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  1. I have a 2015 and was very interested in doing the DIY add-on install! LOL! I purchased the OEM remote start on eBay. It was $150.00 brand new, (others ran about $242. - $250. I followed the instructions on the included CD to the point of switching the RF hub wires. There is a big warning not to do this until the dealer loads the sales code onto your VIN before they flash your car. I also didn't plug it in knowing it would probably not read the fobik's and the car would not start. I made an appt at the local dealership to flash my computer with the XBM code for a remote starter. They wanted to charge a few hours of labor to install the system and another hour to flash it. A total of three hours. I was able to have them flash the car and switch the RF hub for an hours labor. ($150.00) They also programmed the non-remote start fobs for no extra charge. Basically, if you have the time with about 25-30 minutes to drop the headliner, install the antenna, drop the RF hub down for the dealer to switch it out; then no more than 20 minutes to reinstall all the fixtures after the dealer flashes the car. You will have a Remote start installed in your DJ! I did notice the dealership technician was a bit confused on which code to upload. He asked me if I had the install sheet because he wanted to load the dealer code. He mentioned that there were so many variations and he thought it was GKM or GBM. I asked him to look up XBM. They found it and flashed the computer. I did ask if the elusive LDK showed up for the DRL's, but they did not see it. At the end of the visit, I now have the remote start feature and with the heat starting to kick up, the pre-chill feels very good before driving.
  2. Does anyone elses 3.6 feel sluggish?

    Hi all! I have an AWD with the 3.6, It has a lot of pep and gets sometimes a bit of torque steer. I have had my transmission reprogrammed two times at the dealer ( i received notices from dodge to have them do something to it). The second time they programmed it, mileage has seriously suffered but there seems to be a lot more power in the front tires. I am not sure if any power is going to the rear tires (LOL).
  3. HI Bramfrank, is there an updated webpage to check the equipment listing? I can only see generic links for info, but no equipment listing. Thank you
  4. LED headlights

    JKeateon, Thank you for explaining that. I ordered a low beam set with the CANbus attached on the 14, they came in on the 28 and installed them this afternoon. Don't look into the light after they are in. Pretty darn bright in the daylight. I want to check them out at night to see the difference. I did make sure the flat sides facing the sides not up and down.
  5. Thank you for the radio confirmation that it is not the style that could be activated. Using google turns out a lot of information both true and not important. Before I shelf the old unit, I will have to reinstall it to remove one of my kids DVD's. I will take a second look at the greyed out map ICON that appears on the right side of the display in case I was dreaming something was there. LOL.
  6. Great news! Just got the map in this morning, followed the instructions and less than an hour later the new maps are loaded! NO more missing map error. I feel lucky so far since a lot of the posts were leaning to having their radios replaced. I noticed a cool thing with the NAV radio. The Sirrus traffic subscription that was offered with the donor DJ the radio came out of still has almost two years left. I was not aware Dodge gave a five-year traffic subscription. I only knew the one-year Sirius music access. There is one question I have about the DVD radio I pulled out of my Car. The small map icon is grayed out and not accessible. Does this mean the unit in my car just needed to have the $500.00+ activation done for the NAV option to be turned on? The part number on the radio is P68308772ZA.
  7. LED headlights

