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  2. Thought that I would follow up to my original post that I made over a year ago. The issues I was having ending up being the result of a faulty Hands Free Module. The HFM has been a nightmare for anyone with the Uconnect system made during that time period. Jeep and Chrysler autos are experiencing the same problem and apparently the only fix is to replace the module at a cost of $650. I had mine installed earlier this month and it has worked flawlessly. Just thought that I would follow up. Ann Arbor-
  3. Thanks everyone for your input! I have an appointment next week to get it checked out. I will post an update once things are figured out.
  4. Hi all, 2012 Journey R/T AWD suddenly loses bluetooth and hands-free button ability last week. Yesterday I pulled the battery for 30 mins and completed a Uconnect firmware update via thumbdrive. When I turned the car back on the bluetooth is still gone, cannot make a call or stream music from my phone nor do I have the Bluetooth Icon in my set-up screen. I have Disc, Aux, etc., but NO BLUETOOTH. I drive to the dealer and he advised that $110 is needed to diagnose the issue and probably another $1200 for a radio. I told the dealer that I would return after I did more research. I came home, reflashed the firmware update again and still no bluetooth ability. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! -Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I had the same issue with my 2012 R/TAWD. Took it in and the techs found that the air conditioner hoses were not properly clamped and thus tapped on the area behind the dash. They had to pull the engine cover to resolve the issue. The car has been smooth and quiet ever since. Good luck-