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Summer Solstice

Hello - New owner

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I have been lurking for about 2 months.


After catastrophic engine failure on the vehicle I had been driving for 5 years, I decided to rent a vehicle to afford myself some time to shop. The rental was an upgrade from the rental company and was a 2016 Crossroad. During my shopping, I dutifully investigated any and all SUV's that would fit my interest. I put 2000 miles on this Crossroad during the time that I had it. Having never heard of a Dodge Journey before, I found that, pros and cons weighed, the Journey was more to my liking and requirements than anything else I tested. As luck would have it, when time was running out, a 2016 R/T came up from a dealer just 3 miles from home. It was a color I could live with, had the options I could accept, was over the original top price I had set, and had had the keys in it for the 2 weeks it was on the lot before it was put on the market, unknown to the dealer who could not find them. 


End result, I now own a 2016 Dodge Journey R/T. Billet / Blacktop version with all the options sans AWD and Sunroof. 18,000 miles at time of purchase. It has the 8.4 with Nav., 3.6, heated seats and steering wheel, leather, 3rd row, and rides and drives very nice. It also has the flickering lights noted in other threads, as did the 2017 Crossroad prior. It is enjoyable to get on the freeway for the daily commute, set the cruise, fire up the SD card, and sit back and watch the traffic pass.


This forum provided me with a lot of information and knowledge of  the common problems, what to look out for, and general knowledge to go in a bit better informed than stone cold. I hope that the decision proves to be a positive one but I am also realistic. I would like to thank everyone  that contributes to the discussions because the knowledge you provide is viewed by those you may never know of. That said, let the good times roll and happy motoring.

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Big congrats on the new DJ and Welcome to the site.  The help these forums provide is awesome and why I've been using them for years with each new vehicle I've owned.  They're a great place to get information and answers.

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