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  1. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2020-dodge-journey-overview-price-tech-specs/
  2. Depends on the year of your Journey. Downloading the firmware update from the mopar site will give you the newest you can run on your DJ.
  3. Android Auto

    The answer is no. The UConnect in the Journey is not able to be upgraded to the new version that has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.
  4. chazmosis

  5. Hey Bramfrank,


    I'd be willing to test out your Can't Unlock Maps fix as well.  I have a 2015 DJ with Nav.


    Also, where did you happen to get maps newer than the 2014 pack FCA provides?



  6. I had my 2015 DJ in for this recall approximately a month ago. Within 2 weeks my Nav has died with the same error the recall was supposed to fix. I've made an appt at my dealer, but apparently they haven't fixed the issue. Now that I do have the error, they'll either have to force a flash of the same software, or replace my unit. Joy.