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Found 20 results

  1. Vehicle has approximately 103,000 km on it, Issue started about 6-12 months ago, but has progressively gotten worse. Under medium acceleration there is a hard shift from gears 2-3. Note: May be in other lower gears as well, but most noticeable here. Dealership has performed a scan and no codes are stored in the PCM and no flash updates are available. Dealership has cleared the VLP and quick learn and this has not corrected the issue. A transmission service has not been performed to date. The next recommendation from the dealership is to have a transmission pan drop service completed. While I agree that this service should be completed as part of normal maintenance, I don't believe that this will fix the problem. Are there any suggestions on what might be causing this problem and what course of action should be taken next to correct it? Thanks Darton
  2. Loud bang/clunk when turning

    Hello, I'm working (for free) on a neighbor's 2014 AWD v6 DJ after a local mechanic didn't think it was worth fixing. It had two issues and I already replaced the oil filter cooler/housing which wasn't too bad of a job. The other issue is that there is a loud snapping noise when making sharp turns at lower speed. You can actually see that the inside wheel when turning does not want to slip. It acts like a locked diff. I've disconnected the rear drive shaft from the transfer case and the car does not make the noise when turning. Initially I suspected the transfer was not letting it slip when the inside wheels were going slower but after some reading it might be the viscous coupling. Anyone have any idea? Looks like there are issues with both the coupling and transfer case with other DJ owners on here. Many thanks.
  3. Ok, here's the deal; 2016 Journey, 3.6 ltr, FWD. After trip from Phoenix to San Diego, I noticed a drop of trans fluid on floor. After inspection I found a metal cover on driver side trans with loose fasteners. No big deal, I gently snugged all bolts. After thinking more about it I have a few questions; Does Haynes/Chilton make a service manual for the Journey? Has anyone else had or have this issue? What was the fix? As Dodge decided to NOT provide a dip stick for the tranny has anyone safely used the info on Youtube for making your own and changing or adding fluid? I am at 33K miles and it seems to be running fine, all things considered, I would like to take whatever corrective action is needed NOW, before it becomes a serious issue. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. Weird transmission issues

    Hey guys I'm new on the forum I have a 2013 dodge journey rt with 150,000 kilometers on it. Over the past few months of ownership I've noticed it shift can be hard but very slightly hard not to bad yet, also while slowing down when the vehicle is downshifting I can feel a very noticeable vibration in the powertrain. Is it normal when driving at low speed (in the mcdonalds drive thru) to hear a loud clunk after the rpms drop from pressing the gas? Thanks for your answers!
  5. I have a 2012 Dodge Journey that started out not shifting on occasion when first starting out. I found if I turn car off and restart it will reset and be ok. Now I will feel a hard jolt and it will stop shifting until once again I restart the car. The dealer can't pull anything out to figure out what it might be and of course it won't do it for them. The check engine light doesn't come on either.
  6. PTU and RDA fluids

    hey, My RDA and PTU fluids are due for a change (on a '09 SXT) and I can't find any info on how to do it or how much fluid I need. The only thing I know for sure is I need to use 75W-90 Oil. Has anybody ever done this before? I've looked in the service manual and nothing comes up. Thanks, Sean
  7. Hello! I have a 2017 GT AWD and I was wondering is it normal for the trans to not want to shift into 6TH / OD until you rev a bit past 2,000 RPM? I can drive at 55 MPH all day long at like 1,900 RPM and it will just stay there, If I rev past 2,000 by a little bit it will upshift and then happily run at like 1,300 - 1,400 at 55. This usually means hitting 60 mph and then slowing back down after it upshifts. It seems fine but if I don't rev it past 2,000 to get it to upshift fuel economy goes down quite a bit. I've had plenty of pre-FCA chryslers and they have all had interesting quirks, its totally fine if this is normal I just wanted to make sure that I'm not the only one that has this happen.
  8. I own a 2013 Dodge Journey RT AWD with 112,000 miles on it. During a cross country trip the transmission pump went out resulting in a blown transmission. A Dodge dealership just installed a new transmission and I picked it up a few days ago. Now there is a thumping/rumbling sound coming from the rear of the vehicle that did not exist prior to the transmission being replaced. It almost sounds like there is a subwoofer in the back of the vehicle as the sound is very deep bass at low volume. I can hear it thump when I slowly accelerate and when coming to a stop. It is a constant rumble when I'm making slow turns in forward or reverse. I suspect that there is something wrong with the rear differential based on what I've read. I'm curious whether or not the service department damaged it or failed to calibrate something correctly when they installed the new transmission?
  9. Hello everyone, I have a question with my journey 2015, the problem is ,when I put the reverse one feels a knock , I hope to explain well, just do not do all the time only sometimes, just happens to put reverse, I hope someone can help and thank you very much for your time
  10. P1745

