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  1. My 2015 dropped its maps (no detailed map data) after a year. I bought the Garmin update USB stick and it fully restored the system and updated it. For 129 cdn (sale was on) I have nav and a stick to do it again if needed. Now on to the stabilizer links that decided to die...
  2. Hi Old post but thought it may help to let you know I found the wires. 2015 SXT and the wires come from the radio and go into a harness plug by the drivers left foot. That is where they stop. No wires coming out of the harness and running to the back of the vehicle.
  3. Stiers11. Did anything come of this? Trying to do the same thing now. Cheers
  4. Hi folks. No luck on a search. I used the dealer mode to determine my radio is part number 68240129ab. With Google searches and Mopar websites and all I cannot seem to find any information on that part number. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Just looking for specs and features etc? Happy Holidays Kevin
  5. Very happy new owner

    Hi Everyone Just bought a 2015 SXT Blacktop which my wife may let me drive, sometimes. Amazing vehicle so far. Lots of experience wrenching on a 96 Grand Cherokee (ZJ) but new to this beast. Looking forward to the future help and to be of help. Cheers Kevin
  6. Because I bought a used vehicle for an exceptional deal that will cost thousands less to simply upgrade the radio than find one with the Nav. Kind of an odd question. I like wrenching and saving money!
  7. Okay. I get the vehicle Saturday and will see what radio I have. Will get back to you then. Thank you Kevin
  8. Kev T

  9. bramfrank...do you still have the unit?