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  1. Cargo box

    Looks great! Really like those wheels vs my 2011 R/T. I like mine too, but those give your DJ that black on black coolness. Peace.
  2. Does anyone elses 3.6 feel sluggish?

    You have assessed the issue correctly. It is the tune. Dodge tuned it for mpg. As Journeyman correctly stated, the transmission will adapt to your driving style somewhat, but not enough to compensate for the tune. The pentastar has lots of power, you just have to wait for the computer to know that you want to accelerate. I use the manual mode when I need immediate power. That works fine for me most of the time. The DJ is a great vehicle. It would be unbeatable with a more responsive tune. Peace.
  3. Does the screen still work when it's black? ie If you touch where the soft keys are does uconnect change things? If it does, it's likely a software glitch turning the screen black. If not, it may be the screen itself going out. I had a situation with my 2011 in which the screen would go black, but the soft keys would still work. It got fixed with a software update. Good luck. Peace.
  4. What Part is this?

    I agree with 2late. Just reuse the current part. You know it fits. You know how it goes back in. It's just for protection, right? If that's the case, repair and reuse. Good luck. peace.
  5. Feedback on a pinstriping idea...

    Something like this looks good. I think red or black on your white DJ would be a good accent. I had thought about getting hood/roof/rear hatch stripes like the challenger or charger painted on my DJ, but decided against it. Dunno. In the end, I think just the nice factory paint job looks the best. Your call. Good luck. Peace.
  6. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    IMO, yes. Dodge should fix these latent cylinder head defects. Certainly doesn't mean that they will. A proper dealership diagnosis is the start to the process. Peace.
  7. I would have the dealer check what Armando suggests. There is a distinct possibility that you are making an issue where there isn't one. All motors and systems are engineered differently. Honestly, I have not paid attention to my RPMs when my AC is on. They may go up too. If the dealer says there is no issue, make sure they document everything and list all the things that they checked. If there's an issue, they will fix it. Drive your DJ, use your AC. Its a great little vehicle. Your wife may change her opinion about the DJ. If your AC stops working in the future, you will have your documentation. Peace.
  8. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    The DRLs are fine, imho. I have noticed many DJs and the DRLs do their job. Make oncoming DJs more visible without being obnoxious. Making your DRLs brighter is just a way to cause people who don't know you to be annoyed by you. Peace.
  9. Full stereo upgrade

    Wow. Looks great. That's professional, man. Good job. peace.
  10. Full stereo upgrade

    Post some interior pics. Curious to see what is in place of the controls. peace.
  11. 3.6L alternator stereo and controls

    Ok. Just saw your other post. Got it.
  12. 3.6L alternator stereo and controls

    Why? What kind of project is this? Post pics.
  13. ewwww flying ants love my journey

    Did it work? Peace.
  14. Listen to OhareFred. The battery is the most likely culprit here. Try jumping it. If that doesn't work, you have eliminated the battery. It may be something else, but eliminate the easy stuff first. Good luck. peace.
  15. 2 years, 30k miles

    Great review. I really like my 2011. I don't regret my purchase one bit either. Peace.