - top specification - should have all options fitted and enabled. He has managed to find a solution by offering to sell me complete RHD Light Units, as fitted to Australian DJs and Freemonts for a mere 600 GBP!? This seems a little steep if there is an option that just needs to be switched on. I read, with interest, the DRL thread and wonder if anyone has had any experience of this option on their DJs or Freemonts, or whether there is something I can do to get it switched on? Thanks for your time and patience in advance.
  8. Headlights

    Hello, We own a 2012 Dodge Journey. We have had some issues but overall okay. We have yet to find a dealership that we like and trust....so here I am.... The first thing that I started to notice was that even when I got in the car in broad daylight and the light switch was off, the headlights would be on and show them as on with the little green signal on dashboard. After a few minutes it would shut off (we do not have automatic headlights). Then we noticed on night after getting home and shutting off the lights and the car, that the lights would flash for a moment and this would happen intermittently, sometimes every 10 seconds, sometimes after 20 seconds, sometimes 30 or 40 seconds. We had to unplug the battery at night so that my husband could drive to work in the morning. Inside of the car when it's flashing the lights, the dashboard lights up at the same time when the light flashes outside. Its as if someone is opening the door and getting in. It acts like what it does when you first enter the car but no one is entering the car. At first when you would undo the battery, it wouldn't do it once you plugged in back in but today it did it once you plugged the battery in, even while driving. Any advice, info would be great! we can't keep unplugging the battery every night, especially as winter gets closer. Help!
  9. Okay. So i recently bought Audi style LED dual color switchback light strips. They change color between amber yellow and xenon white. They function as both DRL's and turn signals, as they change colors. My SXT has DRL's. I am confused because on the Journey the parking lights and turn signals are the same set of wires and light... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is the directions for the LED Strips from the company: "There are three (3) wires that are on the LED strip; turn signal positive, running light positive, and negative. The turn signal positive is connected to the vehicle's factory turn signal positive wire, the running light positive is connected to the parking light or accessory (ACC) wire positive, and the negative is grounded to the vehicle's chassis on bare metal." _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ They say they are universal on all cars... I am confused because i have to connect the first wire (Turn signal positive) to factory turn signal positive wire... And the running light positive from the LED's is connected to the Parking light or Accessory wire positive... How do i do this if the parking lights and turn signals are the same? How do i go about doing all this?? Very confused. Please Help! Also if you could help me identify wires... I'm inexperienced with car wiring. Thanks! Jordyn.
  10. If anyone is looking for custom done headlights, check out this place. Will do just about anything you like for lights. http://www.lightdepot.ca/index.php look at the bottom of the left column, custom instalation... I am going to check it out when I am in the area next..
  11. Hi all. This is my first real post here. I put an order in for a new black R/T (Canadian) this past week-end. Eagerly waiting for "8-10" weeks to pass until anticipated delivery. I'm a fan of european lighting systems. The regulations in Europe require a lighting pattern that I prefer (and they're legal in Canada). So, I was wondering if anyone knew where to source headlight assemblies from euro spec Journeys/Freemonts. Thanks, Mitch
  12. I have spent an hour and cut my hand to ribbons trying to install low beam head light bulbs and have now given up trying to replace the sidelight bulbs! Is there any easy way to access the headlght clusters to make it easier to change these bulbs? Do I need to take the whole unit out? No problem with the high beam bulbs . Tom.