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  1. Alternator died

    Went to coast tire/good year. had good luck with them. A rebuilt alternator was tx in $735. Canadian dollars. WOW.
  2. False positive CEL code

    YUP. they flashed the PCM and its never come on since. there is a TSB out about it.
  3. False positive CEL code

    I had to get my dealer to flash my ECM to remove a false positive for a thermostat issue. Apparently there is a TSB about it. When I get access to my paperwork I'll let you all know what the code was.
  4. low battery turn on CEL?

    thanks guys. it was a P0562
  5. low battery turn on CEL?

    Its been ultra cold here in atlantic Canada and it killed my battery. Guess this was what was turning on the CEL. Not an "exhaust" code.
  6. CEL....no code reader

    It was not at the rear. at the front. he found the issue, didnt tell me what the code was but he know before looking at the code
  7. CEL....no code reader

    turns out it was an "exhaust related code'. that exhaust pipe just behind the bumper had its bolts rusted right off and was allowing some fumes to escape, triggering the code. A couple new bolts and boom. quiet truck again. Anyone else had this happen?
  8. CEL....no code reader

    I have an appoitnment monday. I shall report back.
  9. CEL....no code reader

  10. CEL....no code reader

    I got a CEL light in -26 degrees weather Went away when temp went to -10 C. engine has been running "throatier" at idle (does not show when you step on gas) for sometime. I wonder will some sort of sensor do this? I dont want to go get code read and spend $$$...
  11. 2011DodgeRamJourney

  12. Low Wash Fluid

    Apparently rain-x and dodge trucks are an issue too....
  13. TPS working the way it should!

    Idiot light doing what it should-letting idiots know something needs needs tending
  14. Low Wash Fluid

    I use the yellow rain-x for de-icing and it seems to causing same issue...
  15. TPS working the way it should!

    I just wanted to share this. My 2011 TPS light when on and I immediate thought it was the sensor. But, turns out these things work on occasion lol. Put proper pressure in and BOOM-works like a charm, no light.