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  1. Dadof5, I can sympathize with your experience on Garmin's instructions. On our '13 R/T with NAV, SIriusXm, etc., the map data was reasonably accurate until about mid-2016. We started getting nag messages about map updates and finally updated them to 2016 FCA Group - North American Map for Uconnect 8.4N (RB5 MY 13-15) in March, 2017. It was a convoluted process to get the update and no one was more surprised than me to learn that it was actually shipped on a USB in a large, wasteful clamshell box, at a cost of almost $250 CAD. So the update on our system went without problems but we noticed that entire sections of our city (Winnipeg, Manitoba) were missing from the maps. Further, Highway 17 in Northwestern Ontario was labelled as an 'unimproved road.' There were also missing roads, streets and subdivisions of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where we travelled earlier this year, and highway speeds were woefully out-of-date (i.e. the red speed warning on the NAV screen). Obviously, something was wrong. I contacted Garmin which was not much help; they just blamed Here, a map fulfillment company, for the problem and the high cost of the 2016 map upgrade. FCA Chrysler was completely useless. Garmin did, at least , offer to pass the erroneous map data information to Here. Wow. So, we decided to once again check for updates and this time we ordered the 2018 update for our Journey. So, more cost and delay to get what we hope will be a proper map update. My spouse is a Marriage Commissioner and I issue Marriage Licences so we are frequently on the move to wedding venues, residences of licence applicants, jewellery stores, florists, etc.; we are finding that the NAV system is very helpful when it works, however the aforementioned problems with the 2016 so-called update, have left us resorting to Google Maps or Waze to locate our destinations. We plan to sell/trade in our Journey in 2020 and we are really looking at just not getting a NAV system unless we can find a factory system made by another manufacturer. The other alternative would be to buy a Magellan or Tom Tom standalone unit which we understand come with lifetime map updates. $400 USD over 18 months is ridiculous.
  2. cruisinbill

  3. Our 2013 Dodge Journey R/T with about 18,000 km, had been making shuddering and grinding noises ever since we had the winter tires switched back to the factory Kuomo tires and chrome wheels in late May. I chalked it up to the tires, based on other complaints I have read in this forum. Anyhow, things were getting worse and we took the Journey into a local dealer (not the one we purchased it from - we fired those guys). After a supposed road test, the tech could not duplicate the same problem we were having - WTF? So two days later, we took it back and insisted that the Service Manager or shop foreman come with us for a road test. Within one minute, the foreman diagnosed it as a bad viscous coupler (on the AWD); obviously this has happened to other AWD Journeys. So after an all-day wait, we got the vehicle back yesterday, repaired under warranty. All good. We were particularly anxious as we are travelling to Saskatchewan and will be putting about 2000 km on the Journey. The repair is listed as : "rear viscous coupler contaminated with gear oil". - "replaced rear viscous coupler (BDORC) and pinion seal". Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. I have posted my impressions of my '13 Journey R/T on this forum previously, the last one a year ago. For the period Oct/13-Sep/15, I have logged just under 14,000 kms for an average of 16.94 L/100 km (17 mpg [imperial gallon]). Most of the driving has been city at speeds from 30-100 km/h and a few trips of 200-450 km. The best fuel economy I achieved was 10 L/100 km at 100km/h average for a trip I took last month. The worst has been in our bitterly cold winter last year at over 20 L/100 km. Still not impressed. I had no real issues with the Journey in the first year of ownership other than disappointing fuel economy. I tired to address this with the selling dealer but got nowhere. We are no longer customers of the selling dealer and have followed our sales rep to another dealership (not just for the fuel problem, but a whole host of customer relations issues). In the last 12 months, I have had to replace the Uconnect system twice (under warranty); a major pain as the whole system has to be replaced and then completely reprogrammed, including waiting on hold with Sirius to get the new serial numbers registered. The first time it was a malfunctioning disc player and the second time the navigation system completely shut down. Fingers crossed, it has been working over the summer and fall. I would add my concerns about the crappy Kuomo factory tires, the worst I have ever had on any vehicle. They just do not handle well in turns, well, they just do not handle well at all. I have just installed my Michelin Xice 3's for winter driving and what a difference. Smooth and quiet, even on our potholed and rolling streets. We actually tried hauling 6 persons in this 7-seater (thankfully it was a relatively short trip). The only person who was comfortable in the rear was our 6-year-old granddaughter. We usually just leave these seats folded for the cargo room. Overall, we are satisfied with the Journey and look forward to more road trips next year when my spouse retires.
  5. Carry lots of passengers?

