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  1. How to check ATF fluid ?

    When I looked up Dodge Journey on wikipedia my takeaway was the 3.5-3.6L engine's have a 62TE transmission and the 2.4-2.7L have the 41TE transmission. Also notes that the 62TE transmission often runs into issues when you don't use Chrysler's own transmission fluid. Take all of this for what it is worth as I know wikipedia isn't the end all/be all. I have a 2012 Crew with 84,000 miles and yeah I'm nervous to ride it out until 120,000 per my service manual. I bought it used at 45,000 miles and assume the dealer didn't replace the fluid at that point. But I can certainly see Steve's frustration with following the service guide and then running into issues at 77K miles. I also have a Ford Fusion and the manual has to replace the fluid every 30K which seems excessive the opposite way. And I assume when I replace my fluid (not flush), I would want to request the filter to be changed too...?
  2. I thought my battery was dead but ended up tweaking the prongs and it started working again. We'll see if it continues to hold a charge.
  3. Last summer I bought a battery off of Amazon, replaced it, and the flashlight worked again. I have noticed that the flashlight hasn't been working again though, so I may need to check to see if there is a connection issue with the metal prongs.
  4. I did find some videos and doesn't seem too too bad. I always hate taking apart panels, etc in fear they may not go back together as well, but I bought the module and need to install it at some point. Essentially looks like you take off the panel below the steering wheel, unscrew old module, plug cords into new one, attach new module, and attach panels back on. My only (2) concerns are... 1. Will I jack up anything with the air bags when I remove the dash panel? I believe there is a knee air bag below the steering wheel. 2. I'd hate to swap out the bluetooth module and then find out I needed to install an update or anything. My understanding is as long as the UCONNECT is up to date, which I should be able to check online, I should be fine.
  5. Does anybody know if you can just swap out the bluetooth module and I'll be good to go? I bought the part b/c I was also quoted around $650 but got a new one for $250. But I'm a novice or slightly above with car so I worry it may not be as easy as a swap.
  6. I'm wondering if your bluetooth module is shot. Ours died, also a 2012 Dodge Journey, and it led (I think) to other battery issues. 2 new batteries and an alternator later, we removed the bluetooth fuse and I haven't had a re-occurring dead battery since May 2018. Although I did recently have the clock reset to 12:00 so may be something else going on... Anyway, dealer quoted me at $650 this past summer to replace the bluetooth module. I declined and just bought the module for $250 from a Mopar parts dealer. I have yet to swap it out though. I should probably do that soon...
  7. Did you ever receive a quote on a radio replacement? I think that is my issue too. I had no issues after removing Bluetooth fuse but lately feel like it's turning over slower in morning. I think it may be the radio on mine as well.
  8. We have a 2012 Dodge Journey Crew AWD and this year starting having issues too. I feel like we had it pinpointed to the bluetooth system, but just today the clock reset when we started the car, so I'm nervous again that we're going to have a dead Journey one morning again. Anyway, here is my time line... January 2016: Bought vehicle used at 47,000 miles. August 2017: Bluetooth system stopped working properly. December 2017: Replaced original battery. Car did not start after cold night outside. CCA (Cold Cramp Amps) was low. March 2018: Car started slow and check engine light came on. Determination was alternator was shot. Seemed early (70,000~ miles), but made sense I guess. April 2018: Car did not start, same check engine light diagnosis. Battery was replaced under warranty, but at this point seemed like something else was in play. May 2018: Almost exactly a month later, car did not start again. Took car to our reputable auto shop and they had it the full week without being able to determine an issue. Only 1 time during the week did they notice a large draw and by the time they started pulling fuse, the draw was done. They did however pull out the bluetooth fuse. July 2018: Radio speaker did not work. Pulled radio and amp fuse for 5 minutes, put back in, and speaker worked. This occured again in September. July 2018: Bluetooth fuse was put back in and car started slow on mornings. Removed bluetooth fuse and have not had a dead battery since. Today (12-16-18): Radio clock was 12:00 when we started the car. Car started fine. I thought we had it pinpointed since had no issues since July after bluetooth fuse was removed. But today with the clock reset, I'm worried we may not... Any feedback on a similar issue is appreciated.