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  1. 2009 R/T towing

    I bought my DJ last month and I'm getting it ready for my trip to Texas. I will be installing the Curt hitch and I have just a few questions. First will I need to have the re-flash after installing the wire harness? Second, what am I going to be able to handle weight wise with the '09 R/T? The trailer I'm looking at getting weighs 845 lbs empty, if I have a bike break down most that run with my group are around 900 lbs, that's gonna be a combined weight of 1745, am I gonna be able to handle that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  2. 4" antenna

    Thanks Armando, I seen those fin type and really like them too. What if we replace the tape that comes with it with a better two sided tape from a parts store? Should be able to find the stuff the use for side molding, that stuff is gorilla strong, haha. I think the fin is the route I'm going to take, I will post pics when I get it done. Thanks again Armando
  3. Wondering if anyone could give me info on a product called a pedal commander that you can plug into the gas pedal to make it more responsive. Are these any good? Do they work? Thanks all
  4. 4" antenna

    I'm on mobile and not really sure how to do the link thing. Let me see what I can do. They're 4" antennas to replace the standard antenna and I don't know if a shorter antenna is going to pick up line the standard
  5. Hello all, I have a 2009 R/T, my radio has UConnect on it but I can not get it to work, the dealership told me because I do not have the hands free button on my steering wheel that I do not have UConnect. Is this true? Why would it be in the stereo if I don't have it? Thanks all
  6. I just recently purchased a 2009 Journey R/T and when I went through the car wash it kindly removed the plastic cover on my antenna. I was looking in eBay and noticed there is a option for a 4" antenna replacement and I was wondering if these are any good? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all.