    It's rare for us to carry more than four persons in our R/T (including driver) but we have had occasions to carry six: four adults, and our granddaughters, ages 17 and 6. The 6 year old has no problem scampering into her booster seat in the rear row and the 17 year old can get in without any problem (how I envy youth!). When we have had to shoehorn (and I mean that literally) adults into the rear, it's a major effort; the seating is cramped and headroom isn't great. I find it claustrophobic (I don't even like sitting in the rear seats in my dealership's Caravan shuttle van, even with captain's chairs in the centre row). We purchased this vehicle with other higher priority options and the third row seating came as standard equipment on the R/T. We always drive with the rear seats folded.
  6. 2014 DJ R/T

    Since the fall of 2014, I have had my nav/radio system replaced twice. The first time, the disc player stopped working, and I was told they could not repair it [much to the disappointment of our 6 year old granddaughter who watches movies on the rear video screen]. So I waited weeks to get a replacement unit. Then, last spring, the nav system stopped working. Same drill, into the dealership "sorry we can't fix it, we have to order another unit." so more waiting. Everything seems to work fine now and it got a good workout on a recent 450 km trip north of where I live. However, I have no idea if the two replacement units were new or refurbished. It never occurred to me to ask.
  7. Fuel Economy

    I just posted my 12-month ownership experience in which I complained about averaging 16.83 l/100 km (17 mpg) average for just under 7,000 kms of driving, mostly city. I do not idle, warm up my vehicle excessively, keep to posted speed limits, and check tire pressure regularly. I have had one oil change since purchasing the vehicle. With the return to winter here in the eastern prairies, I am now seeing my fuel economy decline to over 18 l/100 km [<16 mpg]. Our government's EnerGuide says I should be getting 13 l/100 km(22 mpg) and 8.4 l/100 km (34 mpg) with the AWD. Either we've been greatly misled or someone has been screwing with the fuel economy claims. I track my vehicle expenses and fuel consumption using CarCare, a Windows program. Does anyone have similar issues with a '13 Journey AWD? Bill
  8. are TPS sensors required in winter tires?

    When I purchased my '13 Journey R/T and winter tires with it (Michelin Ice Xi3), I asked about TPMS as I had them on my '08 Caliber SRT4. On my Caliber, I purchased Bridgestone Blizzak's on 18" steel rims, including TPMS sensors. Unfortunately, I got several false positive readings of low tire pressure during the winter [it does get very cold here in winter], resulting in many a stop at a local service station to do an air fill only to find that the air pressure was OK or not low enough to trigger the alarm. So I opted not to install them in my Journey and have had no issue with air pressure last winter or so far this winter. I just make a point to check my tire pressure regularly.
  9. Dodge Journey 12-month Review

