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  1. Looks Good! Not that I'm THAT old I enjoy how quiet and smooth my journey is. Does it sound nice or obnoxious? With the RT you obviously have the 3.6L.
  2. Rest in peace Rolly. Looks like the world has lost someone who genuinely cares about others instead of himself.
  3. Many props to this effort with photos and description here. The information and content is much appreciated as well as your time. Ill update what I find once i get a few things done off the home checklist and have some free time. However, my concern in previous posts may be different from the separation and loose panels that you have shown now that I see the photos. I was referring to the gap and space below the headlights just forward of the front wheels on the bumper. Seems to be quite a bit of play there. The same goes for the lower rear bumper just past the rear tire well on both sides. My 15 CR seems to be tight in the area that has given you issues.
  4. But who can resist that black magic sweet cherry smell? Must......Eat....Some.... That gel does work quite well and lasts for a while without any of it flinging off. Just like other have said it makes your tires really dirty. Just scrub the tire down before using it again. Other than that its a good product.
  5. Does anyone have a photo of this? My 15 CR bumpers have play on each side. R/L front and back, but I have yet to have to see any cracks. Notice the play when washing or waxing the vehicle most notably under the headlights. This might just be how the car is as I only have mine to report. Like BM said, I'm sure the bumper hasn't changed but I applaud the effort and might do the same fix as the noise and feel of this is pretty annoying. I would be interested to see how many people actually crack their bumpers or notices the same play in these areas. So, I've never taken my front grill off, when you added "Metal shims" do you mean that you added washers to a bolt to take up the space or welded spacers to the frame?
  6. With a grain of salt, (no pun intended) I'd suggest a anything with high miles out of the salt belt as long as you can spare some time away from the family and drive it home. My wife bought her 09 zx2 escort in texas used for $5600 in 2002 and I drove it until just last year, only doing brakes, rotors, timing belt,alternator, the usual stuff because it was from a dry part of the country. I caught up with the guy who bought it form me for $500 bucks and he said it has drove 60 miles a day for him as an "a" to "b" vehicle. That noted, it was a manual transmission. When I sold it it needed wheel bearings and tie rods like no other but if you are willing to put just a little bit into it yourself you can get something that will work great. Lastly, if you live in a state with high emissions codes, you might be asking for a nightmare for inspections. NY is a pain in the A**
  7. Congrats on the new car, and yeah I think that's a pretty good deal considering I bought a new 15 with about the same mileage as you have now for way more than that! Like you I'm 6'2 and this is a comfortable car. Being in Michigan, be sure to turn your heated seats and wheel to auto on upon starting with the outside temp being below 40 degrees. This is a feature that if someone asked "would you like this for "x" amount of dollars?" I would have said NO without even thinking twice. Now that that I've had it and experienced it, I wouldn't have a car without it!. Also, with back problems, its really nice that the new heated seats just don't heat your ass. The lower back warmth is pretty nice as well. Enjoy and keep us posted!
  8. Looks great! Love the blue color as you don't see many crossroads around like this. Welcome to the forum. I kept mine like this until my dogs and kid started destroying it. But hey, that's what I bought it for.
  9. I finally got to clean up my "black" journey just in time for pollen season. Buy a silver one! Nice to see the back end reflect my garage for a few hours.
  10. Dhh3, Like most have said, thank you for your all your work. Noticed you have been a jeep/dodge guy for a while now and I must say I've fallen into the same realm. I Look forward to seeing you somewhere, sometime.
  11. That noted, I had a 200 loaner for a while and if that was my car I would probably set it on fire somewhere.....This set up is pretty good.
  12. Agreed, 6 speed is more than acceptable since I have owned it at 50 miles. No complaints here, rough once in a great while, but nothing to complain about. The V6 3.6 is really nice.
  13. Hey guys I apologize for my absence as ive been preoccupied with my first child for the last 8 months but JRrodMTB seems to be correct! I've brought my fwd v6 to the dealer for this problem and had almost everything in the front end replaced since 8000 miles. I still had the problem at 15000 and it was driving me absolutely insane. Because its my everyday driver and I noticed the squeak/creak go away during wet driving conditions. This noise would happen over bumps and even happen when turning 90 degrees left or right when the car would sway. I decided to spray all of the control arm bushings with a dry lube and "presto" everything is as quiet as the day I bought it with 5 miles on it. I've been driving for over a week without hearing anything and I will let my service writer know what I've found. I was using my smaller local dealer at first to diagnose this because it was convenient, however the bigger and more professional/equipped dealer I bought the car from seems way more willing to help and even offered to order the control arms ahead of the appointment. I will continue my business and service with them. Furthermore, because the smaller dealer put so much into the vehicle my very last receipt from them stated Chrysler concluded its a characteristic of the vehicle as they could produce the noise on a similar vehicle. I get their white flag but at least I know some dealers are still willing to do what Chrysler expects.
  14. Might be the only one who likes the escort... We drove my wife's 1993 zx2 coup until I bought the journey last year.. It's still driving around town.....
  15. Maybe they are supposed to be open? I just noticed some torn rubber on the edge of the openings and assume there was some sort of rubber flap there.