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  1. Does anybody know if you can just swap out the bluetooth module and I'll be good to go? I bought the part b/c I was also quoted around $650 but got a new one for $250. But I'm a novice or slightly above with car so I worry it may not be as easy as a swap.
  2. I'm wondering if your bluetooth module is shot. Ours died, also a 2012 Dodge Journey, and it led (I think) to other battery issues. 2 new batteries and an alternator later, we removed the bluetooth fuse and I haven't had a re-occurring dead battery since May 2018. Although I did recently have the clock reset to 12:00 so may be something else going on... Anyway, dealer quoted me at $650 this past summer to replace the bluetooth module. I declined and just bought the module for $250 from a Mopar parts dealer. I have yet to swap it out though. I should probably do that soon...
  3. Did you ever receive a quote on a radio replacement? I think that is my issue too. I had no issues after removing Bluetooth fuse but lately feel like it's turning over slower in morning. I think it may be the radio on mine as well.
  4. We have a 2012 Dodge Journey Crew AWD and this year starting having issues too. I feel like we had it pinpointed to the bluetooth system, but just today the clock reset when we started the car, so I'm nervous again that we're going to have a dead Journey one morning again. Anyway, here is my time line... January 2016: Bought vehicle used at 47,000 miles. August 2017: Bluetooth system stopped working properly. December 2017: Replaced original battery. Car did not start after cold night outside. CCA (Cold Cramp Amps) was low. March 2018: Car started slow and check engine light came on. Determination was alternator was shot. Seemed early (70,000~ miles), but made sense I guess. April 2018: Car did not start, same check engine light diagnosis. Battery was replaced under warranty, but at this point seemed like something else was in play. May 2018: Almost exactly a month later, car did not start again. Took car to our reputable auto shop and they had it the full week without being able to determine an issue. Only 1 time during the week did they notice a large draw and by the time they started pulling fuse, the draw was done. They did however pull out the bluetooth fuse. July 2018: Radio speaker did not work. Pulled radio and amp fuse for 5 minutes, put back in, and speaker worked. This occured again in September. July 2018: Bluetooth fuse was put back in and car started slow on mornings. Removed bluetooth fuse and have not had a dead battery since. Today (12-16-18): Radio clock was 12:00 when we started the car. Car started fine. I thought we had it pinpointed since had no issues since July after bluetooth fuse was removed. But today with the clock reset, I'm worried we may not... Any feedback on a similar issue is appreciated.