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  1. Hi Jerry and all, I wanted to post that I tried to order the map at the beginning of Sept but noticed they are all sold out!!!!! But Chrysler in their apologetic way has graciously extended the offer. PLEASE NOTE: This product is currently out of stock. This page will be updated with an in-stock date as soon as we have more information. Please check back soon. The $99 promotional offer will be extended through December 31, 2019. Thank you I have until Dec 31 to buy the updated map!
  2. Head Restraint

    Ouch, this isn’t the way I want to respond to a post, but......I experienced the deploying head rest a week ago. I was driving on the road and heard a pop next to me and saw the passenger headrest popped up like it had hydraulics . About made me jump out of a moving car! It Looks almost exactly like the picture posted earlier in this thread. I took a closer look at it once i got home. There was some broken plastic that held a small silver metal pin. I did read the manual when I purchased the car and it explained to give the headrest the Heimlich maneuver to reset it. With the pin mount broken, it will not reset. I went to our dealer and expected to pay my normal fee of $150 to have them tell me it deployed! LOL! But they looked at it for free and let me know that just the headrest is $540.00 not including labor to install it. I am not sure what is up in California and DJ’s but it seemed like no one had any front seats with headrests. Yikes, $500 tTo replace it was not sounding good. Yesterday I tried another auto dismantler near Sacramento and they happened to have one. Black material and black plastic cover for $50.00. (That beat the ones for $130.00 on eBay.). I drove out there today and bought it. I will be changing the skins this weekend and installing it. One black headrest in a tan leather interior would look a bit odd. There was a mention that the air bag light came on earlier in the post when theirs deployed. I do not have the message showing. Maybe because of the failure in the plastic mount? The part that looks like a second stage boost did not separate in my head rest. Maybe that’s why? Only dodge knows...(ominous music playing in background) Oh well, I will let you all know who it goes after I R & R it this weekend! I also plan to file a report to the NHTSA as well with this event due to it being part of the airbag system. If there is a trend of this happening ,you never know where it may lead. At the very least just a tool for statistics for this failure.
  3. Polecat, thank you for adding the instruction link. Following the instructions is highlighted in the first step. I had to update the software and needed the extra memory stick before actually loading the maps
  4. 60,000 mile maintenance

    Nice to have a second opinion. Staying with the manual, there were very few other items not needed. Since I do not tow a trailer too often, the basic should be enough.
  5. Hi Draydon, that is about it. There are a few steps in between , but yes once the system finishes updating the map it worked perfect.
  6. Draydon, if you are up to date with the software and everything else is functioning the next step would be to try the map update. Make sure you follow the instructions when you get the map. I can not guarantee success or not, but it seems like you are at the same place I was after I updated my software. Good luck
  7. Try to use this link to see if your radio may need a software update https://www.driveuconnect.com/support/software
  8. Hi, my original radio was non-Navi, the used replacement was from same year dj with a Navi. The reason for having the original vin was to be able to upload the software update. My DJ was not originally equipped with NAVi. The Garmin update utilized the data from the radio itself to make sure you have the right map version. Hope this helps
  9. Hi Draydon, I had no issues when I updated the software version of the Navi system and purchasing the maps from Garmin. My only challenge was to make sure I had the VIN from the donor DJ to get the software upgrade. Works like a champ! note: I only had the "Can't unlock maps" and “missing detailed maps” error. No other messages. Also, with the previous posts, Garmin has the special for $99 for the 2019 maps. I have the habit of keeping up with latest software so I will be purchasing the newest map.
  10. This true, if I didn’t have to change out the radio without a warranty it would of stayed a straight non-Navi set up. Since the cost of the Navi unit was the same price as a used non-Navi then no issues. It worked out either way.
  11. Too much torque?

    Thank you guys for your responses. It is a 3.6 with AWD. I wish I still drove like I used to do. I am that guy that stays at the speed limit on the freeways and streets. Very boring most of the time. Yes, torque steer is what I meant. My old camaro had higher shift points not torque steer. Sorry about the confusion. If I get on it (LOL in my dj ) it pulls or steers to the left. As far as the rpm’s: going on the freeway it holds more of the gears to higher RPM’s more than it did a few months ago. No change on my driving style but noticeable when it runs up to 4500-5000 RPm’s. I am used to a lot lower shift points from when I first started driving it. It has almost 60000 miles now and I will be setting up an appointment at the dealership to do the major maintenance ($600.00) which includes changing the dif oil but not the trans fluid. After reading this post last week, I spoke to the dealers to ask the same question, they mentioned I should bring it in so they can reset the computer for $150.00. ( that seems like there favorite price for everything ) if i can do it myself for free, than I think I could try it out. I will let you all know how it goes.
  12. Hey all, quick note I wanted to mention about upgrading my DJ to a Navi system. I had asked the dealer what it would take to have my car coded as having a NAVI and I was a bit in shock on what their response was . It is not necessary to do if you swap radios but I asked them for my SA. They had said the only way they could have the radio show as an installed option was to pay $1500.00 for a radio install and they would add the “code” to show it was a dealer installed option. I about passed out and politely declined. The other options I installed and had the dealers activate them were the back up camera and remote start system. They are visible on my build specs as dealer installed. Not sure if anyone else had experienced this, but I wanted to share!
  13. Polecat, possibly you only need the update and maps. Good luck on your decision if you want to get rid of the pesky can’t unlock map reminders! LOL