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  1. Do you have the buttons on the steering wheel for uconnect?
  2. I’m having a major issue with my 09 Dodge Journey. When in drive if it hovers at 15-1800 rpms it bucks. Anything above that is fine. Just had the spark plugs and coil packs replaced. It shows 4 error codes. P0300




  3. Issues with cluster and raido

    This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  4. Engine cooling upgrade

    Flush the system, put in new coolant, maybe put in a new thermostat depending on your year and mileage. Never had an issue with ours even in the extreme heat of summer. If the temp reading is in the normal range, don't worry about minor fluctuations above and below what you consider "normal". If it gets to the point of nearing overheating to potentially cause engine damage, it will let you know.
  5. P0123 & p0222

    Maybe try cleaning the throttle body. Or run a can of lucas fuel injector cleaner.
  6. All I can say is read through the numerous threads in this section. There may be a solution already mentioned. Good luck.
  7. Battery Tray Corrosion.....

    Owned two journeys. 2009 and 2013 for 4 years each. Never had a battery issue, so I never checked mine...lol
  8. P0123 & p0222

    Are you experiencing driveability issues? If you just had the battery replaced, clear the codes and see if they come back.
  9. Dodge Journey Tailgate FUSE location

    This ^^ Check the wires inside the loom going from the body to the tailgate.
  10. 220 miles a tank!?

    How many miles? Ever had a tune up?
  11. unknown fan wire connector

    Duplicate thread locked.
  12. 3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    Fixed the post for you. Has the timing belt been replaced?
  13. 3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    The 3.6 was not offered in the 2009 Dodge Journey.....
  14. 2018 Journey SE Blacktop

    You still have snow???