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  1. As stated, it will have to be something meant for another vehicle that may or may not fit without modifications. This vehicle has no aftermarket support for suspension mods. The typical buyer uses it for what it is. A kid hauler/grocery getter.
  2. g l a d y o u f I g u r e d I t o u t lol....paying homage to your username....
  3. Welcome!
  4. it will have to be totally custom. Good luck and post pics along the way. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Hope you got an extended warranty. 09 was the first year and there were some growing pains. Welcome to the forum.
  6. There is no onboard programming procedure for the Journey. It requires special equipment be connected to the vehicle to program the keyless remote. Try a locksmith before the dealership, they are usually 50% the cost.
  7. Too bad you have to pay money to get any sort of useful info.
  8. Welcome to the forum! HVAC issues, Bluetooth connectivity, updating maps for the navigation system, transmission clunks, front suspension clunks are the most numerous complaint topics. Driving style will affect your mileage. We get 18-19 mpg around town, 24-25 on trips with our 2013 SXT (3.6L).
  9. Photobucket stopped allowing users to share pictures unless you pay them $400 a year. Ruined many a forum with that move.
  10. You can buy one on a CD off ebay.
  11. No. Won't make a difference.
  12. Lay down under the back of the car and have someone start it. Look for source of rattling. Pretty simple.
  13. Neither since those are for the 2.4L and you have a 2.7L.
  14. Small screwdriver. Pry it out.
  15. If you can duplicate the problem, take it in and show them.
  16. Most likely the fog light connector then. The cars are pre-wired.
  17. Mine only works every now and then. I don't use it anyway.
  18. Are you keeping your foot firmly on the brake when shifting?
  19. Does everything work like it should? Do you have fog lights?
  20. Nice!! Always great to hear good stories. I didn't see a timing belt change mentioned in there unless I missed it. Thanks for the positive review and welcome to the forum.
  21. Make sure your cooling fans are coming on.
  22. There is not one. Dealer only serviceable.
  23. Would'nt that suck....
  24. Welcome aboard! Check for open recalls (there are a few) and be prepared to replace brake components (pads/rotors) quote frequently, unless you replace with quality aftermarket parts. Our 09, 4 cylinder served us well for 3.5 years and @85,000 miles before we traded it on the 2013 with the 3.6. Only major repairs were replacing a bad alternator and had an intake runner valve failed. All covered by our extended warranty (minus $100). You did purchase an 8 year old used vehicle. Hopefully it was maintained well over its life. First thing I would do (which I always do when I buy a used vehicle), is catch up on all the maintenance items listed in the manual (unless you have documented evidence that recommended services were done)