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  1. Hey All

    Welcome! 09's have their share of brake issues due to undersized brake components. Be careful.
  2. Weird mirror issues

    This thread is from 3 years ago. Sparky is no longer on here.
  3. Window tint

    I'll have to say again, aside from the windshield tint being illegal, in my state, tinting the drivers and front passenger windows is also illegal if darker than 35%.
  4. RED push button start swap?

    Good advice. Should have asked while you were there.....
  5. underside skid plate?

    There is no comparison between a Dodge journey and an Outback. None. You shoulda bought a Subaru.
  6. You definitely should have chosen a different vehicle if you need it to perform in those conditions and want to equip it with all that stuff. You will find none of that specifically for the DJ.
  7. post info

    Hey look!^^ an admin!!!
  8. Bank 2 Oxygen Sensor removal

    Soak with PB Blaster. Heat with a torch. Add elbow grease. It will come out.
  9. Pic links are gone thanks to photobucket, but the steps are still there. It's really simple once you look at the FOB. http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/9473-fob-battery-replacement/
  10. Am I missing a splash shield?

    If I still had my 09 I'd gladly crawl under to verify, but alas, its long gone. All I can offer is, yes. You are nuts!! : )
  11. Chirping After Startup (Help)

    Your link does not work. Have you thought about taking it to the dealer and using your warranty?
  12. Illegal where I'm at. Instant inspection fail.
  13. Why would you tint the front windshield???? lol
  14. 2017 Power Liftgate

    No there is not. Doubt the Jeep one will fit, but with a welder and a grinder, anything is possible.
  15. Journey Tip N' Slide Seats

    Pull harder. Mine were a PIA to fold. Moved to the correct section. Please read the section descriptions before posting so you post in the correct area of the forum.
  16. Make sure it's legal before installing it.
  17. Widely reported. Most, if not all do it. We were told "it's normal". Almost 70k later, it still does it sometimes, but I have learned how to adjust my driving habits to minimize it. If you are concerned, take it in. Be sure you can duplicate it.
  18. Dodge Journey no start

    Our 09 did not have this issue so your statement that that "everybody has the same issues" is false. Also, please read the section descriptions before posting. You posted this in the forum help and suggestions section which is intended for reporting issues with forum site and/or software. Not vehicle specific technical issues. I have moved your thread to the proper section.
  19. post info

    Yeah. I agree with all of you however, there is only so much we can do in this format. Adding vehicle information through the user CP is just an option at the present time. Not sure if we could make entering that info mandatory.
  20. Holy run on rant. I can't even begin to understand what you wrote. A little punctuation goes a long way when it comes to getting help.