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  1. Pedal commander

    These work well, you will be impressed. I have one on my Ram truck. Moes Performance has them listed at $299. But if you use the code PC10 at checkout it will knock off another $30. $269 shipped!!
  2. Addicted to Dodge

  3. Rolly

    Such sad news and a reminder that life is short. RIP Rolly
  4. 2012 Journey won't start

    I would suspect the battery also. Maybe the ground on the battery worked its way loose. If not then check the battery's voltage.
  5. Oil spraying the rocker panels

    Oil sprays are very common. Some people are fanactics about it and if I lived where salt was present, I would probably be desperate to combat any rust also. Especially as much as cars cost nowadays. IMO though, any repellent is a band aid for the inevitable. Luckily I dont have to deal with salt much here in Ga. But from experience on other forums, foam has been a big contributing factor to premature rust/paint issues, particularly on trucks.
  6. battery size

    Definitely go with the bigger battery. No harm no foul!! If you dont have a vehicle equipped with start/stop then a dealer trip should not be in order as far as I know. I bought a new 2017 Durango last week and its equipped with s/s. Its really hard to get use to hearing the car cut completely off, but it does have a button to turn it off if you choose. However, I have been curious with it and trying it out more and more. The little green light comes on the dash and it just goes dead. As soon as you lift off the brake the starter engages and its back on its way. Very weird at first!! It wouldnt surprise me that a dealer trip is in order for a battery swap on vehicles equipped with s/s. Certain requirements have to be met in order for s/s to even activate; it wont activate during max ac, engine below normal operating temps, high amp draw, etc. However from my experience so far, s/s can engage and will continue to run ac, heat, and lights/electronics under "normal" operating conditions. So apparently the battery is not your average battery and is integrated into the car in more ways than you can imagine. And according to Allpar... to compensate all those features; they have stronger batteries, beefier starters, and even thicker meatier flywheels.
  7. USB Help Needed

    It surprises me also that an SXT wouldn't have factory bluetooth. The steering wheel call buttons, not being present, pretty much explains it all though. However, I wouldnt be too concerned because the aftermarket support for streaming bluetooth is abundant. Go to Crutchfield, Best Buy, or Ebay and look for bluetooth adapter kits.
  8. Engine questions

    Emmissions is another reason for the higher engine temps. All manufactures try to reduce emmissions by running higher temps from what we are use to. A hot engine is a cleaner, less pollutant engine. Its been a common question on Ramforumz. Folks with 3.6 Ram have been complaining of temps over 230 degrees. Its normal and not anything to worry about.
  9. Go with the V6!! You'll love it. Resale will be better to, if and when you decide to get rid of it. BTW, thanks for your service in the military.
  10. cai(cold air intake)?

    Save your money, your Journey comes with CAI, which induces air from the front. If you want better flow then drop in a new K&N filter. These engines build up lots of heat. There is no way to induce cold air from an engine bay that's well over 200 degrees with an exposed filter? IMO
  11. Strong vibration

    Just replaced my Kuhmos at 34k miles. I have always liked Michelin, so I put them on my Journey. It really made a huge difference. It rides a whole lot better.
  12. One year later

    Congrats Journeyman, you represent the Journey well. Looks real nice!!
  13. strange feeling

    I would suggest having your strut towers checked as well as your tires. 2011 seems a little premature for this but if you are on rough roads or exposed to salt a lot, then its a possibility and worth checking out. Rusty struts towers are more common than you would think. I put new ones on my sisters Ford Edge recently. She has around 75,000 miles on her car, so its not uncommon. They were in pretty rough shape and it really helped the ride on her car. Good luck
  14. Took delivery today

    Hey thanks, I will check these out.
  15. Took delivery today

    The new filter design is really cool. A little pricey but convenience doesn't come cheap.