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  1. REALLY?

    Oh wow. I'm sorry. I didn't even know the first one posted. I just signed up that day of Feb. 4th! I didn't even know all those comments were on here and other ppl answered. All I seen was the one I copy and pasted....but I will not take the dummy back. You guys are laughing at my post when I don't know what the hell is going on and is trying to get real answers...as I said before I had no idea all those comments were there. I just saw the one. And everybody just can't up and buy a new car I need this one fixed. But thank you all for your help. I will read thru the comments!
  2. REALLY?

    @Summer Solstice I'm trying to figure out what in the hell you are talking about. I posted once before and got ONE answer. Evidence above. (Which is why I made this new post) So please do not get on my post assuming you know me or what you are talking about! As for leaks, none were found on two separate occasions and it is common knowledge to check the Master Cylinder and/booster for air problems in brake fluid! Where do you think the fluid goes dummy. Now if anyone has any other advice I will be happy to listen! GOOD DAY
  3. REALLY?

    Hi, my name is not Anthony and thank you all. And as far as me making comments I'm really trying to find out what is wrong with my car. They have not found a leak and I've been to two separate auto shops. And actually only one person has given me advice as far as brakes go and they actually did say that the problem would be solved by getting a bigger braking system . My pads and rotors were new when I got the car and they didn't see anything wrong but my brakes continue to go to the floor with no stop! This is not a fucking joke. I came on here looking for real help! This is the answer I was given. . Also other post that I've read said something about something in the braking systen getting too hot and that's what's causing the air bubbles Has anybody actually solved the issue of the brakes. I bought a 09 used Journey and have been having break problems every month. I CAN'T take this any more! brwengel Status:Offline Posted February 4 Yes, this problem was solved by putting the dual piston calipers on from a 2012 or newer model. You can only do this if you're wheels are large enough to allow the larger rotor and caliper to fit. My '09 Journey has 19" wheels, so it wasn't a problem. I think you can get away with the larger hardware if you have 17' wheels, but you should double check, definitely won't work with 16" wheels. I think there is a thread pinned to the top for this problem, it's kinda long, but in there you'll find everything you need to know. With the original calipers and rotors I was replacing pads and turning rotors twice a year. Since I swapped out for the larger size, it's been four years and I'm almost ready to replace the pads. I got my caliper at a junkyard and bought new rotors, it's an easy do-it-yourself project and doesn't cost very much.
  4. REALLY?

    Ok so just to be clear....using a bigger braking system will stop air from somehow getting into my line and I'll be able to stop using the brake pedal..... my brake pedal won't shake and I won't be able to just push it down to the floor only hearing air...? I've gotten a master cylinder and booster so that's not the case...but when I get my brakes bled I have great brakes...
  5. Brake Wear?

    Has anybody actually solved the issue of the brakes. I bought a 09 used Journey and have been having break problems every month. I CAN'T take this any more!
  6. Big brake kit to repace crappy OE brakes?

    Please tell me someone has found an actual solution and speculation as to what's wrong with these cars. I purchased a used 2009 and OMG I'm tired of spending money. I get my brakes bled every week because the brakes go out. I will push the pedal down and all there is is air and no stopping. I haven't driven my car in two weeks. no one seems to know what's wrong with it!