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Found 7 results

  1. Contusion blue same as Jazz blue?

    Got a ding in my door that scraped off some paint and I'm looking for a touch up pen. I also want to get some body side mouldings, but the sites I look at only offer the jazz blue color. Are they the same? I would try the dealer but whenever I call I seem to get disconnected when I finally reach someone who can MAYBE answer my question. Thanks!
  2. Dealer Sticker Removal

    Hi Everyone - I need some assistance with the proper method to remove a dealer installed sticker from the rear tailgate of my 2012 Journey. I understand dealer advertising - but I sure wish dealers would shy away from this method and use license plate frames or other removable media. My White Pearl Coat paint is now marred by this 'huge' 4" x 6" dealer sticker ... I have to get it off as it is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated. Lee
  3. Hi everyone ! Just bought a 2016 Dodge Journey SXT AWD in black with blacktop package and I am really loving how it drives ! I am writing because today i noticed the smallest little paint chip right on the edge of the front passenger door. My father in law said to get the dodge touch up paint and i wanted to ask to see if anyone knows where i can get the exact black paint i need for my model car ? Thabks again all ! Okinawa17
  4. My fellow DJ'ers, I would like your input on this paint jot from the factory. This is brand new 2015 blue streak DJ and I've had it a little over a month now. About a week after I bought it I noticed this HUGE mistake in the paint. I took it back to the dealer on a rainy day (BIG MISTAKE), I could see it cause I knew it's there but no one else could. I took it to the paint shop the dealer recommended so the paint shop has a record of my complaint but they couldn't see it either. They even took a paint scanner and checked and they said there are 2 differences in the colors. throughout the paint The paint shop didn't even have a color code for blue streak. This week will be sunny all week so I am taking it in as the dealer is about a hour away from me and this is the first chance I've had. So I'm asking you, would you bitch and complain or leave it alone and live with it? The paint shop did say it would be a hard paint to match and have to paint over half the car to blend it together, and it might turn out worst than it already is now. THAT doesn't say much for the paint shop. So please leave your input and thanks
  5. Airbrushing added to rear

    From the album The Black Pearl

    Some airbrushing i had done on rear. Still has to be cut and buffed but still turns heads.
  6. Wheels blacked out

    From the album The Black Pearl

    Picture take after wheels were blacked out.
  7. What color is this? I found this here: http://www.dodgeoffe...ourney/ultimate The color isnt available on Dodge.com or Dodge.ca for any model. The only blue is the Fathom, which looks nothing like this. I have a 2011 DJ Crew, Blackberry Pearl, and want to trade-in for a 2013 Rally, but this is the only color I've seen that I like.