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  2. Glad my comments helped you Medabum! I went thru quite a painful process (which included FCA Engineering) to solve the issues on my wifes RT. A good Teflon lubricant to the lower control arm bushings will do the trick.
  3. Front end squeak!

    Hit the lower control arm bushings, specifically with a good quality lubricant. It should eradicate the issue. Just for anyone reading this in the future
  4. For those having issues with the clunking or squeaking sound over speed bumps, pot holes, drive ways etc. Have the dealer (or do it yourself) spray the lower control arm bushings with a high quality lubricant. It's not the isolators, it's not the sway bar bushings. It's the lower control arm bushings. Not sure if there is a TSB issued on this yet but it'll take care of the issue.
  5. I started a thread a while back about the issue we're having with my wifes 2014 R/T. Sounds like the same issue you're having. We've been in and out of dealers 4X with little success. With the help of DodgeCares (who's been awesome), we've had the LH strut, isolator, LH control arm and sway bar bushings replaced. It didn't fix the problem. The only thing that slightly worked was having the isolators greased like crazy, even then it only worked for about a week. It has gotten better but it still sounds like there's a bucket of marbles when we pull into the driveway and when the car hits certain bumps - the problem is it's not something I can force to happen. It's disheartening because she's got 33k miles on her car (started around 12k) so we're almost out of warranty. We've also heard it on 3 of the rentals we've had, so I don't think it's an isolated issue. Here's my thread if you want to see it... http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/6440-front-end-clunk-while-braking-over-bumps/
  6. My wifes Nav unit just did the same exact thing 4 days ago. Unlike most on here, she's had her vehicle coming up on 2 years and we've been thru a couple cycles of letting Sirius expire and renewing her subscription, so I don't think it has anything to do with that. "Thankfully" I searched this on the forum. Guess we'll be headed to the dealership to get the unit replaced. Ahhh boy...
  7. Thanks - unfortunately that doesn't apply to my wifes RT because it's a 2014 and the TSB only covers vehicles built during a certain period. I even had my Dodge rep look up and TSBs and he said there was only a Tech Tip for the mechanics to call corporate engineering if they were replacing a strut isolator.
  8. Is it a newer TSB? Do you have a number?
  9. Just stopped by the forum and notice there was a bit a of activity on this thread. Just thought I'd fill everyone in since it's been a few months since I replied. I'm actually taking the Journey back to the dealership today for them to look at for the 5th time. Thankfully, I've been working with DodgeCares and a great dealership that have been insanely cool to work with. We're still having issues with the noise on the LH side of the vehicle and it's getting progressively worse. To date we've had the following work done by two different dealerships to try and fix the issue: New front brake pads New sway bar bushings New LH control arm New LH strut assembly The last attempt to fix actually seemed to work a bit. The dealer removed the strut asy and greased the heck out of everything. They focused on a strut isolator which seemed "dry" so they used a heavy duty silicone spray to see if it would help. It did eliminate the obnoxious noise you could hear but didn't completely eliminate it. And for those reading thinking we're nitpicking. The sound is pronounced enough that people driving with us have commented on it and it's also loud outside of the vehicle. Since the issue arose at 17k the front end has felt loose and the vehicle can't keep an alignment to save it's life. I'm told that everything is torqued to specs, so I don't know what to do. This isn't an isolated issue either. We've had 3 rentals that were Journey's and all have done the exact same thing (one had 6k miles on it). Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath that it'll get resolved. If we leased the car, we wouldn't be complaining but we spend 30k on a car to transport my kid around and it should't sound like this with only 25k miles on it.
  10. Well, four weeks later and the car is going back because the issue isn't fixed. We've had a new strut, new sway bar bushings and brand new brakes replaced. Car was ok for 3 days and the issue came back. And it's gotten worse. Now the clunk occurs over bumps without breaking. It's so frustrating. I talked my wife into choosing a Dodge over a Chevy or Ford and feel bad. The dealer had her vehicle for 3 weeks. DodgeCACares do you not have state side people that do what you do?
  11. Thanks J-SeXT! Got the car back after 2 weeks at the dealer. Apparently the sway bar bushings were loose. They also replaced the brake pads and the LH strut, which finally fixed it. The car is rick solid again and makes zero noise. Happy wife, happy life!!
  12. Interesting that there are others that have a similiar issue. My wifes RT only does it when the brakes are applied - but yeah, a speed bump would most definitely cause it to make a noise. Hopefully this is an isolated issue but the 2012 SXT we have makes the same noise. Talked to the dealer this morning and they have a new strut on order, which they believe will fix it. They've had it over a week, so I'm crossing my fingers...
  13. Hoping you guys can help me... the Wife's 2014 AWD RT has been at the Dealership since Monday because of a clunk or squeak when the brakes are applied and the suspension is activated by a dip or bump in the road. Essentially if you're braking for a traffic light and you slowly pass over a bump it makes a noise. It started at about 12k miles and has gotten progressively worse. In true form the dealer "test drove" it and couldn't replicate it so tried to send us away without a fix. I took the service manager out and within 30 sec I was able to replicate it over a sewer grate in their parking lot. I just got a "hmm that's not normal" but haven't heard a peep since then. We have a 2012 SXT as a rental and it does the exact same thing, which makes me believe this isn't an isolated issue. Has anyone had this issue with their Journey? Any fix? EDIT: I realize I used the incorrect "braking" in the subject. I can't edit the subject line - oops lol
  14. Added another Dodge to the family!

    @jk - yeah the Edge was way out of our price range for what we wanted. AWD was a must and there was a 5k difference between the Edge SEL with only AWD and a fully loaded R/T. @addict - they make a great truck! My first was a 98 Dakota, which I graduated to a couple Ram leases and finally into my 2011 RAM 1500. I love them! Hopefully the Journey holds up as well as the trucks.
  15. Wow… I'm somewhat surprised to hear that. Has it ever completely locked you out of the push button start? I did have to have her use the remote start the one day she couldn't push the pedal down.