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  1. I just got a second one for my Journey, and saved a little by going through ebay for the fob. I used the vin number to identify the model FOB I needed and got one from the keyless king on ebay for $34 delivered. I then took it to the dealership for programming and cutting of the key. They charged me $91 to cut the key and program the fob. As an alternative, I did/do have a local locksmith that could have done it all for $130 but I already ordered the fob so it was to late. They wouldn't use any FOB other than the ones they provide due to them having alot of issues with people bringing them the wrong fobs for their cars. Anyways, it wasn't so bad in the end.
  2. New member in Toronto

    Congrats on the car AND Proving the doctors wrong. I've been pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy ours. I didn't think I'd like it as much.
  3. In need of a back up camera

    Some more information. I looked back to get the part number. "Same part number for 2015 found on ebay for oem backup camera (82212553ab) was used on my 2016. It cost me $363 installed at my dealership with a dodge accessory %15 off coupon. The wires were there for hook up, so no wires needed ran. Works awesome and I'm happy with the results."
  4. I had that happen once in a GM truck and the result was moisture at the wires connection. I was able to clean/dry and the message went away.
  5. In need of a back up camera

    Do you already have the 8.4" screen? If so, the parts will cost you from the parts counter at the dealership about $230. I had the dealership install for me, and cost me about $400 installed and activated. They have to put a sales code into your radio to activate the video camera. Backup sensors maybe a different issue. I haven't read where anyone installed those. I'd be interested in hearing how that works out for you.
  6. Towing capacity of a 2017 Dodge Journey

    I see that now, and The second you load the trailer, your over the legal limit for towing unless your hauling feathers.
  7. Towing capacity of a 2017 Dodge Journey

    Well can it... yes, but should you, no. What are we talking here, a camping trailer or utility trailer? Regardless, towing overloaded puts a major strain on the transmission and driveline. Also the brakes aren't designed to tow more than the 2500 lbs. I know it isn't much difference, but towing isn't just about being able to tow, it's about stopping too.
  8. 2014 4.3 uconnect

    I'm pretty sure the screen is just that, a screen. Its the radio that plugs into the screen that would be the issue.
  9. clicking sound right after startup behind glove box area

    There's alot of video's on youtube to see for this.
  10. clicking sound right after startup behind glove box area

    Yep, the HVAC actuator is bad and why you hear the clicking noise. The door isn't moving and your hearing the gear grind.
  11. I ordered the camera from the Mopar parts department. All programed and working for $400.
  12. Oddly the wires were in my 2016 Crossroads. I had the dealer install the camera and enter the sales code and all was good in the world. No wires were ran in mine. At least the dealer never stated or charged me for the harness.
  13. Front view

    Def won't have trouble finding it in a parking lot. Congrats!
  14. code readers

    dumb question, but did you turn your key to the run position?
  15. 2014 Dodge Journey Limited starting problem

    Sounds to me you have a bad battery. You won't hurt anything trying to jump start the vehicle. Dodge vehicle seem to have issue with low battery. It causes all kinds of random issues when the cars battery isn't good.