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Bad reception from RF HUB causing all our problems ?

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As we all know . , there are many posts regarding the lack of response with the remote key fobs etc.

Many dashboard info. cues. saying low remote batteries etc. etc.

I for one do not believe that low batteries are happening here because you can replace the fob batteries 

until the cows come home and still get the same message next week .?

Here is what i believe is going on ...

The radio antenna is mounted on the roof at the rear of the vehicle as is done across the pond .

The " RF Hub " which is the little black box that receives radio signals from many sources etc. and which we are interested in is mounted just inches away from 

the antenna in the rear upper headliner area !

Surprise !

I spent 15 years as a car stereo installer and i know how antennas act .

Here is what im gonna do ...

Pull off the headliner at the area of the ant., check for water intrusion , check for good ant. ground to body , check for corrosion 

or bad contacts at the plugs on the RF Hub modual .

Best o luck to all .




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Our RF Hub works when it feels like it.  Most of the time it is fine, but sometimes it just refuses to start the vehicle.  New batteries and all.


No rust or anything in there.  I think that the boards in them are so cheaply made that they have some problems.  Temperature probably has some effects on them - expansion and contraction on a cheap board, chips etc.



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