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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, new to the forum, I have a fully loaded 2016 DJ Crossroad, my issue is that living in Florida with the heat, the rubber on the volume knob is starting to deteriorate, curious if anyone knows a good source to get something like this replaced.
  2. I have a 2016 dodge journey R/T with another issue. So as of 03/31/18 I began to have a issue with my heated seats driver side stays on which as you can imagine is not ideal. This happens regardless of auto start or manual start. I did the reset has not worked. The steering wheel warmer does not work also I can not select it on the controls, only screen off and outlet power work. I drove more than a hour in the car and seat warmer just stay on and it stays on hi. Doesn't show which is selected but it hot as a mofo, so I imagine it's high.
  3. So I've got a 2011, CREW with the flexible seating package. On the original window sticker, it claims "8.4 uconnect Credit: -$240" Does this mean that the 'base' CREW has the 8.4 and mine was downgraded to the 4" by request/chance of the dealer back when it was ordered? Does anyone who order these DJ know what the U connect credit means? is it basically a deduction for getting the cheap version or an indication of upgrade-ability? even the Dodge website (The one that is basically useless, and is run by mopar as a platform for selling parts) says my car has the 8.4 unit, even though mine has the 4" Side note: not to distract from my actual questions, but this is why I ask. As many, countless people do, I'm dabbling in swapping the head unit to a 8.4 Uconnect. Before you freak out, I know its really hit or miss (More miss that hit)... though from reading countless articles, I've come to the conclusion that I've lucky, and the CREW with auto climate control (No SD card) is set for basically plug-and-play with an activated 8.4 head-unit of a specific part number. Don't worry, I'll not do it yet till even more research.. I don't want to have a incomplete install, and i'd rather keep the 4" than waste $250 on a 8.4 unit that doesn't achieve 100% function/interface with climate and system controls.
  4. OEM Heated Seat

    Hey... I can't find information on how to install OEM heated seats. Either the dealer does not install OEM in my region (Toronto)... just aftermarket. However as mine has the 8.4 screen I want to use the controls there and not install new buttons. Any recommendations? Any help to disassemble the seat covers would be a great step. Thanks. Here is the link to the OEM heated seats (parts #9 and 10). https://www.moparpartswebstore.com/a/Dodge_2017_Journey-SXT-FWD--36L-V6-24V-VVT--6-Speed-Automatic-62TE/__6828608/Front-Seat---Bucket/i2347135.html
  5. So I was looking through the supported phone site for our re2 and rb5 head units to see if any of the phones supported metadata over Bluetooth or this elusive "Text Messaging" feature that they boast about on the uconnect website, and I'm not surprised to say, that NONE of the phones support this feature. NONE. I've sent off a message to Dodge/Chrysler/Mopar about how they've left 200, dart, ram, journey, and 300 customers with a head unit that's not capable of doing something that ALL vehicles with Bluetooth have been accomplishing since 2005 (at least), and also explaining that it's a safety concern because we have to pick our phones up and unlock them to get basic song information. I'm tired of driving friends around and them asking where the song information is displayed on this kick ass 8.4 inch head unit, only to reply "yea, it doesn't support that in 2015". I've already put in a complaint, but it would be nice if ALL of you did the same thing. Perhaps if we bitch enough, they will do the right thing and add it. It appears to have been in their previous versions of the head-unit firmware, so the hardware is there. http://www.chrysler.com/chryslercares *UPDATE 1* GOT AN EMAIL RESPONSE FROM CS Dear Christopher, Thank you for contacting the FCA Customer Assistance Center. It has been determined that the concerns raised regarding your uconnect needs further review. We have referred your concerns to a uConnect Specialist for follow-up. A Case Manager will contact you by phone within approximately one business day addressing your issue. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we further look into matter with you. Thank you again for your email. Should you require additional assistance, or have any new information to provide, please reply to this email message or call 1-800-CHRYSLER (1-800-247-9753). Sincerely, Jody Customer Service Representative FCA Customer Assistance Center --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE 2* Got an email back from the main CS person, which said it wasn't a feature... right. Dear Customer: Case #: 28337244 VIN: 2C4RC1BG9FR514202 Vehicle Description: CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY TOURING WAGON Hi Christopher, This is Sherri from Uconnect Case Management and I have been assisgned to your file. I understand your concern about the song title not being shown and this being a safety issue and I understand your concern and frustration that it is not available. I will forward your concern to the engineers but currently this is not a feature we currently have. Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns. My office hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 am till 7:30 pm EST Your case number is: 28337244 The Uconnect Case Management telephone number is: 877-855-8400 ext my direct extension: 4718746 also for your convenience you can reply to this email. Regards, Sherri To reply to this email, please use the link below: Sincerely, SHERRI Customer Assistance Center ------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE 3* My response back to Sherri: Sherri, It's funny you should say that it's not a feature you currently have, when the feature WORKS if you're using a phone that's at least 4 years old. The bluetooth song information appears if you're using an android phone that's version 4.1 or less and apple devices that are using IOS 7.1 or less. The problem is, your uconnect devices have never been updated to work with the newer (and I use the word "newer" very, very loosely, as the newest phone that works in this manner with your uconnect devices is 4 years old) hardware. While you can search your site for supported phones for the HTC x8 on sprint, it says it's not supported but in fact, it does work. Also, the Samsung galaxy s3 on verizon (but i'm sure it will for all carriers) also works as i've tested it personally. The x8 is a phone made in 2013, but it's a windows phone who are known to only support older versions of bluetooth drivers. The s3 is about 4 years old and if you leave the older version of android on it, works perfectly with your head-unit. The problem is, using these antiquated devices for your mobile needs, leaves you in a situation where you're using an insecure phone that's no longer being updated by the manufacture. Also, it means that you're not eligible to the latest data rates like LTE. The update to the uconnect unit is trivial as the bluetooth function was merely changed during the 2.1 transition to 4.0. The uconnect Bluetooth adapter already support 4.0 as I can see what it negotiates at when connecting to a mobile device. The problem is, the AVRCP bluetooth standards changed from 2.1 to 4 and your device doesn't conform to those changes, as it's requiring 4.0 devices to pass the metadata information in the 2.1 standard which is impossible. With that said, saying that it's a feature you don't currently have, is inaccurate. The true situation is, you don't currently want to support newer phones in relation to this feature, which is pretty crummy. Thanks, Chris
  6. Hi guys, I have a simple problem that I can't seem to fix. I have a 2012 journey with the 8.4 nav, I have the display set to auto so at night it goes to the night theme and during the day it goes to the day theme. Well at night it doesn't change to the night theme making it very bright to look at. I also have the car set to automatic lights. Anyone else have this problem? Need help, Thanks
  7. Swapping 4.3 to a 8.4

    We just purchased a 2011 SXT with 4.3 I was wondering if at all possible would I be able to put the 8.4 in if I purchased it and where would I get it from.