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  1. ^^^ this. I have had very few probs with my 2011, but recently I had a total transmission failure. I had a check engine light and no other symptoms that I could tell. Dunno. Get it checked if you think the tranny may be the culprit here... Peace.
  2. Newbie

    Welcome. Lots of good info here. My 2011 is still going, and, despite some unfortunate problems that have been fixed, it still runs like the day I brought it home. 77,000+ miles. Peace.
  3. Thanks for the correction. I use my iPod so I'm not familiar with other usb drives. My iPod works well for me. Peace.
  4. eBay. The older ones are cheap. Of course, do what you prefer, but time is money, and the time spent monkeying around with this will likely pay for a used iPod. Peace.
  5. It needs to be 32 gigs max, I think. Fat32 format. My advice if you want to use the usb port is to pick up an iPod. They're cheap, they work well, and you're only limited by the size of the iPod. You'll also have playlist functionality. Good luck. Search this site. This has been discussed. Peace.
  6. Ankle Replacement

    Best of luck to you, j. Heal well. Don't rush recovery. I'm just getting through therapy for a tibial plateau fracture with a tibial spine avulsion at the ACL. At week 9. Still on crutches. That's the price of admission for mountain biking, I guess. Peace.
  7. Performance upgrades

    I am unaware of anything that will legitimately increase performance. Most people's knee jerk response is a cold air intake, but it already has one stock. I don't think there are any tuning options either. It has plenty of power already, imo. A set of performance tires may be a good start... good luck Peace.
  8. My apologies, Maam. Great install. Peace.
  9. Well done, sir. That is top notch. Peace.
  10. Impressive. Looks great! Apple play and android auto? That's the one thing our DJs are sadly missing. Peace.
  11. 2.4 engine rattle while cruising in overdrive?

    Ah, I see the attachments on this post. Don't know what part that is. Another thought is to check the rest of your exhaust system when you check the catalytic converter. Peace.
  12. suspension kit and upgrades

    There are some kits out there to lower a DJ. It's pretty good as it is, IMO. If you lower it, you definitely need some larger wheels and lower profile tires to make it pop. Post your pics when you're done. Peace.
  13. Maybe this is true. My 2011 RB5 with Nav has these settings, and while I cannot absolutely prove dysfunction, the compass in my vehicle has been erroneous when the setting was not as described in the manual. Dunno. There is also a calibration procedure outlined in my manual. My compass seems to be accurate when I am not driving. The OP may have a GPS problem that is affecting the compass. I did not see any display settings for the EVIC concerning the compass display in my manual. If I were in the same situation as the OP, I would begin by having the GPS and compass systems checked. As far as the DVD chatter in this thread, playing a DVD in the front row while driving is simply silly and should not be done. Peace.
  14. Sounds like there is some malfunction of the GPS system. I'd have the selling dealer check this for you. There are magnetic location settings for the compass. I'm not sure if there is an EVIC display setting for the compass. Did you get a manual? Peace.
  15. Our 5-year ownership experience

    Fair review. It is a very comfortable vehicle. Not perfect, but very comfortable. Many of the complaints are ubiquitous to most all vehicles. The journey could have and should have been upgraded with many of the options on current offerings from other manufacturers, I completely agree. Chrysler has continued to treat the journey as the red-headed step child of the fleet. If they added creature comforts, upgraded the pentastar engine with a turbo, and dropped in the 8 speed transmission available in other Chrysler models, they would not be able to make them fast enough. BUT, they're likely not going to do that. They will probably drop it all together and design a new drag racer. Evidently all Americans need a vehicle where a back seat is an option. Dodge is going for a fleet with zero utility and maximum horsepower. Maybe they will move a journey replacement to Chrysler and insert all that the DJ is missing. Maybe. . . I plan to keep my DJ as long as possible because despite its shortcomings, it has checked most of my boxes: utility, comfort, road manners, power, and descent mileage. Peace.