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  1. Help with Installing Footwell Lights

    Trace the dome light wiring. That’s what I usually do. Will involve removing various trim pieces and a meter to figure out which wires are hot and ground.
  2. I'll contact the admins about creating a section specifically for this.
  3. Just read through some threads in this section.
  4. 2017 dodge journey crossroad

    Have seen a few people complain about that issue. Don't have a solution. Good luck!
  5. @DodgeCares See above. Possible? I'll assist any way I can.
  6. Thread cleaned up. Play nice folks.
  7. Jouney Overheating

    Yes it can cause that. You will need to fight it’s out with the dealer. Go up the chain of command if you are not getting the results you expect from the local dealer.
  8. Climate keeps coming on by itself

    Should be fixed under warranty. Make them fix it right.
  9. Suspension/lift kit for AWD?

    This thread is 4 years old. The OP is no longer an active member.
  10. There is a guy on the Facebook page who has the same issue. Ended up making some kind of electrical repair on his own because the dealer could not find the issue.
  11. 2012 Journey won't start

    Good luck!
  12. Ugh. Winter

    It was mid 60's here yesterday. Driving with the top down in the middle of November!
  13. auto climate control

    Take it baaaaaacccckkk!!!!!!!!
  14. Tire Advice Needed Please

    You just need to do it. Read reviews, make an informed decision. You’ve got some good recommendations here. Make your choice.
  15. Tire Advice Needed Please

    So, go buy some tires. Lol
  16. Hello all.

    I did. Thanks.
  17. 2015 V6 FWD Acceleration Noise

    Agree. Might as well replace them all instead of having to go back over and over....
  18. Hello all.

    Welcome. Not many diesels on here....hope we can help.
  19. Ugh. Winter

    Just move to florida.....
  20. Coolant tank replacement

    Most likely will fit just fine. Dont think the coolant bottle design changes with different engines.
  21. Tire Advice Needed Please

    I just go with the cheapest tire with the best tread life (and ones on special, like BOGO, or buy a set of 4 and get a $100 prepaid visa card) . After our Kuhmo's wore out at @45,000 miles, we replaced with Cooper Discoverer. Discount tire gave us a $100 gift card, so it worked out to @$500 mounted and lifetime rotation/balance.
  22. Three years later.....
  23. Hope you didn't pay too much for a 2009 Journey....at any rate, could be a caliper dragging or a tire rubbing somewhere that you don't see. Pull the wheels off and have a better look. Trans shifting could be anything. Did you get a warranty?
  24. Good luck with your next vehicle! Thanks for being a contributing member of the forum.
  25. My suggestion would be to take it back to whoever worked on it and make them fix it. You paid for a repair that was not performed satisfactorily.