    BdBerry, Thank you for the info. I have one question, what is a canbus? I am good at doing swap outs, but when it comes to other high tech wiring/programming that brings me to a limit of reaching out to other folks for assistance.
  8. HI Bramfrank, this is true. but convenience overrode common sense. I am on the west coast and the online scrap yard is on the east coast. Ther hassle to return it seemed a bit too much. LOL. Anyway, with your responses on this thread, do you think the new maps will correct the issue?
  9. Longest thread ever! I have a 2015 journey that came equipped with the DVD system, w/no nav. I had the radio and the rear seat monitor replaced almost two years ago under warranty to fix the out of control controls. To make my life more interesting, I ordered an RB5 unit to have the whole entertainment package with NAV. It was purchased through LQK online for under $400.00. I needed to purchase a security code through eBay to unlock the unit for $8.00. Sounds like a great deal so far because everything seemed to work fine, until the next day when I tried the Nav. Lucky for me (LOL) I received the "Can't unlock maps" and missing detailed maps error. Before reading this thread, I went to the Uconnect site and uploaded the latest update. My Nav info now reads CPT17, SW ver: 7.09, and GPS 4.15.06. And yes, "can't unlock maps" is still showing. I ordered the 2019 map set for $159.00 (ugh) and waiting for it to ship in. Now that I read this thread and a couple of others, maybe I should have waited? If anyone is still following this thread, I will post success or failure after I get the maps loaded in a few weeks. One note: the born on date on the radio I purchased is Jan 2015. Not sure if that will make a difference. If you are asking why I am changing the radio... I have an earlier post describing a radio issue I had concerning the screen flashing and blanking out when I connect my iPhone to the USB port. (this is with the dealer replacement). My warranty is expired, so voila! I wanted to change out the radio...Just because!
  10. Late, late Post! Looks like http://navrepair.com/collections/programming-and-anti-theft-unlocking/products/anti-theft-code does not do Dodges anymore.
  11. Dealer Mode

    Late reply to this thread. For the non-nav 8.4, pressing the driver side temperature buttons and the front defrost for 10 seconds will bring you to the dealer menu. pressing the rear defrost and temp buttons will bring you to a screen capture screen of some sort.
  12. LED headlights

    HI, late post to the LED question. Was there a consensus of a drop in LED high or low unit? One post explained it was the worst thing to do and others mentioned modifying the plugs with resistors, etc. I have a 2015 DJ SXT and would like to convert over to the LEDs for a nice brighter white light.
  13. Hi, were you able to get it working with your Android? I have had my share of issues with the radio, but one item I have had luck with (via Bluetooth only) is my iPhone 6 plus using Siri to place calls and send texts hands-free.
  14. Hi all, I have a 2015 DJ SXT with the 8.4 (non-Nav). Since I have had this DJ, there have been multiple mechanical issues covered under warranty as well as the entertainment system going crazy. The radio has the DVD option, rear camera ( Installed and had the dealer activate it), and active Sirius. After the first year, the radio suddenly had a mind of its own with the volume sliding up to max while the car is in motion as well as the inputs cycling through am, FM, DVD, Sirius, and locking into the aux. (there was nothing connected in the RCA jacks). The warranty covered the replacement of the radio and the out of control 8.4 came to a grinding halt. A month later, the overhead entertainment screen stopped functioning (dealer diagnosed it as not communicating with the radio). The screen was replaced under the warranty as well. The curious thing the dealer had mentioned or inquiried about was if I plugged my iPhone in the USB port in the armrest storage. He had mentioned it could cause the electrical malfunction on the radio. This may sound a bit silly, but until the service person had mentioned it, I did not realize there was a port in there. I thought it was only a light in there due to the rubber plug covering the socket. Fast forward to Dec 2018, My wife plugged in her iPhone into the outlet because I had my phone plugged into the external cell charger. (combo charger and holder plugged in the power point ). This is where the insanity piece comes in... Immediately after she connected in the USB port, the screen began blinking then getting fully scrambled, then the radio rebooted. I reached over and unplugged her phone from the USB port. The radio screen blacked out then looked like it rebooted. All functions went back to normal. After that, I was reluctant to even connect my phone via Bluetooth to the radio. Since I use hands-free, I still connected via Bluetooth. Fast forward again to Jan 2019, I went to the dealer for an oil change and asked if they could check it out. Because the 36,000 warranty was over in Jun 2018, they wanted to charge to diagnose the issue. This is the same dealer that replace the radio and overhead screen. They suggested not to connect the iPhone to the USB port. The other item I noticed was the audio lag when connected to Bluetooth with movies/music videos on the iPhone (for the back seat passengers to watch Netflix on longer drives) the audio is about 3 seconds behind the video. Is this normal? we both have iPhone 6 Plus's. Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts?
  15. Front Bucket Seats Problems???

    2late4u, thank you for the advise. I have read in the earlier posts to do the same. Can anyone post a pic of approximately where to drill through? There is a lot of dead space between the panel and the metal frame