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  1. Engine cooling upgrade

    My experience is the radiator is perfectly fine for extremely hot weather. Drove across the Mojave with a bike and surfboard on the roof at 117 F without any significant engine temperature increase. Like the others have stated, rather than try to upgrade, first make sure what you have is working properly. Peace.
  2. PTU and RDA fluids

    Yeah, 'mericans are pretty dense. Sadly, those 'mericans don't seem to have any trouble figuring out how to buy ammo to reload their 9mm guns... LOL Peace.
  3. 2016 SXT picked up today

    Welcome. The 2.4 is anemic but quite reliable. Don't try to get anywhere fast. Peace.
  4. Roof Top Rack-not factory

    Ok. Roof racks are good. Hitch racks are good too. If you want a roof rack, you should have one. I have roof racks on my R/T. It didn't come with roof rails from the factory. I had a local accessory shop install roof rails to which I attached yakima towers and crossbars. They are great. I can't carry my surfboard on a hitch rack, so my roof setup is great. My advice is to not attempt any roof rack without roof rails. Peace.
  5. Boosted battery now engine light stays on

    Wait... So you were at the dealer with a check engine light on, and you didn't have them check it? Just because some ding ding at the counter said it would cost $75? Am I missing something here? Is the DJ under warranty? I can't figure how it wouldn't be. If so, the dealer has a responsibility to diagnose that check engine light. It may be something that will leave you stranded and endanger you and the family. They do need your consent to diagnose the light. Give them your consent, get a loaner, and make FCA deal with your engine light. It's pretty simple. I shall stand corrected if the situation is not this simple. Peace.
  6. Ok. Stuttering. Still not sure. Take some video? Does behavior occur with ipod? It may be something else besides BT causing this odd behavior. As for a soft reset, I'd unhook the battery for 20 mins. That should reset everything. Peace.
  7. Sadly, I know cassette tapes... But I have no idea what you mean by "jumps". When I use my BT for music, it seems to work pretty well. I hate that it doesn't show song and artist info, but the music is fine. Can you explain a little more thoroughly? Peace.
  8. Performance brakes

    The 2011 DJ had undersized calipers and a known problem of rotor warpage. If yours is a later year it would probably be fine. Peace.
  9. Performance brakes

    I don't remember where I purchased. Just search for EBC brakes through google. I'm sure you'll find lots of info. Is there a reason you think the Power Stop isn't good? Why not use those? They look comparable to what I used. Peace.

    Glad to hear! I hope you get some resolution for the early transmission failure. peace.
  11. Weird Engine Behaviour

    I get a bad feeling about the transmission. If I were you, I'd have a look in the transmission pan to see if there are any metal shavings. If not, then I'd start down the sensor route. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like these DJ transmissions are beginning to go bad on a number of vehicles. Mine did... Peace.
  12. Performance brakes

    Yes. I did that on my 2011 in place of the craptacular OEM specimens. The new brakes are great. Mine are EBC drilled and slotted rotors mated with green stuff pads btw. Peace.
  13. First, pair another phone to be sure it isn't some problem in your phone internally. If you're convinced it's not your phone, I suggest you borrow another phone or video device to make a video of the problem as it occurs. It probably won't be convenient to get this video, but be sure to include any screen messages and show multiple uconnect screens that demonstrate that your phone is not connected. After that, show it to your dealer service folks. The other option is to spend some time on a test drive with the service manager demonstrating the problem. If they don't have a fix, I would politely demand they replace your bluetooth module to see if that fixes the problem. That's what I'd do... Peace.
  14. It may be that you need the dealer to enable that option. Also, know that the DRLs do not illuminate until the car is in drive. There has been a lot of discussion regarding DRLs, I suggest you search the forum for other threads. Peace.