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Found 14 results

  1. So I have bought this 2013 Dodge Journey and it has the 8.4 uconnect touch screensaver the radio now my problem is that the radio freeze if I click any random thing, it has the potential to freeze, so does anyone face The same issue I tried to take it to my dealership to get fixed they told me to go to a dodge dealership and the dodge dealership said that they can’t fix it without physical seeing the problem, they also said it could cost over 2 thousand dollars, but the problem could literally stop happening if I shut off the car and turn it back on but it’ll start back on any solution? I thought about getting a after market radio but I didn’t know if it would work because if the climate controls on the screen!
  2. Can someone tell/ show me where the PCV valve is located on a 2013 Dodge Journey SXT V6 3.6L engine?
  3. I have a 2011 Dodge journey Lux and i am needing to know where the Thermostat location is. also needing to know if i got the right thermostat as this one looks a little weird. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Replaced the alternator on my 2012 Dodge Journey SXT, new battery, and vehicle now is showing no power whatsoever. Don't know what else to try, really in need of help with this.
  5. Hello, I have a 2014 dodge journey that was in an accident on the drivers side front end that has been repaired. This weekend I went out of town and my car started to stumble when starting out driving then it would stop. When I press on brakes or lower my speed the car would begin to stumble again causing a jerking motion. I was driving out of state and the car would not let me go above 60miles it was like the car was controlling my speed. I pressed the accelerator harder but it would not let me go past 60 miles. The car began to jerk and stable a lot around 40 mils and 20 miles. I was told that I need to replace the camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft sensor. I have looked over the internet and on youtube to find nothing. Where is the camshaft position sensor location? Anyone have a video or diagram? How many camshaft sensors are there for the 2014 Dodge Journey? Where is the crankshaft position sensor ? Any videos or diagrams. Please someone help me.
  6. Idle issues for 3.5L

    I have a problem with my 2009 dodge Journey sxt 3.5L awd. The engine idle is not constant at stop and in reverse while holding the brake. the idle surges from a normal idle to a lower idle. the vehicle does not stall nor does it shake or vibrate. took for the throttle body and clean it. it looks like the IAC ( Idle air control valve) and TPS ( throttle positioning sensor) is one unit , all tied within one medal body. so I can't clean the IAC nor can I replace the TPS if the may be the issue/ problem. Or can this throttle body be open up? Any ideas what may be making the idle issue. No codes showing. also put a can of injector cleaner and can of water remover in the tank. still no luck with the fix.
  7. Fuel Filter locations dodge

    I was wondering were the fuel filter may be located on my 2009 dodge journey 3.5L awd. And is it change able without going to a dealer.
  8. Does anyone have a link where I can get a story about the new "Blacktop" model? I may be purchasing one this week but I know don't much about it. I just like it. Well, especially since my wife drove our 2015 SXT off the road and totalled it. She came out with 1 confirmed scratch on her nose and lots of aching bones.
  9. I just bought a 2015 DJ without knowing it had touring suspension. Can someone please tell me what the difference is between touring suspension and normal suspension on a Dodge Journey? Is one better than the other?
  10. Hi guys, I have a simple problem that I can't seem to fix. I have a 2012 journey with the 8.4 nav, I have the display set to auto so at night it goes to the night theme and during the day it goes to the day theme. Well at night it doesn't change to the night theme making it very bright to look at. I also have the car set to automatic lights. Anyone else have this problem? Need help, Thanks
  11. I hate my 2011 Dodge Journey

