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  1. Lobitz68

  2. Coolant leak

    Mine was only slightly more than this with 24 miles on it brand new...
  3. Fuel system flush

    While I agree that they offer unneeded service, I have never encountered a dealer that suggests it NEEDS to be done. I wouldn't call that ripping people off or being dishonest...just suggesting a service that they offer.
  4. 10,000 Mile Report-2015 Journey

    I'm just over 41,000 on my 2014 with a similar experience. Had the recall performed on the ABS module and a PCM update made (since I was already there) and that is it.
  5. I have had great success with them on heavy vehicles. I would avoid Drilled ones though...
  6. Should I complain about the factory paint job?

    Was looking at one of these while I had mine in for the ABS recall... Gorgeous.
  7. Supercharged

    I believe in the tooth fairy.
  8. Fault codep0520 on dodge journey

    This is an oil level code I assume, based on jkeaton's reply? Was the light blinking?? This is probably the easiest indicator to tell you whether or not it is okay to drive the vehicle (and it should state this in your OWNER'S MANUAL). If the light is blinking, turn off the vehicle immediately. If it is a solid light, get it checked ASAP, but it is okay to drive the vehicle in the meantime. I would agree that this is probably a faulty sensor, but make sure your oil level is correct.
  9. 9006 LED bulbs

    Care to expand? Got a link to a process, or a process name I can refer to in a search?
  10. 9006 LED bulbs

    Well done. How did you do the clear corner reflector lens?
  11. Third Row Seats

    They are, but I think they both fit as long as you're not concerned about the cargo cover.
  12. Just because it isn't enforced doesn't mean there aren't laws... Alabama Additional Permissible Lights on Vehicles: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/alcode/32/5/9/2/32-5-241 Alabama Light, Lamps and Reflective Device Laws: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/alcode/32/5/9/2
  13. maybe offer to review it for them in exchange for a discounted price???