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  1. Another P0420 thread

    I'd have to agree that with the long spark plug change interval it could be the converter. I'd go ahead and replace all 4 sensors at this point.
  2. Howdy from Los Angeles

    I understand. Not everyone has the same experience.
  3. Battery shelf

    Thank you!
  4. So then it's not those parts....check the brake lines as mentioned above.
  5. Howdy from Los Angeles

    Some people on here absolutely hate aftermarket warranties. I've had aftermarket warranties through Carmax on both our Journeys. Never had an issue with getting a repair done. and covered by the extended aftermarket warranty.
  6. Howdy from Los Angeles

    Very wise decision as long as you purchased an extended warranty! Welcome to the forum. I hear in a few years, californication will ban gas powered automobiles, so glad you got one before the ban sets in.....
  7. 2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    x3 on emblems. I prefer them.
  8. 275 4ZR R20

    Yes, it is possible.
  9. LED foglights

    When I have a question such as this, I go and remove the bulb and check the depth myself. Best way to get an accurate answer. Go with the shortest bulb you can when in doubt.
  10. 2012 power loss while driving

    You need to get it scanned for codes in order to determine a course of action, otherwise, we are all just guessing. Parts stores will read the codes for you. Once you have the codes, post them here and we can help. All vehicles have issues. Some are more bothersome than others. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it.
  11. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    lol....that video has got tons of traffic.....facebook blew up....lol
  12. You could learn a lot from this guy..... ^^
  13. I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    From what I've read, most say to clear the code and see if it comes back. If it does, then you start throwing parts at it....
  14. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    I'll stick with amazon and 2 day delivery...lol
  15. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    LOLOL.....I have not yet tried (lack of trust maybe?) that site yet. Maybe it's the really bad Chinese to English translations....
  16. Has Maxcare Delivered A ROI For You?

    All those repairs and yet you still bought another FCA vehicle? Hehehehehe
  17. V6's dont require spark plug changes until @100k, IIRC. Different plug from the 2.4L.
  18. Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome to the forum.
  19. As sated in your duplicate thread, owners manual is what you should be following. Your plugs are a must. Copper core plugs are not designed to last past 30k. I'm surprised it's still running...lol. This thread is closed since your other one has multiple responses. Welcome to the forum. We like to have fun around here, as well as being really good at stating the obvious.
  20. Has Maxcare Delivered A ROI For You?

    It did on our 09. Have not used it yet on the 2013. It's nice to know it's there though if I do need it.
  21. Everyone has this issue. Dealers first option is sway bar bushings. That won't fix it and you'll end up taking it back. Force their hand. Replace the strut mounts
  22. Journey awd towing damage

    Yep. Gotta get it to the dealer or a reputable repair shop to find out exactly what has been damaged. Pretty much impossible to diagnose over the Internet.