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  1. Sounds like a great price, but make sure the title is clear. I've seen DJs for cheap like this but they have a salvage title. If everything works without any mechanical issues, it would be a great deal. Sounds almost too good, so be careful. Good luck. Peace.
  2. IBS on negative battery terminal

    For $100, I'd replace it. That's me though. If you confirm that your neighbor is correct, then go without the thing. I'm like you, I have no real idea what the thing monitors. I'd assume battery voltage. Dunno. Peace.
  3. Oh, mine had absolutely no symptoms. They told me mine was shot and they just replaced it. My code was different though. Peace.
  4. Expect $3000 + labor from the dealership, I think. If you don't have any warranty, I would find a good transmission shop. I had my 2011 transmission replaced under warranty. Rough estimate was around $5000 otd if I had to pay for the warranty work. Seems to shift smoothly after installation of a new transmission. The dealership will be quite expensive. Good luck. Peace.
  5. Transmission being replaced

    *UPDATE* So long story short, I got my DJ back. I can't really get out and test it for a few weeks because I fractured my right tibia in a mountain bike crash. 6 weeks nonweightbearing. Full extension brace prohibits driving. I did manage to pull it into the garage and it seemed to shift smoothly. More on that when I can really test things. Estimates from service writer Transmission $3900 Labor $1100 Misc $200-300 Total $5000+ usd My warranty has certainly paid for itself. I hope this transmission is reliable. Peace.
  6. It's not just Dodge

    Just saw this headline. Couldn't resist posting... Toyota is recalling 228,000 Tacoma vehicles over an issue that could cause drivers to lose control of their cars. Unaffected Toyota loyalists will ignore this intensely. Ha! Peace.
  7. It's not just Dodge

    I agree. All manufacturers have service departments for a reason. Some people are just very narrow minded. If I listen to my friends, Toyotas don't even need gas because they run on air and fart rainbows out the exhaust pipe, only need oil changes every 100k miles, have paint that doesn't scratch, and never have any problems, ever... Then they complain about poor service when they get their 5000 mi oil change. Unbelievable. The delusion is palpable. I understand that there are manufacturers with better reliability records, but come on... I have been quite happy with my DJ. I recently had my transmission prematurely fail and replaced under warranty, so I hope I don't have any more problems there longterm. Time will tell. $#!+ happens with all vehicles. That's just how it goes. Peace.
  8. As far as the battery is concerned, others will likely chime in. If a mechanic couldn't find the problem, the first thing to do is be sure that the key fob is stored far from the vehicle. If your DJ is awake, that may lead to battery drain. Of course it may be something else too. These engines had a left head problem in 11, 12, some 13 models. Have that explored thoroughly. Ask for the exact codes the dealer is getting. Maybe recheck if you have a code reader. There is warranty for the heads. Exclusions apply, I'm sure. Best of luck to you. Peace.
  9. Transmission being replaced

    Dunno. I'm just over 7 years. Since I purchased the lifetime max warranty, I never paid attention. I really like my DJ. I hope this transmission is reliable. I hope to keep it for a long while. Peace.
  10. Transmission being replaced

    Yes. Its good that I purchased the max care lifetime warranty. If I hadn't, it would be a huge bill and the train ticket would be adding insult to injury. I'm happy with the warranty covering the repair. The other thing that I found interesting in my case, was the complete lack of any symptoms. The transmission shifted perfectly up until and even after the check engine light appeared. No shudders, no loss of engine power to the wheels, nothing that I could detect. I'm hoping that this is a case of some sensor doing its job, and I get a good ending. This is not done yet. The dealership in CA still has my DJ. I've had no followup from them. For anyone who has had a big repair at a dealership, you know that snags can occur. This isn't over for me yet. There's also the question of how it runs after the initial install and testing. I'm hoping this new transmission runs for a good long time and does not give me problems in 6 months or something. Anyway, it will be what it will be. . . I will keep the forum updated on how this goes. I'm hoping for long term success. Peace.
  11. Transmission being replaced

    Mileage is 77K. I think I'll still try again to recoup the train ticket costs from FCA. I am barely over the 7 year mark. All they can say is "No" and tell me to have a nice day again. Peace.
  12. Transmission being replaced

    So I traveled to California last Saturday. Loaded my mountain bike and surfboard on the roof in New Mexico. Drove across the Arizona and the Mojave at 112 F. I did check my fluid temps on the EVIC and none of the temp ranges were red. I think most were in the 220-230 range. Turned left at Barstow and headed up to Big Bear. No problems. Even averaged 23 mpg with cargo on the roof. Car sat for one day while mountain biking. Drove down the mountain. Used the manual shifter to control my downhill speed on my way to the coast. I think I was between 3-4-5 on the shifter to properly control my speed down the hill. No problems. Traveled the freeways to the coast. No problems. That was Sunday. Tuesday evening got a check engine light. No symptoms whatsoever. Drove back to my motel and parked. Took it to local dealer on Wednesday morning. Friday they informed me that my transmission had metal shavings in it and was being replaced with a factory rebuilt unit and would be ready sometime next week . I cant remember the code they found. The dealership provided a RAM truck for my use while in the shop. They wouldn't let me take it over a state line back to NM. Transmission, just bad luck? That's still ongoing. I had replaced the fluid at my local dealer per the manual recommendations. Dunno. The tranny is being replaced by my lifetime warranty. I am disappointed at the FCA warranty clause for trip interruption. I am 3 months outside the trip interruption time limit of 7 years. So they just told me to have a nice day. I had to eat a train ticket back to NM for work this week. I will have to eat another train ticket to pick up my DJ. Thank goodness the dealer provided the loaner. Also, it was good luck that it was a RAM so I was able to load my mtb and board in the back and take them to a friend's house. There was no way I could get those items into a charger, for instance, or back on the train. Not sure if my roof cargo is the culprit here. I almost always have roof cargo. Just thought I'd share the situation and get any comments that may be helpful to me when I return to pick up my DJ. I will still have a hot trip across the Mojave with roof cargo after pickup. Peace.
  13. My 2011 does this occasionally. Certainly not every time is start up, though. I've always assumed it was exactly what it says. . . an update for some channels pushed out by Sirius. Maybe some updates are local due to traffic info or something and that's why mine does not update as often in the small town I live in? Maybe it is due to the series of temporary channels or occasional temporary free services that are offered by Sirius? As long as you Sirius is working, I wouldn't worry about it. Peace.
  14. Cargo box

    Looks great! Really like those wheels vs my 2011 R/T. I like mine too, but those give your DJ that black on black coolness. Peace.
  15. Does anyone elses 3.6 feel sluggish?

    You have assessed the issue correctly. It is the tune. Dodge tuned it for mpg. As Journeyman correctly stated, the transmission will adapt to your driving style somewhat, but not enough to compensate for the tune. The pentastar has lots of power, you just have to wait for the computer to know that you want to accelerate. I use the manual mode when I need immediate power. That works fine for me most of the time. The DJ is a great vehicle. It would be unbeatable with a more responsive tune. Peace.