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  1. Ok. Stuttering. Still not sure. Take some video? Does behavior occur with ipod? It may be something else besides BT causing this odd behavior. As for a soft reset, I'd unhook the battery for 20 mins. That should reset everything. Peace.
  2. Sadly, I know cassette tapes... But I have no idea what you mean by "jumps". When I use my BT for music, it seems to work pretty well. I hate that it doesn't show song and artist info, but the music is fine. Can you explain a little more thoroughly? Peace.
  3. Performance brakes

    The 2011 DJ had undersized calipers and a known problem of rotor warpage. If yours is a later year it would probably be fine. Peace.
  4. Performance brakes

    I don't remember where I purchased. Just search for EBC brakes through google. I'm sure you'll find lots of info. Is there a reason you think the Power Stop isn't good? Why not use those? They look comparable to what I used. Peace.

    Glad to hear! I hope you get some resolution for the early transmission failure. peace.
  6. Weird Engine Behaviour

    I get a bad feeling about the transmission. If I were you, I'd have a look in the transmission pan to see if there are any metal shavings. If not, then I'd start down the sensor route. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like these DJ transmissions are beginning to go bad on a number of vehicles. Mine did... Peace.
  7. Performance brakes

    Yes. I did that on my 2011 in place of the craptacular OEM specimens. The new brakes are great. Mine are EBC drilled and slotted rotors mated with green stuff pads btw. Peace.
  8. First, pair another phone to be sure it isn't some problem in your phone internally. If you're convinced it's not your phone, I suggest you borrow another phone or video device to make a video of the problem as it occurs. It probably won't be convenient to get this video, but be sure to include any screen messages and show multiple uconnect screens that demonstrate that your phone is not connected. After that, show it to your dealer service folks. The other option is to spend some time on a test drive with the service manager demonstrating the problem. If they don't have a fix, I would politely demand they replace your bluetooth module to see if that fixes the problem. That's what I'd do... Peace.
  9. It may be that you need the dealer to enable that option. Also, know that the DRLs do not illuminate until the car is in drive. There has been a lot of discussion regarding DRLs, I suggest you search the forum for other threads. Peace.
  10. How to check ATF fluid ?

    I did mine at 5 years. Per the manual...
  11. Trans will not catch any gear

    Just saw this. Steve. We talked about this... Don't be a hater. Concentrate on getting your car repaired. Please log onto your favorite honda forum. You'll be a star there.

    Best of luck to you. I agree 2late4u. Any reputable dealer should be willing to correct your transmission leak. You shouldn't be required to drive back to Alabama for a dealership's shotty work. It's clearly not your fault. Does your paperwork state the conditions of a warranty? I would expect that the local dealer would be reimbursed for the warranty work by Chrysler and Chrysler would recoup the $ from the Alabama dealership. Peace.
  13. How to check ATF fluid ?

    Ok. Steve. Maybe it wouldn't have made any difference what your dipstick told you. Cars have problems sometimes. My transmission also failed at 77K. There were no symptoms. I had it serviced by the dealer at 60K miles. It was replaced under my lifetime warranty. Yes. I'm pissed at chrysler. Will these transmissions begin dropping like flies? Dunno. Time will tell. Don't be a hater. It's so unbecoming. At least don't do it here. You'll likely get more likes on a honda forum. Here you'll find as much DJ help as we can provide through a forum. Peace.

    Reliability is a delusion. All cars have problems with nearly equal frequency. All dealerships have service departments. Appointments aren't generally necessary for cars without problems... And, no, it's not all maintenance appointments. Good luck with your next honda, honestly. Peace.
  15. I think your list of possibilities is good. Have you taken the service manager for a ride to demonstrate? Even without a light, poor gas mileage and lack of power is a problem that is their responsibility to fix. I know some service departments will push back. If you can't find any dealership to take you seriously, then... First, get a private mechanic opinion. Maybe they can fix it. Second, why not run some techron or other fuel injector cleaner through it over the next couple of tanks? Third, I'd change the spark plugs. It's kind of a PITA job. Do it yourself or have it done by a competent mechanic, whatever. If any of your interventions fixes the problem, document the hell out of it, and present the bill to the dodge dealership of your choice. That's what I'd do. At least initially. Good luck. Peace.
  16. Trans will not catch any gear

    This happened to me. My transmission was found to have metal shavings in the fluid. I got a check engine light, but mine was working and shifting fine for the short amount of time that I drove it while taking it to the dealer. Dodge diagnosed a complete transmission failure and replaced the entire transmission. I have the lifetime max warranty, so maybe that had some effect. My understanding is that metal shavings indicate impending major transmission issues. Good luck. Peace.
  17. Dash

    Doubt it very much. Not only will it likely not fit, but all the wiring harnesses will likely be different. I wouldn't even attempt that swap... Peace.
  18. Is there a similar service in the U.S.? Never heard of such a thing... Peace.
  19. Glad they are replacing the unit. The extended warranty is key for all of the electronics in our modern vehicles. As you stated, the map updates are not required, but having up to date maps makes the Nav more reliable. Good luck with your DJ. Hope you enjoy it as I have. Peace.
  20. Navigation Update

    Thanks bram... Peace.
  21. Hi all. I know there is some animosity towards the factory navigation system, but I am a person who uses it and keeps it updated. Here's my question. I have the 2017 update loaded, but I got the map out of date message on the screen. Does anyone know if there a 2019 map update available? When I check uconnect only the 2017 comes up. I'm assuming that my message was simply triggered by the uconnect system comparing the current date to the date of the software. Please correct me if I am wrong. Every other time I've gotten this message there has been an update available from uconnect. Peace.
  22. SE 2017 journey lacks speed

    The short answer is no... The only way to improve the DJ with the 2.4 is to trade it in for a 3.6. Realize that the 2.4 is a good little engine that could. My wife has a compass with the 2.4. It will do everything we ask it, but not fast. Not impressed with the mpg, either. Getting around 24 mpg combined. Not terrible, but not worth the sacrifice in power. The 3.6 does almost as well with mpg and has plenty of power. The 2.4 is for folks that shop with price as the main objective... Peace.
  23. Preface: I'm not a mechanic. Use a volt meter to check the ground on your battery to ensure it's good. Honestly, I'm not sure where the DJ battery is grounded, but any resistance in ground can cause some electrical issues. Clean the terminals if they need it. If all that stuff is good, the next cheap thing to do is replace the battery cables. Is there any pattern or triggers that you can identify? Peace.
  24. I believe that larryl is referring to the engine battery. Check it or change it. That may be the problem as these cars are quite sensitive to voltage. Sounds like you have potentially identified the issue: the alarm/panic system. Doubt the fob battery was causative. Report back when you figure it out. These electronic gremlins may require the dealer service center... Good luck. Peace.