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  1. Newer vehicles require dealer or locksmith. Sometimes you are lucky on simpler remotes but you need two working remotes to program a third. As things get more complicated, the cost goes up. That's the world we live in, crazy as it sounds.
  2. Sounds like the radio is bad. May need to replace.
  3. New Journey Owner!

    Welcome too the forum!
  4. Left rear turn signal light stays on

    Glad you got it fixed. Stick around the forums. We are a fun group here.
  5. Disconnect the battery for a bit to reset everything? The display comes on but still no sound when you went back to stock setup? Wonder if you fried the internal amp....
  6. Steering wheel not centered

    There may be some DIY videos on youtube showing how to recenter a steering wheel. I've done it before, but back in the day before airbags and all that electronic crap started running through the steering wheel. I saw one video for a Nissan where there was a u-joint type connection on the steering shaft under the dash that the guy was able to loosen to re-center the wheel. Sorry to not be more insightful but the majority of members here pay someone else to work on their vehicles or have extended warranties. As the platform gets older ( I know, it's already 10 years old, lol) maybe we will get more DIY'rs on here who can start doing write ups on stuff like you are doing to yours. Good luck.
  7. Don’t rely on the onboard mpg indicator. Calculate the old fashioned way. And change the other 2 plugs
  8. This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section
  9. Steering wheel not centered

    Get an alignment.
  10. Front end clunk, while braking

    If it wasn't doing this before you replaced those parts, probably something not put back correctly. No way to know how bad it is.
  11. New guy

    Welcome Gary!
  12. Caliper Covers

    From what I remember, they won't work on the DJ's because of the tight wheel/caliper dimensions on the front wheels. Plus, $249 for 4 pieces of aluminum? No thanks. Much cheaper to spend a day with some caliper paint.
  13. Only average 13-15 mpg

    This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  14. Rubbing noise when turning

    Maybe the dealer will know.
  15. Yes. It is the actuators calibrating. They all do it. You will eventually get used to it and learn to tune the sound out. Welcome to the forum.