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  1. lanc747

  2. Have a 2013 Journey and now when we go to start it we get the message "Can't Unlock Maps" and no map info is available. Vehicle is just coming up on 1 year old, still have not had to renew Sirius yet. It is the 8.4 UConnect system. Anyone else have this? Is it a simple reflash to get maps reloaded?
  3. 2013 R/T Sunroof problem !!!!

    Although I can see where you guys are coming from, as a consumer I would hope the manufacturer would address this if it were an issue. Although "pressure washers aren't considered the norm ", they should be in Canada with the number of car washes around and season passes offered. I wash my cars at least every other day throughout the winter and have never had a sunroof/t-roof that leaked in a car wash. I've owned Camaros and Corvettes with T-roofs... VW, Nissan, Mazda, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, 300M, Magnum all with sunroofs and never had a leak. Maybe I'm just lucky :-)) I could see in the first year of manufacture some teething issues that may cause leaks under pressure but in this day and age the manufacturer should be able to solve the problem in following model years. If not, something seemingly as trivial as this can drive customers away. That being said my Journey leaked with just standing water on it, but seems to be fixed. Although a nuisance it seems to have been handled very well, in my case, by the Dealer. Simply Googling "Dodge Journey sunroof leaks" leads me to believe there may be an issue, but we can't always believe everything we read on the net :-)) Just my 2 cents...
  4. 2013 R/T Sunroof problem !!!!

    Took the Journey into Team Chrysler today (Mississauga, Ont). They did a water check, found the leak and replaced the seal. They also checked that the drain lines were clear. So far so good...don't see any leaks at all now. We're new to that dealership, but so far very impressed by there sevice and staff.....
  5. 2013 R/T Sunroof problem !!!!

    Thanks Debra..I'm taking it in this week.....I'll let you know how my dealer does...
  6. New owner Georgetown Ontario

    Newbie to forum. Long time Chrysler owner...Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, 300M, Magnum R/T etc Just purchased 2013 Journey R/T AWD 2014 300C AWD Waiting for the 300C to be built, have had Journey for about 1 month, overall happy, but am having the leaking sunroof issue talked about elsewhere on forum...hopefully dealer can address, taking it in this week....I'll keep you posted.
  7. 2013 R/T Sunroof problem !!!!

    Anyone have any insight into the information DodgeCACares shared? I cannot PM him (the forum won't allow me) until I make 5 posts according to forum rules....
  8. 2013 R/T Sunroof problem !!!!

    I have also just purchased a 2013 Journey R/T AWD and have noticed the sunroof leaks. Have made an appointment with my dealer, who when I called , said its in the manual that they will leak in car washs..I'll have to look later. Any pointers on what to tell the dealer on how to fix this? Had numerous Chryslers with sunroofs and they've never leaked. Also just bought a 2014 300C with panoramic sunroof...hope it doesn't leak! I'm located in Georgetown, Ontario.