    Hello I have a Dodge journey model 2011 whit the engine 2.4 liters the transmission is 4 speed they only show me this code p1745 this case start when the SUV damage the batery. i changed oil and filter, all the internal sensors , two sensors of velocity and the package of selenoides, i inspect the wires and everything is ok. what recommend doing. how can inspect the PCM?
  11. old timer

    have a 2012 journey that makes sort of a purring whirring noise at 25 and 13 when coming to a stop or slowing down to that speed. does not do it accelerating. dealer cant find it, had it 2 times and cant find. any ideas
  12. New to the forum... have a 2013 Dodge Journey SXT 3.6L and just had the "transmission kick solenoid pack" replaced now the truck goes in reverse but not in drive. Was messing around and found this strange thing out: If I turn the truck on put it in Drive, let it run for more than one minute, shut engine off, open and then close front door AND repeat this process again... The third time I turn on the engine and put the truck in Drive, it pulls right off??? Strange... drove it around subdivision and it drove fine, reversed into my driveway, fine but went to Drive- did not move? Turned engine off not sure whats wrong with my 2013 Journey? Anyone had a similar event happen or have any suggestions?
  13. Hi all. New member with a recently purchased 2014 Dodge Journey SXT. Great SUV so far, but one minor issue that crops up in "stop and go" traffic on the freeway. Low speeds (5 - 25 mph) transmission stutters when stop/starting with traffic. At times it will give the car a feeling of shuddering (hard to explain) and once in a while will shift hard into another gear (hard enough to feel the clunk). The dealer tells me it could be a software issue and wants me to drop it off for a few days to go through it. I have the 60k drive train warranty but "a few days" without my vehicle is tough to do. Any thoughts before I give it to the dealer?
  14. 2012 Dodge journey Crew 6 cylinder FWD 1. history: gear shift hard some times during wither (more), some times in warm weather. Dealer had updated the software or flashing the PCM couple times, but not sure if there is any updates from about 2 years ago (when I got the last update). Generally, gear shift big bang disappear after update. 2. two days ago, car rpm jump up when slightly touch the gas pedal, then check engine light on. after changed engine air filter (dirty), the gear shift big bang comes every time when shift gear from parking to any position. any advice for trouble shoot? Based on my reading from this forum: Causes maybe:??? 1. Mass air flow sensor dirty, need to clean 2. solenoid pack, 3. update the software for PCM 4. problem from the TIMP 5. transmission fluid change... 6. fuel pump filter clog: refer to the following http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/2656-transmission-problem/ Thanks.
  15. Hello from Atlanta

