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  1. Heartbroken

    5 years, 80k miles later, zero issues.
  2. Hello from Central NY

  3. where is the air flow mater

    If you are referring to a MAF, there is not one.
  4. Water in the muffler

  5. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    Still too new. 2017's are still under factory warranty. There is practically zero demand, so no one has taken the time. There are shop manuals available in CD for on ebay for a couple hundred, but even those don't come with wiring diagrams. New vehicles have literally miles of wiring and it's not something the manufacturer makes readily available to the end consumer.
  6. Tick, tick, tick...

    Synthetic blend is a marketing gimmick. You never know the ratio of synthetic to conventional....could be 1% synthetic to 99% conventional but then charge a premium price by having "synthetic" in the name.
  7. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    Don't think anyone on here has done this.
  8. Door Locks

    Replace the switches? Or maybe some setting in the display?
  9. Door Locks

    Have you had the door wiring recall done?
  10. Driver’s Seat

    Should have stocked up on them since it will break again.....
  11. New member in Ottawa

  12. Horn driving me crazy

    Posted in the wrong section. Moved for you.
  13. Body Side Moulding

    Probably universal fit from eBay.
  14. Why in the world didn’t your buy what you wanted in the first place instead of spending all the money and time it will take to add all this stuff?
  15. hmm That’s a new one. First I’ve heard of that. Get it to the dealer ASAP.
  16. Rear passenger side window not rolling up

    Might try lubricating the window tracks.
  17. More info is always beneficial to those wanting to help.............
  18. Towing capacity of a 2017 Dodge Journey

    And that info would have been nice to know in the first place.....
  19. Rear passenger side window not rolling up

    Motor, wiring harness, regulator.....pull the door panel off and have a look.
  20. Feedback on a pinstriping idea...

    My thoughts? Tacky, but it's your vehicle. Also, before anyone can offer you color ideas, it would be nice if they knew what color your Journey is.....
  21. Towing capacity of a 2017 Dodge Journey

    The Journey will tow that just fine as long as you have the 3.6L engine.
  22. Towing capacity of a 2017 Dodge Journey

    The trailer weighs 890 lbs empty. With a 1510 lb capacity...hence the 2400# GVWR. That's under the 2500# limit. I don't know what you are seeing that you would say the second you load the trailer it would be over the limit.....
  23. Hot leak above gas pedal, hissing sound behind dash

    No idea. You still have warranty left?