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  1. Welcome!
  2. Would be cool to see where everyone is. https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1818248&add=1# You do not need to sign up for this. Just click on the "additions" tab and then "add marker". You can give a generic location, does not have to be your exact address.
  3. Aww man. RIP Rolly.
  4. I was talking about the collapsed brake hose, I misunderstood your post. You were referring to the sticking calipers.
  5. That's fine but you answered a question asked 3 years ago by a member who is no longer active.
  6. The OP is long gone. Thread closed.
  7. I don't think it would be classified as "common". Out of the 40+ vehicles I've owned over the years, there was only one that had a collapsed brake hose.
  8. That happened to another car I had. Pretty easy to overlook.
  9. Welcome aboard.
  10. That question was asked over 3 years ago....
  11. As previously asked, what are the codes?
  12. As previously asked, whatcare the codes?
  13. Yep. My suggestion would be just that. Welcome to the forum.
  14. I have one for the exterior and one for the interior. They work great.
  15. Please polish some shine into those things. That does not look good at all.
  16. Yes, the caliper must be removed. Yes, some idiot at the shop you used forgot to install the caliper mounting bolts.
  17. If you ran it out of coolant and there is no visible leak anywhere then it is burning it.
  18. What do you mean by "dumped itself"? Where did it dump to?
  19. Welcome!
  20. What pisses you off? Like the people texting and driving..... HID's in stock housings really pisses me off too..
  21. With a code reader.
  22. AC could be low on refrigerant or it is locked out due to the ambient temp sensor being bad. I'd start by replacing the ambient temp sensor. Airbag light could be a broke wire or some other malfunction. Need to get it scanned for codes by a dealer or a shop to find out what the problem is. Can't provide much diagnostic information over the internet. Someone knowledgeable is going to have to physically inspect the vehicle to find the issues.
  23. Nice carrier!