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  1. Autotronics.co.uk I had 2 broken keys one with bad key error one with locking issue both now fixed. One key even has new casing etc looks like brand new. Cost £77 which included courier to ship back!! Other key £45 x
  2. Autotronics.co.uk I had 2 broken keys one with bad key error one with locking issue both now fixed. One key even has new casing etc looks like brand new. Cost £77 which included courier to ship back!! Other key £45 x
  3. I'm thrilled my key which showed "bad key" error is now fixed!!!!! Not only is it fixed the key now looks like a new key with new casing!!! Cost £67 plus £10 for postage via courier. £77 ( $110) for what looks like and works like brand new key. Save me hundreds!! He accepts international enquiries, shipping etc. We can't get spare keys in the uk to program cheaply so this is amazing value x
  4. Well bit of an update. I sent my one set of keys off to be repaired. I had to post them to a firm quite a few miles away, http://www.autotronics.co.uk/cscart/index.php I had a call today to say they had fixed the "bad key" issue, he said there was water damage and I needed a new chip. Cost £75 (approx $100) which includes posting them back. No idea what caused the water damage but I believe him. Should be back by Friday. Second key which started the car but wouldn't lock the doors is also now fixed. I got handed a business card at a garage today for a locksmith. I called him and he asked if I had fitted a new battery, which I had and then he told me how to resinc the key, he said sometimes when a new battery is fitted it need it be connected to car again. To do this you hold down the lock button and then place it in the ignition (keeping the lock button pressed down) . You turn the key until all the lights are displayed on the dashboard. You keep the key there for 10 seconds' (still holding down the lock button ) and then you turn the key to the off position and take the key out. You still keep the lock button pressed and you hold it for ten second before releasing it. This worked and my key started to work again unlocking and locking the car. I was staggered he told me for free over the phone!!! It worked several times and then started to fail to lock on a few attempts so he came to the house and opened the key fob case. Again I had some water damage and a connections needed repairing. Now it seems to be working fine, Cost for this key £45 (approx $70)
  5. Thanks guys. Anything cheaper than $600 for a key. Happy days on mr locksmith can fix. I've sent the key with the" badkey" that won't start ty car and kept the one tags starts the car but doesn't lock the doors or open them. So be bit of shimmying from passenger seat on e I've used the manual key to get in set car alarm off. My neighbours gonna love me!! Said without doubt could fix the one which starts car but doesn't lock. Only problem is he is the other end of the county and need to drive car next few days. Let's hope he can fix the one key then I'll send off the next. Claims 2 days turn around to fix and 98% chance of success and 24hr courier delivery. He accepts international mail too and posts back so I'll keep you posted x
  6. http://www.autotronics.co.uk/cscart/index.php
  7. Thanks guys, well, this might be too good to be true but there's a locksmith in the UK who says he can fix the keys, even the one with then "badkey" problem. £40 that's about $60.. Bit cynical what you thinks. I've sent key off as it's worth a go!
  8. Do you think the eBay key would be ok? US one has a red panic button where I have nothing rest the same. I'd be happy with eBay key if they could program
  9. Ps I am in the uk but happy to try buying from US. My key has two buttons open and shut and an oblong key I place in the ignition. £350 is about $600
  10. Hi I have a 2009 dodge journey. One key opens and shuts the doors (after several attempts) but says badkey when put into ignition. The other key starts the car but won't lock or open it!!!! Went to dealer today and they said they tried to reprogram key but no good. I'd need to buy new one for £250 plus £95 to program it!!!! Is there a cheaper solution or one I could attempt? Thanks guys
  11. Hi I'm after some help please. Every December since i have had my dodge journey (2009) it fails to start randomly. It happened twice last December and this is the second time this month. For no reason it fails to start them a few hours later it works! No idea why! I put into the dealer and they have no idea either. Coincidently it's usually the day after I have put fuel in. Any idea? Thanks Sarah
  12. Hi If anyone can offer any advice or information I would be greatful. I have a dodge journey bought in 2009 new. My engine check light came on yesterday and car lacks excitation. I looked on forum for some answers. I did put fuel in 2 days ago but just checked the fuel cap but it's ok. Its on tight. Just in case it's fuel quality i also put half a tank of fuel in. I'm driving the car around to see if the light will go off. Just want to make sure this doesn't do the car more harm than good. Dealer can't fit me in for ten days. I tried turning key on and off few times but no code given to look up problem. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks guys. My knowledge of cars only runs to the colour range! :-)
  13. Dodge Uk owner hops over to USA

    Hi Thanks for your reply. I thought they might be cheaper in the US but if they come from Germany I could just get them from VMaxx who are based there and ship to the UK. I just thought i might work out cheaper:) Sarah
  14. Retro Fitting Roof Rails

    [Hi Thanks for your reply. I rang the dodge dealer garage yesterday and they said they could order and fit the rack. Then they called this morning to say they could still install it but they recommend the sports bars as the other bars are just cosmetic. I would be suprised if they are just saying it to get me to buy the sports bars as they have always been good but who knows? Sarah