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  1. This sounds like a hardware issue or maybe a GPS that's losing signal or gets weak signal I really doubt reloading your Maps is going to fix it
  2. depends whats the detailed maps issue? It should fix it though as its a full reload of all the map files.
  3. Awesome!! GJ Ron make sure you keep the working flash drive that you ended up with so if it happens again you just plug it in. Also please post back here any issues / things wrong with the guide to help others as well,
  4. harsh you can do it free if u have / acquire the files. else the easiest thing to do is to buy the usb key from the uconnect website then skip to step 4. but that will cost you around 160.00
  5. I bet you could, its not that hard now that i got it all figured out it would be 1000 times easier now since theres help and a guide.
  6. got it working!!! used 2017.20 maps and its all working now!! \---Garmin | gmapbmap.img | gmapdem.img | gmapprom.img | gmap3d.img | gmaptz.img | +---JCV | D3153210A.jcv | +---ASR | 05HPWWZK.SRX | 05HPWWZL.ASR | 05HPWX6O.srx | 05HPWX6P.asr | 05HPWX6Q.asr | 05HPWX6R.asr | 05HPWX6S.asr | +---SID | D3406190A.sid | D3157200A.sid | D2656220A.sid | D3398190A.sid | \---SQLite D3397190A.db
  7. I created a new thread with a guide on how to fix it yourself.
  8. cannot unlock maps is fixed but it doesnt seem to see the detailed maps..... we are close.
  9. Good news i think this is going to work!!! Downgraded to CTP13. Now its taking the maps..... I will post a full good write up once complete.