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  1. High idle + misfire + random codes

    ^^This I had a 2 year old battery fail with a dead cell. It would charge but would be dead the next day. It was under warranty so the dealer diagnosed it but the dash threw all kinds of warnings and lights. Have the battery and the alternator load checked. Check all of the wiring from the battery out. There have been some who had trouble with a sensor embedded in the negative terminal post clamp at the battery. I don't know anything about that one but something to look for. These vehicles are very subsectable to low or inconsistent voltage.
  2. Performance brakes

    I do know that Autozone carries EBC.
  3. Front end clunk, while braking

    Per your thread title, the noise only happens during braking and/or stopping? If it was suspension related, I would think it would also happen over bumps. Could it be a mount, such as motor or transmission? Either would shift position during braking. They should also shift during start but not necessarily. I am thinking something loose, even under the hood, that rocks forward on deceleration. Could be something tight but just out of position to the point that it catches and releases under deceleration. A slightly loose brake caliper, or one the is not seated square, would do it too. Never heard of that, but I suppose it could happen. For what it's worth, even though there have been many complaints, i do not have a problem with mine. It is very quiet except a barely perceptable rattle in the braking system itself, which does not concern me. To wit, it is not an inherent feature of all Journeys. Good luck and my condolences.
  4. Towing

    Use your rpm and temperature gauges as a guide to how hard you are working your vehicle. The transmission temperature gauge in the center readout will allow you to judge the load on your transmission. The rpm and engine coolant gauges will allow you to watch your engine load. It's a little more interactive than a vehicle designed for extensive towing but you will have real-time readout that is very useful for towing within what the Journey is designed for.

    Why would you expect that to be fantasy? You have a warranty, right? Sounds like you should talk to the dealer rather than making an assumption. Give them a chance to make it right first. I would also seek out corporate on this. While it may have been out of warranty in the beginning, some times they do stand behind it. Give them a chance to earn the reputation that they will have tomorrow.
  6. Vehicles owned, past and present

    1970 Dodge Coronet R/T - 440 Magnum 1977 Chevy Malibu 1986 Chevy S10 4WD -2.8L POS 1982 Pontiac 6000 - Diesel 1991 Saturn SL1 1985 Ford F150 - Included bail twine 1991 Buick Regal 1994 Oldsmobile Ciera - Reliable 1998 Buick Regal 1998 Grand Marquis 2009 Chevy Impala 2016 Dodge Journey R/T First and last on the list are Dodge R/Ts

    ^^ With the Journey in the driveway, I can operate the remote features just fine from a distance away in the house. The keyless entry, on the other hand, does not work unless the key is with me. I was curious one day and tried it.
  8. My 2016 had an annoying rattle, at 34000 miles, when going over bumps. The dealer changed the sway bar link 8000 miles ago. In and out in 1.5 hours. It has been quiet since.
  9. Hi I'm new here!

    Try calling the link in the post that I put in your other thread. You may be able to get a hard copy...for a price. Never hurts to ask.
  10. Hi I'm new here!

    Try this website: Mopar Tech Authority (FCA website linked to at dodge.com) https://www.techauthority.com/ They list the service manual, on disc or USB. Prices that you would expect from a dealer sourced service manual and scant details. If this is what you are looking for, a phone number or other contact information is available for you to ask questions. No personal experience. Good luck and report back if successful.
  11. New To Dodge !!!!

    Welcome to the forum. Visit Mopar.com and create an account. You can track all of your service visits, recalls, and any other information by the VIN number specific to your vehicle.
  12. Most definitely take it to a different dealer. I recently posted to another thread about my experience between two dealers. In summary, the dealer I bought the vehicle from will never see my shadow in the door again. The dealer that I use now has impressed me more than once, even on the little things. There is no comparison. What you are experiencing is NOT normal. The dealer that you are currently working with is NOT fixing the problem. Your vehicle is still under warranty and has a serious issue that CAN be fixed by a competent dealer. In my case, when I sought out the second dealer, I did not even mention the first one. I wanted to test the second dealer and the integrity of the first one. The second dealer passed. Speculation on what the problem is is moot at this point. The possibilities range from the simple to the complex. It does not matter. It is a warranty issue. You paid for that warranty. It is time for a return on that investment. Keep corporate involved. Be polite but firm. Give the new dealer a chance. You know what the vehicle should do and what it should not. Good luck.
  13. Those five little push pins...

    In most applications the pin is two pieces. The center of the pin should lift out with the proper tool. Once the center piece is removed, the outer piece will just lift out. They are easy to break and it is always good to have a few extras on hand.
  14. P06DD and NOT the Oil Filter Assembly Housing

    It's covered under warranty. The dealership has taken responsibility for fixing it if you bring to them, especially if there is an oil level problem. The warranty should also include a loaner.
  15. Welcome

    Welcome from the Great Lakes.