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Found 8 results

  1. MRT custom exhaust

    Had an issue with my muffler rubbing on my hitch and rattling. Went in for a fix and ended up with a nice purring axle back. Thanks MRT! What do you guys think?? 38AA2F9A-6C65-4E32-8312-A411F408AA98.MOV
  2. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    My wife and I currently have a 2014 Journey SXT AWD. It has just over 104k miles on it so it is out of warranty and the check engine light came on and the engine started ticking. We took it and the code ran. It came back saying there was a problem with the second cylinder on the left side (sorry I do not remember the exact code). We spoke with a friend of ours that is mechanic and he said that it is a known problem for the 3.6L Pentastar and that he had the same problem with his Chrysler Town & Country. He said that Dodge repaired his van free of charge and that we should reach out to Dodge and see if they would do "good faith" warranty repair since we are out of warranty and it is a known problem for previous model years. We did that and Dodge told us that it was not their problem since there were no active recalls for it and the 2014 model wasn't affected in the previous model year problems. So my question is this, is anyone else here experiencing the same engine ticking problem with a 2014 or newer model year?
  3. Hi everyone...New to the forum. I recently purchased a used 2014 Journey Limited. It came with an 8.4 touch screen that has navigation. As you can imagine, the map is dated. I did a search online and couldn't for the life of me find out how to update this. Even the Dodge site asks me to enter in a 10 digit code which can be found by following steps that they provide (keep in mind that I had to provide my year and model and trim). However, none of the steps match my navigation menu options. And when I finally get to the map info, there is no 10 digit number to use. I am dumbfounded...When I search the Igo Primo site, there are no options to choose Dodge or Chrysler. I have updated the Uconnect software and it is running the latest version (which was from 2016). Is there a way to update the iGo Primo map? I mean, I can always just use Google maps on my phone, but it would be nice to have the navigation on the screen. Apologies if I'm beating an old topic...I just couldn't find anything specific to iGo Primo when I did a search.
  4. I purchased a 2014 DJ AWD SXT for my wife recently and it didn't have automatic headlights...which she pointed out. I was reading online on another Dodge forum and saw that it may be possible to add them with a new headlamp switch. I purchased one online for about 40 bucks and installed it, however when its switch to auto, it just turns on the headlights regardless of day/night. The car has a sensor on the dash just like my 2014 durango (with auto headlights) and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible for the dealer to flash a code to get these to work properly. Is this possible? I know that the auto lights are part of the Popular Equipment group package which we didn't get, but we do have the remote start, DRL option on radio (that doesn't work), alarm and heated front seats... Thanks,
  5. I have a 2014 Journey Limited (purchased last month), where the sunroof does not seem to retain its memory. So far, for the past two days, I have had to re-initialize the sunroof to get it to function again, including venting. Now, I am not sure if this is a matter of me not having the complete/full initialization process, or if a fuse has gone bad (can't find any reference in the owner's manual). What I have done is test the open and vent buttons (the rear two on the panel), and verify if they are working or not. If not working, I will press and hold the close button until the sunroof goes into Vent mode. From there, I will press and hold the close button again until it has fully cycled (full open, to full close, back to vent), and will continue to repeat this procedure until the close button no longer does this (and the other two buttons work). Once that is done, the sunroof will operate correctly until the vehicle has been completely turned off (ignition off, touchscreen off, dash illumination off). Does anyone know what is responsible for the sunroof's memory?
  6. Hi All, So I have the dreaded battery drain problem. 2014 Crossroad. All good until last week, then suddenly wouldn't start. Enough power to power locks, display, etc. but not enough to turn the engine over. Jump started fine. Took it into the dealer, who didn't listen to a word I said about BCM, etc. After arguing if I should pay a diagnostic fee under warranty, they finally just replaced the battery. 2 days later, new battery dead. The battery takes a charge to 100%, and if I disconnect it, holds that charge. I have wired a Noco indicator connector, and the battery drains around 25% every 24hrs. Of course this happens when we have a 5000km road trip planned starting in 4 days! We do not have time to leave the car in the shop for 4 days for them to re-create the issue. I have searched the forum and found lots of information for diagnosis and talk of TBNs, but none actually list the specific TBN for re-flashing the BCM... Does anyone have this? Looks like I may have to go buy a small booster pack to stop us getting stranded in the middle of nowhere
  7. The day I brought her home

    From the album Our Journey's

  8. Hi guys . Brand new to the forum and to the DJ . I've had it for a month now and i love it ! Check her out .