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  1. I actually did try and disconnect the battery and unfortunately it did not work I would take it out and replace it myself with the same one but I am not handy like that!
  2. So I have bought this 2013 Dodge Journey and it has the 8.4 uconnect touch screensaver the radio now my problem is that the radio freeze if I click any random thing, it has the potential to freeze, so does anyone face The same issue I tried to take it to my dealership to get fixed they told me to go to a dodge dealership and the dodge dealership said that they can’t fix it without physical seeing the problem, they also said it could cost over 2 thousand dollars, but the problem could literally stop happening if I shut off the car and turn it back on but it’ll start back on any solution? I thought about getting a after market radio but I didn’t know if it would work because if the climate controls on the screen!