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  1. Too much torque?

    3.6 or 2.4? By revs, I'm assuming that you mean RPMs. What is a lot higher? The limit is the redline at 6500ish RPMs for the 3.6. It's not uncommon for the computer to allow RPMs to go to redline on my 2011 when I'm getting after it. If it's going into the redline, that's a problem. I believe the AWD is actually FWD until a loss of traction is detected. For all intents and purposes, its going to be FWD most of the time. When you say torque, are you referring to torque steer? Camaros are RWD and torque steer is not a thing with those. Torque steer is a characteristic of FWD vehicles at WOT. Try the battery disconnect as jkeaton suggests. If that doesn't help then take it in for a diagnosis. These transmissions don't hold up to intense use. If there is an RPM issue, you need to get it corrected. My transmission failed at about 80K miles. Had it replaced under lifetime warranty. Good Luck. Peace.
  2. P2173 fixed

    Just adding for clarity. A Google search revealed the following: The P2173 OBD-II trouble code is one of number of possible codes that indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected a malfunction in the operation of the Throttle Actuator Control System. ... Code P2173 is set by the PCM when high air flow is detected in the throttle actuator control system. Peace.
  3. Engine stall & ETC light issue RESOLVED

    Thanks for the report. This may help others. Pictures of the frayed connector and pics of the location in the engine bay would also be helpful for those on this forum. Peace.
  4. well i really messed up this time

    I see that you're starting out with the right attitude. That's good. Its takes a lot of work, but I'm back on my bike and hoping to have a successful go at surfing in late August. You just need to keep after it... Peace.
  5. well i really messed up this time

    Also, don't get discouraged if you need more than a year of PT. Work hard. PT will probably help your DM2 as well. I feel you. Peace.
  6. well i really messed up this time

    Hang in there... I'm just getting over an avulsion fracture at the acl and 2 tibial plateau fractures in the right knee joint. Expect massive leg atrophy after your leg is out of the cast. You're going to need PT! I've been in PT for almost a year now 2 times per week. PT is the only way... Its like voluntary torture. Be strong. Don't quit. You can get through any injury with a lot of work. Best of luck to you sir. Peace.
  7. New Journey Owner

    Cool. Welcome to the group. Knowledgable folks here. Peace.
  8. Creaky brake pedal

    My feeling is that it may be the return spring on the pedal. Maybe just taking the spring off and reinstalling or replacing the spring would be enough to change whatever is causing the squeak. I'd try that before taking it anywhere... Good Luck. Peace.
  9. Creaky brake pedal

    I would advise you to use any lubricants carefully around the brake pedal. Slipping off the pedal when trying to brake may be disastrous. Did you look under there? The offender may be obvious. Dunno. The click is likely the park safety that allows you to shift into drive when the brake is depressed. I can see why the squeak is annoying, but if it's not a problem, consider leaving well enough alone. Peace.
  10. Had it for a week today. LOVE IT. 2014 Crossroads

    My 2011 very quietly does it's job everyday. No frills, no complaints. My 3.6 engine still runs like the day I brought it home in 2011. No plans to replace my DJ. Its been a good car. Peace.
  11. Tremendous. I love my DJ bigley. Peace.
  12. I had my 2011 DJ cam phasers replaced. No problems since that time. Good Luck. Peace.
  13. Newbie

    If you think there is a problem, I encourage you to go back to the dealer and demonstrate the problem. If its something that can be seen on a video, I would capture it via your phone. The DJ transmissions can misbehave, so I'd be sure that you have the dealer check it thoroughly and document your symptoms. Good luck. Peace.
  14. Engine cooling upgrade

    My experience is the radiator is perfectly fine for extremely hot weather. Drove across the Mojave with a bike and surfboard on the roof at 117 F without any significant engine temperature increase. Like the others have stated, rather than try to upgrade, first make sure what you have is working properly. Peace.
  15. PTU and RDA fluids

    Yeah, 'mericans are pretty dense. Sadly, those 'mericans don't seem to have any trouble figuring out how to buy ammo to reload their 9mm guns... LOL Peace.