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  1. One option would be to see if Garmin publishes maps like the ones they do for North America. The next option would be to get Open Source Maps for the Mideast and see if you can convert them to the gmapsupp.img. You might still have issues with address support. Best of luck!
  2. I followed the instructions here, and the Nav unit on my 2014 DJ-SXT is working like a charm.
  3. Success!! Two+ hours and two resets later, I finished updating to the 2019.10 North American city maps. Torrents helped get the whole North American maps (other than the base map and the time zone maps, which were already in the unit) It seems to be working like a charm. Thanks for the great help, everyone!
  4. The dealer in Illinois i bought my 2014 used, they just did the R65 recall on mine, and are now looking for a way to do the replacement for free (they acknowledged that Dodge screwed the pooch)
  5. My suggestion would be to use BitTorrent and download the (assuming you’re in North America) the Garmin North American City Navigator NT 2019.10 in .rar format. It comes down as a 5 gigabyte file, but then you can extract just the files you need...only files I can’t find are gmapbmap and gmaptz (base map and time zone map, respectively). One of the files (gmapprom, I think) is 2 gigabytes by itself!!!
  6. Having the same issues trying to find a link for the files. My 14 Journey says Cant Unlock Maps and cant find detailed maps. Will also have to downgrade to CTP13, but that doesn’t appear to be such a hard find. TIA, folks