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  1. First Flat Tire

    A friend of mine recently took his '14 Journey to Discount Tire to have a slow leak fixed on the right rear tire... they found a piece of metal in the sidewall which they could not plug. They would not put original tire back on, so he had them put on the donut spare. He drove it home, <4 miles on side roads, no issues... Next day he went back to Discount Tire to have new tires installed. When leaving home and backing out of the driveway the Journey made an awful grinding sound, with some vibration. The noise continued all the way to the tire shop, with the "Service 4WD System" constantly flashing and beeping. He said he was glad he was close to home, could not have tolerated a longer trip. After new set of tires were put on, warning errors went away, but he says he still hears a very slight grinding sound once in awhile... Anyone else had this issue? Seems the AWD system did not like the smaller 17" tire. Hopefully no permanent damage was done. Don't understand why a factory supplied spare would basically be "unusable" due to the issues described...
  2. 3.5L Camshaft position sensor

    See attached file, item #7, p/n 5029808AD 2009_JC_engine_sensors_01.pdf
  3. The same bulletin mentions 7.09 (TSB 08-004-17 / RRT 15-112). I updated 2014 RB5 from CTP 16 to 7.09/CTP 17, and, as a test, afterwards reverted it back to CTP13, and then back to CTP17. If you need a copy of the TSB shoot me a PM.
  4. INCLUDE, ADDING 2016 JC, NEW SOFTWARE FOR NAVIGATION AND RADIO CONTROL HEAD, ADDITIONAL SYMPTOMS, ADDED REPAIR STEP, NOTES... NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with one of the following radios: · UConnect Touch 8.4 CD/DVD/MP3/NAV (sales code RB4) (2014 and 2015 Model Year Only) · UConnect Touch 8.4 CD/DVD/MP3/NAV (sales code RB5) · UConnect Touch 8.4n CD/DVD/MP3/NAV (sales code RB6) · Media CTR 641N CD/DVD/MP3/NAV (Japan) (sales code RE4) · Media CTR 641N CD/DVD/MP3/NAV (S.K.) (sales code RE7) · UConnect Touch 8.4 CD/DVD/MP3 (sales code RE2) · UConnect Touch 8.4N CD/DVD/MP3 (sales code RE3) · UConnect Touch 8.4 CD/DVD/MP3 (sales code RE6) CAUTION: U.S. vehicles with an RB5 radio may have an active RRT. If there is an open RRT, that radio software update MUST be performed first. SYMPTOM/CONDITION: A customer may experience one or more of the following conditions: · ** Navigation screen locks up or display will be blank (Software has been updated to better address this condition). · Intermittently the radio display screen may be black or the radio will reset.** · Navigation feature lockout disabled (International Only) (Software has been updated to better address this condition). · Improve FM radio reception (This only applies to 2013 or 2014 LX vehicles with RE6, RB6 radios located in Dubai). · Radio display screen shows “Test Mode”. · Navigation system may reset intermittently. · Translation improvements/corrections. · System consistency and operational improvements for menu selections, month/date formatting, and Garmin translation functions. · Radio system improvements during remote start operation. · Unable to adjust radio volume using steering wheel switch intermittently. · Second screen is blank when using split screen function. · Some functionality for Japanese and Korean languages- keyboard, search, sort and jump. · Unable to add contacts to the favorite list. · Unable to dial the phone from the radio, while still able to dial from the phone. · Unable to delete a cell phone number from the favorite list. · More space available for phone book entries. · BlackBerry support for playing songs. · Reduce ticking noise during CD/USB pause and Voice Recognition (VR) is silent between prompts. · VR unable to transition from non-navigation to navigation mode. · iPod screen is displayed with navigation screen. · Asian language translation added. · Highlighted preset continues blinking. · Takes more than one button press to select preset #10. · Unable to adjust volume from steering wheel switches. · Clock adjust pop up message displayed in English rather than current language. · Can not connect to the phone after it has been disconnected. · Teleprompter screen shows incomplete text. · Some functionality for traffic & weather jump button. · After changing a language and then selecting CDDA, “of” is displayed as a tracking number. · In “Set Date Year” only 3 digits are displayed. · Split map view will not cancel. · Map screen turns black when driving. · When in Italian, the destination arrival text will overlap onto the map. · Does not accept Iraq when commanding “Set Target Country”. · Some pop up message characters are displayed with “!#”. · Traffic programming slow to start. --------------------
  5. So far, the only Dodge vehicles with Apple Car Play are the 2017 Charger and 2017 Challenger (new 4th gen radios). May other vehicles will have it for the 2018 model year, but probably not Journey since it's near the end of its current generation.
  6. Block heater

    Yes, the block heater can be added, but it will be fairly expensive via the dealer. The heater is around $100 (U.S.) and install time is about 4 hours, it's quite an involved process. Installation instructions: 82212800_Journey_block_heater_install_01.pdf
  7. Rear hatch wont open

    There is a small 'emergency' access panel on the inside of the liftgate trim, at the bottom center below the light. Pry it open with a small flat screwdriver. Inside is what looks like a large plastic screwhead that can be turned with a phillips or large flathead screwdriver to open the hatch.
  8. Just curious is all, if someone were to have the issue with DVD player alignment, could they just simply copy the data from the disc on a desktop computer to a USB stick and then perform the map update?
  9. NEW SITE DESIGN: 16 July 16

    Great to hear, this software has to go in the trash!
  10. NEW SITE DESIGN: 16 July 16

    Add me to the list as well. In 15+ years of visiting and participating in countless forums, this has got to be the WORST for layout and intuitiveness. It is also extremely slow, pages take forever to load. The rookie designer of this software has to be someone who is not familiar with forums at all, and certainly someone who should not be involved in web site design. Maybe their goal was to design "the worst message board layout on the net". If so, they succeeded.
  11. I agree, I don't visit here much anymore, due to not only the awful layout but the site is extremely slow. Whoever designed this forum software should find another career, it's probably the worst I've ever seen on any forum out there. The prior software was SO much better.
  12. New Journey, Not till 2018

    That site is full of bogus and inaccurate information, designed for no other reason than "click bait".
  13. 20" Cherokee SRT8 wheels

    I would do a little more research, these appear to be cheap Chinese knock-offs. At under $200 per wheel I can't see them being all that durable in the long-term.