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  1. Front Bucket Seats Problems???

    2late4u, thank you for the advise. I have read in the earlier posts to do the same. Can anyone post a pic of approximately where to drill through? There is a lot of dead space between the panel and the metal frame
  2. 2015 journey camera

    All, did the camera kit you purchase have the step by step to install the wires and connectors into the correct harness block? The mopar kit had all the items needed to install the harness into the existing system.
  3. Front Bucket Seats Problems???

    The seat problem just keeps on going! I had the same problem happen two weeks ago 6000 miles after my warranty expired I ordered the panel, it came in three days and now i am ready to install it. Does anyone have a hint on how to take the seat back adjustment handle off? All the You tube videos magically skip that important part. All the other parts a very self explanatory to remove and replace. Thank you for any hints!
  4. 2015 journey camera

    Jorgev2, were you able to hook up and use the back up camera? I have a 2015 journey and installed the factory camera and harness bought through the Mopar site. The set up was about 250 total but I bit the cost to keep everything stock. It took about three hours with a few breaks in between but the instructions that came with them were very straightforward. The only item I could not do was set the code on the computer to read the camera. The dealership did that for me....for a price!
  5. I have a 2015 DJ and have the same connector under the car as well. I purchased the factory harness through Mopar which required a hole to be drilled through the jack storage compartment but there was no connector for the plug mentioned in this thread. Did I order the wrong harness?
  6. martyman.geo

  7. Hi Journeyman, Just wanted to send you a quick question on a threadthat closed earlier this year in regards to changing out  a headlight switch and converting it to an auto setup.  I switched the switched to an auto version and tested the automode.  Is it supposed to work after the switch without a flash done to the system?

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    2. bramfrank


      The automatic lights will turn the headlights (as opposed to the DRLs) on when the ambient light levels drop to the appropriate level - but unless the vehicle was supplied with automatic headlights there is no ambient lights sensor installed.

      There at three different models of the ambient sensor available; One senses temperature, another senses light levels and the third senses both.  As you might imagine, the temperature sensor is used with the automatic air conditioning.  If you have neither auto air or auto headlights then thee is no sensor - it shows up as a small dome poking out of a hole in the center of the dash.

      DRLs are quite another matter;  A DRL switches on the headlights at half brightness (some Journeys use the parking lights) when the headlights are switched off and the vehicle's engine is running and not in Park.

      Both features require sales codes to function.

      It may be that if the switch is in 'auto' and vehicle doesn't detect the sensor it will presume it is night as a failsafe, in which case your headlights and tail lights would always be on wen the engine is running.

    3. martyman.geo


      Thank you for the in depth explanation!  I do not work on cars to often and would not of understood the difference between a DRL or the straight automatic mode. I am not sure if my DJ has any auto mode and not sure if I purchase the sensor if it will work or not. Do you know if there are any other items that would require achange out if it did not ahave any auto features?

      I am upgrading my DJ in a few weeks with the auto start option.  I purchased the kit through the mopar site using a local 10% discount and waiting to get an appointment by the local dealer to install it and flash the car. If I have all the parts(the ambient sensor for the headlights) installed before they get my car, maybe they can flash it to make it work?

    4. Journeyman425


      Easily done, they just have to add the sales codes and reconfigure the car to enable the features.