    This a recent letter I sent to corporate. I figured I would spread the world about this horrible vehicle to others and maybe Dodge will get off their lazy off and quit trying to force feed us the Dodge Dart and build a proper Cross-over with no problems for working families. Some of the details have been **** out for privacy but I'm sure by the end you will get the picture----DO NOT BUY A DODGE JOURNEY (ANYTHING) To whom it may concern: I own a 2011 Dodge Journey, I have owned this vehicle since May of 2011. And as of my first oil change I have had continued problems with the vehicle. I am writing this email in regards to a case I have opened up with your corporate office. I spoke with an ******** and my case number is ***************. And per our conversation I explained all the problems I have been having with the vehicle which include the following. 1. Ac shutting off at random times and blowing hot air out of all the vents. 2. Radio shutting off and not wanting to turn back on. 3. Steering wheel off center after numerous Alignments. 4. Car keeps pulling to the right after numerous alignments. 5. Steering wheel vibrating passed speeds of 45/50 mph. 6. Loud ticking noise coming from the drivers side front wheel-well 7. Paint discoloration on rear bumper and rear lift gate. 8. Brakes making loud noise/squealing and not braking properly. 9. Brakes having to be replaced--after brake replacement the brakes are starting to make the squealing noise again. 10. Tires being worn out due to car being off of alignment. (Replaced via Chrysler Corp.) Tires are starting to wear out again. 11. Wheel steering lose of control when turning right/left as I am backing out or pulling into parking spaces. 12. After the AC is on for long car rides a loud rumbling noise seems to come from the dash board near the ac. All these problems have yet to be addressed to my satisfaction. The last visit I had with the dealership. (Advantage Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep Mt. Dora Florida) My car sat in their service dept. for 9hrs. And several of my issues where not even looked at for example: The loud ticking noise coming from the front driver side wheel well, the discoloration in the paint on the rear bumper and lift gate, the brakes starting to make noise, the alignment of the car being off. I had a very long conversation with the service manager about my issues not being resolved. Per SERVICE MANAGER I was told they spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why the alignment was so off of spec, I asked him why my car had the loud ticking noise, he stated to me that there is some type of filler that connects the wheel to the car that has worn out and its metal on metal rubbing together...I said what why wasnt it fixed I specifically pointed that problem out to the service tech, you guys have had my car for 9hrs, you didnt even look at the paint discoloration, he than says to me well when you come in next time if you have an extra 30 minutes we can drive over to our body shop to look at it for you. I reply the car has been here for 9HRS!!!! No you want me to come back and have something looked at that should of been looked at already. I told him you guys sold me a LEMON there is no reason why a car that is 14 months old should have this many problems. He said that I would have to contact chrysler about any other issues I have with the vehicle. So with the already case I had opened with Corporate I contacted ******* who is a very nice case manager, who listened to my problems documentated everything we said and told me she would push my concerns and issue to upper management that looks into possible lemon law case's. About 2 days later I recieve a phone call/ voice mail. A gentlemen is telling me that based on the concerns and issues I have had with the vehicle that it does fall into a Lemon Law status here in florida and that within a week the dealership should be contacting you regarding any further steps that would have to taken regarding your claim. So I wait a whole week over the 4th of July week/weekend I call the following Monday to Advantage Chrysler Dodge Jeep, and speak to SERVICE MANAGER once again who tells me I haven't got anything stating for me to call you, but our regional manager from corporate will not be here till the 27th of July. I ask him why do I have to wait so long, I've been dealing with you and this car for the past 6 months and the issue is not resolved now you want me to wait another week, and the person who is coming to look at my vehicle is not in the position to make a judgement call on weather or not I should have the car repaired again or swap my car out for another one, you are having me wait for an Chrysler engineer to inspect my vehicle, something you service department has already done and the problem continues. He states to the me the only way they can communicate is via email and that he has no way of knowing if the engineer is going to be able to make a special stop to the dearlership for my case. This is my 2nd Dodge Journey and I am very dissatisfied with the way my issue is being handled, and the fact that a car that is 14 months old should have this many problems. I hope this letter finds somebody that can assist me and make the right call for me to have a speedy resolution. As of right now with the car at 26,000 miles I feel I was sold a Lemon and the time it has taken for me to get anyone to assist me has taken way to long. I didn't buy a brand new vehicle to expect to be in the dealerships service dept for half the time I have owned the vehicle. Thank you for your time. If you were patient enough to read this I thank you for your time. I live in Florida and I am deeply regretting my purchase of the 2011 Dodge Journey. I purchased this car because of the deep ties I have to the auto industry and what I ever I could of done to bring back just 1 more job back to an American I wanted to do, but I really wishing I would of just purchased a Honda now!!! spread the word and I would love to chit-chat with anybody who has gone through or is going through the same issue. God Bless
  12. Has anyone connected underbody lights (leds) with help of an relay? I was thinking to have underbody led lights that switches on when the interior lights go on. But I need to know where to connect the relay...
  13. 2012 White Dodge Journey Crew

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to trade my 2009 Journey SXT in for a 2012 Journey Crew. It came with 19" wheels, heated seats, remote start, Pentastar V6 engine, and the usual options that go with the SXT. Many of the settings for heat, radio, telephone, etc. are done by clicking on a touch screen ... computer I guess. I wasn't sold on the color. I've never had a white vehicle in my life.