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  1. mopar stainless gas/brake pedals question

    This is the one that I got https://www.ramsareus.com/sku/82212138ab.html. It's from mopar for sure since the product seems legit when it arrived. It says it's Part Number: 82212138. Hopefully, this would change the way I drive since my foot usually slip.
  2. I think that this is what we usually really misplace. No problem really with the stainless key itself since it's just so cheap to duplicate it but key-fob is a little bit expensive if you misplace.
  3. well i really messed up this time

    You had that accident on July right. It's now september. Does it really get hurt a lot during the day and night? My grandfather also slipped in the bathtub and had his ligament also damaged but thank God he recovered quickly. Hang in there! Newbie here by the way
  4. How often to wash?

    They say that you just wash it if needed since it would worn out the paint but I really like my car to be spotless clean so I wash it every sunday morning.
  5. Exterior cleaning process

    I usually also really follow the steps you mentioned but want to make my car little shiny and protected so might try PPF but still saving for it. Another tip I can contribute is (do thing if you are just so OC) I put small amount of cotton on a toothpick and us that to clean the edges of doors/windows. It would get the dirt even in the smallest holes/
  6. My ticking journey

    Maybe the cause is your valve or rods.
  7. Any happy Journey owners out there???

    That is such a sad experience for you. I saw an infographic that less people now are trusting chrysler and the quality of cars is not that good but still bought it since it's the brands that i grew up with. In my case, just the common problems like ac and some wiring.