    After 12 months driving my Dodge Journey R/T AWD [Oct 2013-Oct 2014], I have been generally pleased with the experience. My summary and comments follow: Kilometres/miles driven * (about 90% city, 10% highway): 6,796 / 4,217 Average L/100 km: 16.83 Average MPG: 17 Repairs: Disc Player (see below under Misses) *Six months after purchasing our Journey, my workplace closed, I was laid off and took early retirement. So the low kilometres reflect the cessation of the daily commute to work. Fuel and maintenance costs were tracked using CarCare, a Windows program. Hits Powerful engine with lots of traction especially during the rotten winter we had here last year Comfortable heated front seats and steering wheel and full cabin heat and air – appreciated by my grandchildren when they travel with us Interior room and in-floor storage Remote start [very helpful when I was working and the 2013-14 winter temperatures were in the -50C range (with windchill) Keyless Enter ‘n Go Visibility including back up camera (when it is not covered with dirt or ice) Uconnect 8.4N system. Very customizable. Customizable EVIC display Lots of rear cargo room (with 3rd row seats folded); tie downs. Cargo net. 2nd row O/H video screen and controls (when the system works – see Misses below) Misses Fuel Economy. This remains my number one complaint with this vehicle. I have mentioned before that Transport Canada’s EnerGuide fuel consumption ratings state that I should be getting 13 litres/100 km [22 mpg] city and 8.4 litres/100 km [34 mpg] highway. I have yet to break the 16 litres/100 km barrier in city driving. During a recent visit to my dealer, they ran a battery of tests and did a road test and I was told that everything was within specification and there was nothing else they could do. I assured them that I drive the posted limits, keep an eye on tire inflation and do not idle/warm up my engine excessively. The dealer was completely useless at remedying the situation. Transmission. The six-speed transmission seems to have a mind of its own at times. I think it has improved since I first started driving the vehicle but not by much. Rear Liftgate. I have said this before but I cannot understand why Chrysler does not offer a power option especially on the higher-end Journey models. It would really help my spouse with her arthritis and generally because it is a heavy door. This is particularly challenging in cold weather (< -18C / 0F) when the struts are very stiff and it is almost a gym workout to get the door to lift up. On the subject of rear lift gate, we appreciate the rear view camera, however, it is mounted too low and is subject to road film during rainy weather and ice buildup in winter. It should be mounted higher on the door as it is on the 2015 models. Front passenger seat. Forget the “fold-flat front seat with in-seat storage.” We never use the fold-flat feature [if I wanted to haul a kayak, as pictured in the brochure, I’d strap it to the roof rack] and the amount of under-cushion storage offered is really inadequate. Perhaps Chrysler is making up for the poor glove compartment storage, I don’t know. Give me a full power seat (8-way preferred) with lumbar support, heated of course. Centre seats. Not the easiest to adjust fore/aft. These seats should be heated. 50/50 rear seats (with 7-passenger Flexible Seating Group option). Chrysler claims there is easy access to these seats. Well, we recently had an occasion to transport six (including me) family members and the only ones who could fit in the rear row were my 5-year-old granddaughter and her 16-year old sister; they at least could contort themselves to do this. It’s absolutely claustrophobic. Most of the time, we leave the seats folded flat. Alpine 6-speaker sound system. It is supposed to provide a premium sound experience because of the “368-watt amplifier,” the number of speakers and a subwoofer. Where is the subwoofer? Frankly, I do not think it is anything special. Sideview mirrors. Good that they are heated. Bad that there is no power folding option (the owner’s manual says it is an option – my dealer cannot find this). Also, there should be a signal indicator on each of these mirror housings. Disc Player. I almost got through the initial 12 months without anything malfunctioning on the vehicle. In the last few months, I started to get intermittent “disc error” messages whenever I started the vehicle. Eventually, it ate a CD I was trying to play. Instead of fixing the player, my dealer’s (and I presume, Chrysler’s) solution was to replace the entire system: radio, player, Sirius/XM, Nav, etc. Yep, all that programming gone and a lot of work setting it all up again including having to call Sirius/XM to get the new sat radio registered [ever waited on hold with Sirius/XM? – might as well have lunch or something while you wait]. The above issues aside, we are pleased with our Journey and look forward to when we can actually take some significant trips with it. Right now, it is what we need going to what appears to be another very cold and snowy winter.
  10. Six Month Ownership Experience

    Lobitz68, my reference to the rear wiper was not about its length, it just does not sweep 180 degrees. It sweeps about 135 degrees so there's always a dirty area (especially in wet or snowy weather) in the corner of the window. This is the first vehicle we have owned where the rear wipe does this. Does anyone else find this odd? I am happy to report that fuel economy has improved to about 14.5 l / 100 km, mostly city driving. I have no idea why the dramatic improvement but I'll take it. I have noted the recommendations on synthetic oil for my next oil change. I am just not over having to do this for my Caliber SRT4 for 5 years and the horribly expensive costs I incurred.
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the forum. Like you, we have owned a number of Chrysler vehicles and, like you, we outgrew our Caliber SRT when we started hauling grandchildren around. We've been quite pleased with our DJ R/T so far, and, as rolly, says, it is just fine for winter.
  12. Greetings from Winnipeg

    Welcome from a fellow Winnipegger. Lots of good ideas and information here.
  13. new 2014 Rt owner from Ontario Canada.

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good ideas and knowledge sharing.
  14. Rust Proofing

    I purchased this along with undercoating when I purchased my '13 DJ R/T. The dealer did the work trough a 3rd party; I don't know the company. It reekd for about a week and some of the coating did drip onto our garage floor while it was curing [something the dealer didn't tell me to watch for]. I hope you had a better experience. I don't think I would do it again.
  15. 8.5/100

    :(After six months of mostly city driving through one of the coldest winters we've had in this area, the best I've managed is 16 l / 100 km. My DJ R/T has about 5000 km on it. Perhaps it will improve with more km's or warmer weather, I don't know. I am just very disappointed with the fuel economy.