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C0051-49 Steering Position Angle Sensor

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Anti Skid light came on.  Would not leave.  Hard shift on left turns.  Binding on the back when backing into the driveway.  


Took it to a Dodge mechanic (he only works on Dodge).  He did a scan.  C0051-49 code.  Steering Position Angle Sensor.


Had to go to a dealer to get the part.  SOB!  $610.00 plus taxes.  Got it for $530 plus taxes because they screwed up on the price on the phone before heading over to get it.  Original quote was for $330.  SOB!


Information about it on these sites:





There is also some information about it here on our site:



Journeyman425 wrote this:

Prevents binding during low-speed turns a third condition, which is independent of the others, uses the ESP steering angle sensor to determine when the vehicle is turning in a tight circle. This condition causes the electronic control module to reduce torque to the rear wheels to prevent binding in the driveline. The electronic control module is always checking for this condition as well.


Part should be here on Friday pm.

Getting it installed then (2.5 to 3 hours labour) .  Then I have to take it to the dealer for a flash.


I hope that this never happens to anyone else here.  This vehicle is getting expensive.  I am very frustrated.






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Not true on the AWD. BUT another reason for a extended warranty!  LOL

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