    2012 Journey with 145K miles on it. First the radio comes on full blast when I start the car, but only occasionally. Went to the dealer and there was going to be some ridiculous charge for the evaluation, figured I could live with it. Now occasionally will come on, the screen lights up, I can change stations, but no sound, stopping the car, shutting the car off, opening the door, closing the door, starting the car up again seems to reset the radio. Now the front climate control blower occasionally won't come on, and sometimes when it is working, the fan controller doesn't set the fan at the proper speed, seems to be bogged down from time to time. The rear climate control works fine. And lastly, from time to time when I start the car, put it into drive, it will not shift out of first gear. Trying to manually shift it does nothing, stays in first. I have to pull over, shut the car off, restart it and it drives fine. All of my car savvy friends are telling me that I probably need the onboard computer updated. What are your thoughts?
  16. Hello all well, I haven't been back here in a while, I was checking some of my old posts it seems 2012 or so was the last time I posted. we've had our diesel powered CRD/RT Journey since buying new in 2010, I've racked up 53000 miles in the old girl and apart from servicing etc the only major issue was the failure of the drivers door central looking unit which was a £400 repair a couple of years ago. But things have changed now, for anyone who's had similar problems maybe this is of interest to you, maybe it isn't. Recently the auto box started 'slipping' and after a few visits to a number of transmission specialists here in London a new clutch assembly was diagnosed by all of the Garages I took the car to. I decided to take it to Automatic Man in Acton West London (for those of you who are interested) with a quoted price of £2000 for the fix, a small garage with only three employees, and a two week notice needed to book a car in told me it was a busy trustworthy place turning over a lot of business. the owner explained to me that the gearbox in my dodge was the same model in certain european volvo's and Ford's, specifically the Ford Galaxy people carrier and clutch failure at low mileage is extremely common due to a 'design flaw' in the clutch assembly something which is remedied in the replacement parts. Again, maybe thats true or not, I don't know, this is just how it was explained to me. Apart from the slipping issue which only happens when you accelerate hard the car drives and shifts fine, using the kick down is a no no as the gearbox goes crazy running up and down the gears like a maniac but if you back off the throttle it settles into the correct gear and drives fine. Its very frustrating for this to happen, we are about to go on our yearly drive across Europe to the Black Sea and the expense has a come at a bad time (when does it ever) but I love the car due to its size and its ability to go from hauling all my work equipment to being a family car from weekday to weekend so we've decided to swallow the cost and get on with it, for those of you interested I'll post a follow up after the work has been done. happy holidays to all of you.
  17. Strange stalling issue - Tranny?

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for any guidance and advice. I have a 2009 Journey SXT AWD with 65K miles. Bought it used about 3 years ago. No issues other than a stuck caliper which I replaced myself. The car started to stall when being placed into drive. Cold, hot, overnight. Doesn't matter. Go from Neutral to Drive or Park to Drive and it will stall. I can 2 foot it past the initial stumble and get it to idle, but the idle is very rough. It drives perfectly. Reverse is perfect. Tach needle doesn't move shifting between P, R, or N. Coming to a normal stop while driving causes it to stall. I can stop carefully and extremely slowly and keep it from stalling (but with the rough idle). I've gone through 2 tanks of gas, just in case, but it really doesn't feel like it's that kind of issue because it shifts and drives fine after 1000 RPM. Brought it to the stealer for the ignition switch recall and asked him to check the problem. He reflashed the ECU and told me I needed a tranny. $6100. I said they're out of their mind. There are no codes to read. He did say that the ABS ECU has a C121C code, but the ABS light is not on. Don't think it's related. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. George
  18. I'm going to start with Dodge was great. But I just had the transmission replaced on my 2014 Dodge Journey R/T @ 56,000km. I do no towing but lots of highway driving in the mountains of the west and the car does great. I was in town driving and the car started to surge at stop lights, then in the middle of the intersection no transmission engagement. Still no check engine light so I managed to nurse it out of the intersection and off to the side of the road. Check engine light then lights up. So I called the dodge 1-800 and had a flatbed there within 30 mins. Yay dodge and they towed me to the dealer that I wanted to go to. Dealer diagnosed with lots of codes, low pressure, metal fragments in pan. They figured it exceeded the 70% damage to rebuild. They ordered a new transmission, gave me a rental car for 5 days but it took 10 days for them to repair it... So now it's an R/T with the towing package (engine oil cooler?) but no transmission cooler? How hot should the transmission run? And thoughts about adding a transmission cooler? Thanks
  19. My wife has a 2009 SXT AWD that developed an intermittent "whine" soon after we left the used dealership where we bought it. The noise does not change pitch and sounds similar to a reed vibrating at a high frequency. Using a stethoscope I located the noise originating from the top of the transmission where the cooler lines exit. The noise occurs frequently while driving (at least at lower speeds) and also while at a stop, either parked or in gear, but not all the time. The noise does not seem to affect the car's drivability that I can tell, however the noise is incredibly annoying and concerning. I cannot afford to trade it (I tried) so I'm hoping that someone out there might help me narrow in on this problem. The dealer where I took it several months ago speculated a diagnosis of the front transmission pump, however they would not confirm the diagnosis without performing a complete teardown...um ...no. This is my wife's daily driver so I'd like to take care of this soon if I can. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, New to the forum. Recently purchased a 2010 Dodge Journey RT AWD. I am experiencing a problem I think is with the transmission. When I come to a full stop the vehicle's transmission seems to have a delayed stop. almost like a jerking motion forward. Has anyone had a similar issue with their Journey. Thanks