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  1. I think the older DJ uconnect systems are no longer being supported by Chrysler through Garmin. It's the most likely explanation, I think. I can't find map updates for my 2011 either. Last update for my RB5 was 2017. Disappointed... my nav doesn't show the new freeway to Vegas. Kinda sux. Peace.
  2. What year? 2011 and later don't have a hard drive, is my understanding. The uconnect system may not support JPEG format files. If that's the case, then there wouldn't be a fix. Don't know for sure. Just curious. Why do you want to load JPEG files? Peace.
  3. Your DJ may need a new radio unit. You may be able to get one from a salvage yard or on the internet. I believe that 2late4u may have one for sale. Easy swap from what I understand. Good Luck. Peace.
  4. Backseats Mod for Comfort?

    Any credible upholstery shop should be able to modify those seats to your liking. Good luck. Peace.
  5. Even though this hasn't been mentioned, I'd replace your current battery with a quality new battery. Find a good dealer and be nice. You may need them some day. Good luck. Peace.
  6. My wife drives a compass trailhawk. Good little car, but the 2.4 leaves something to be desired. At least it has a 4x4 transmission and lots of bells and whistles. The DJ 3.6 is a great crossover that should be improved. Call it the crossroad and upgrade the design if they don't want to continue the journey name... Dodge getting out of the crossover business could be a costly mistake. Sedans are dying and muscle cars are a nitch market. I love my DJ, but I'd never drive a hemi powered minivan ( aka Durango). Killing the neon was a mistake, imo. Will killing the DJ be a mistake? I think so. We'll see... Peace.
  7. My ticking journey

    I think the junky responses are due to the fact that it could be anything. It's probably internal, and it may be something or nothing to worry about. Isolate the tick as suggested. Lifters can often tick. Maybe an oil change is in order. If you're really worried, a real mechanic's opinion is what you need. Peace.
  8. well i really messed up this time

    I'm sorry to hear that! Like I said before, don't get discouraged. You are your only therapist in this. You have to keep working hard without overdoing it when your knee is stable enough. Good Luck. Hang in there. Peace.
  9. Too much torque?

    Good luck with your symptoms. Peace.
  10. My understanding is that the thermostat stuck open is not a problem. The thermostat being closed helps the engine warm up and then will open to allow coolant to flow. There must be a temperature senson that triggers the radiator fan. I honestly don't know if the radiator fan is electric. I assume it is based upon your observations. If I was attempting to solve this problem, I'd start by researching a coolant temperature sensor. A quick google search got me this...
  11. My 2011 locking system acted strange today and I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened... Went surfing and locked the FOB in my DJ using the procedure outlined in the owner's manual. Opened the DJ with the manual key and disarmed the alarm using the FOB in the car. Drove to my hotel, unloaded, and hit the lock button on my FOB. The horn barked and I walked away. When I came back to drive the car, only the driver's door was locked. Pressing the unlock on the FOB unlocked the driver's door. Thereafter the FOB would only lock the driver's door and the other doors remained unlocked. I messed around with it for few minutes and this behavior continued. I auto started the car and that worked. I entered the vehicle after auto start and shut off the motor. I tried the driver door lock button on the armrest and it would only operate the driver's door lock. None of the other 3 door cylinders moved. I drove the DJ a short distance and when I parked the locks all worked normally. I have driven a total of two times since this weirdness and it seems to be working normally. Does anyone know what happened? Peace.
  12. Engine shutting off while in operation

    Can you post a link to the dodge recall #S89? Is the crankshaft position sensor easy or difficult to replace? Peace.
  13. Map update

    Nope. I'd be curious to know if there is a map update for your 2014 radio/nav. It doesn't seem as if dodge is supporting the 2011 rb5 nav with map updates. Peace.
  14. Too much torque?

    3.6 or 2.4? By revs, I'm assuming that you mean RPMs. What is a lot higher? The limit is the redline at 6500ish RPMs for the 3.6. It's not uncommon for the computer to allow RPMs to go to redline on my 2011 when I'm getting after it. If it's going into the redline, that's a problem. I believe the AWD is actually FWD until a loss of traction is detected. For all intents and purposes, its going to be FWD most of the time. When you say torque, are you referring to torque steer? Camaros are RWD and torque steer is not a thing with those. Torque steer is a characteristic of FWD vehicles at WOT. Try the battery disconnect as jkeaton suggests. If that doesn't help then take it in for a diagnosis. These transmissions don't hold up to intense use. If there is an RPM issue, you need to get it corrected. My transmission failed at about 80K miles. Had it replaced under lifetime warranty. Good Luck. Peace.
  15. P2173 fixed

    Just adding for clarity. A Google search revealed the following: The P2173 OBD-II trouble code is one of number of possible codes that indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected a malfunction in the operation of the Throttle Actuator Control System. ... Code P2173 is set by the PCM when high air flow is detected in the throttle actuator control system. Peace.