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  1. P06DD and NOT the Oil Filter Assembly Housing

    Loaner?!?! Or a rental if the trip is over a state line. This is secondary to warranty work, right? Peace.
  2. Is this thing a lemon?

    I'm glad this worked out for you. I'm also glad to see the seller bear responsibility. If your experience is similar to mine, you'll enjoy the DJ. Smooth, powerful, and lots of utility. Best of luck to you... Peace.
  3. P06DD and NOT the Oil Filter Assembly Housing

    I have heard of this code coming up with a wrong oil filter or inserting the correct oil filter into the engine backwards. Simple things to check if you're not sure about those things. The oil filter was changed for the 3.6 in 2013 or 2014, I think. Similar but slightly different... You could try a mopar filter if yours is another brand to see if that fixes your problem as well. That's as much as I've got on this. Good luck. Peace.
  4. Is this thing a lemon?

    Wow. It turns over but won't start? Or starter doesn't do anything? Not sure if there's a voltage sensor that prevents startup attempts with insufficient voltage. Check the alternator and battery again, if you haven't done so already. DJs are sensitive to voltage from what I've seen here on the forum. Modern cars have tons of electrical gizmos. It may be a very simple problem that is difficult to diagnose. This may be one for the dealer. I would still be talking to the seller. This situation is unfortunate. They should bear some responsibility here, imo. I hope you get this resolved. Peace.
  5. Is this thing a lemon?

    Is there nothing that the seller will do to help you make this right? If not, here's my advice... You sound like you know your way around a car, but if you're going to keep it, you should involve a mechanic to independently work on the car so the seller doesn't say you caused the problem. You should pay your mechanic and recoup the repair bill from the seller. Good luck. Peace.
  6. Is this thing a lemon?

    I would return this DJ. I have 80K miles on my 2011. These are great cars. Sounds like the one you have has been abused or damaged in some way. Good luck. Peace.
  7. Ideal coolant temperature

    The temperature is set mostly by the thermostat, I think... Peace.
  8. Ideal coolant temperature

    I think mine was running at 188F today, if I remember correctly. Gauge right in the middle. I believe that's normal. Peace.
  9. P0303 after hot restart only.

    I want to preface... I'm not a mechanic. Why not just replace those wires rather than using the repaired ones? Eliminate the easy stuff. At least you'll know for sure if they are the problem. Maybe there is some sort of damage that you can't see, but acts up when hot after a restart. It seems to me that these new cars have tons of sensors and who knows when those sensors talk to the ECM. Maybe a hot restart alerts the computer to a problem, and it goes into limp mode. Clearly I don't know what your problem is. Just trying to help. Peace.
  10. Coolant Issue - Help

    As long as its cooled down and it still has coolant, just start it up in the morning and drive straight the mechanic shop. I think you'll likely be fine. BUT, check the oil to make sure it isn't light brown and frothy, coolant in your oil can mean head gasket failure. I wouldn't want to run the engine in that condition. If that's the case, you may want to get a tow. Hopefully others will chime in. I'm not a mechanic. Good luck. Peace.
  11. Here's one that turned out great.
  12. 2011 Journey Wiper problems

    Try a little de-icer or oil on the moving part of the wiper motor. Maybe it is as simple as moisture freezing the motor in place. I tried to look at my DJ, but I can't really see where the motor is because it's under the cowl. I think it's the center (passenger) wiper. Dunno. Something to try. This problem may take some diagnosis in cold weather by unhooking the wiper assembly to see if the cold motor turns or if something in the assembly is the problem. Good luck. Peace.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. So glad the days are getting longer now. Can't wait for summer! Peace.
  14. Leave the chip out. Drive it for a few days and do a hard battery disconnect reset again. No disrespect, but the 2.4 has no hidden performance. The chip isn't going to unleash anything positive. It probably will continue to unleash more lights, problems, and gremlins. My advice is to leave the chip out permanently.
  15. So, just to clarify... Clearing your bluetooth cache and reconnecting your phone allows song info to be transferred via bluetooth? My 2011 8.4N has never transferred song info via BT that I am aware of. I'd like to get that info if possible. Peace.