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  1. I have a 2012 SXT 3.6L I am looking to purchase new speakers however I do not know if mine comes with the Alpine system or not, How would I tell? crutchfield needs to know weather or not it does in order to get the right speakers.
  2. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    Just simply a couple pieces of red vinyl
  3. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    No problem! I live in eastern Canada and the cheapest place I could find plasti dip was Canadian Tire for $25 a can. A friend of mine did his with a similar product called Flexi Dip made by Rustoleum. For half the price per can. (But it didn’t come in red) antoher note, brake dust is difficult to remove from this coating, once a week I use Simple Green degreaser and a soft toothbrush to remove the dust.
  4. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    I removed them from the vehicle, one wheel at a time. Took 1 can of plasti dip per wheel.
  5. Don’t mind my sons bike in the pic.
  6. 3.6L Coolant?

    Have never done a full flush in any vehicle I’ve owned, just drained and refilled before it got so scummy it needed flushing, However I did flush my heater core as this year is known for the issues with the heater core. I also managed to get the remainder out by removing the coolant hose going into the engine.
  7. I am looking on crutchfield however i haven't a clue if my DJ is equiped with the Alpine system or not. How can I tell?
  8. 3.6L Coolant?

    I guess that 4 litres will have to do for now.
  9. 3.6L Coolant?

    I read the manual for my 2012 DJ it said something like 12 litres of coolant to refill. However when I drained I only got about 4 litres that came out? How do I get the remainder out? Or is this typical?
  10. Did it seem to work for you? I know with the AC Delco stuff it only treats a max of 57 liters of fuel so I made sure I was only at half both times. I got my fingers crossed it stays working.
  11. Don’t have a warranty anyways it would technically be the same as sea foam and the like.
  12. I know this article is old, however I just purchased a used 2012 DJ. Having owned previous chev’s with fuel gauge issues Techron was the fix, sold in Canada as AC Delco fuel treatment you can purchase at the Chevrolet dealers. My issue seems to have been corrected!!!!! Time will tell. I used two bottles (one on half tank) 2nd again added to half a tank. After fill to full! Vola! Fixed! Chevrolet issued a TSB for fuel gauge issues a few years ago “ GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS, Fuel Sending Unit Corrosion and Fuel System Deposits #05-00-89-078 - (Nov 9, 2005) 2006 and Prior All GM Cars and Trucks 2003-2006 HUMMER H2 2006 HUMMER H3 2006 and Prior Saturn (Canada Only) 2005-2006 Saab 9-7X GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS, P/N 88861011 (for U.S. ACDelco®, use 88861013) (in Canada, 88861012), is now available. Added Benefits and Uses The PLUS portion of GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS is the addition of a filmer additive that, when used regularly, can protect fuel system sending units from the corrosive effects of certain sulfur contaminants found in some of today's gasoline. Sulfur contamination can disrupt electrical continuity of certain fuel sending units and lead to erratic or false fuel gauge readings. With scheduled usage, GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS protects against the effects of harmful sulfurs in gasoline. You Get Four Benefits One bottle of GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS added to the fuel tank at each oil change: • Cleans -- Sulfur corrosion from fuel gauge sending units. • Prevents -- Harmful sulfur components from attacking sensitive fuel system electronics. • Protects -- By coating metallic surfaces of the fuel system. • Removes -- Engine deposits left from use of poor quality fuels. GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS will replace the original GM Fuel System Treatment, P/N 12345104 (in Canada, 89020804). The original formula may still be available for a limited time, and provides the excellent Fuel System Cleaning aspects of the new product without the filmer. Parts Information Part Number Description 88861011 (for U.S. ACDelco, use 88861013) (in Canada, 88861012) GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS”
  13. Are the 2012 models plagued with suspension issues?
  14. 2012 Journey SXT

    Thank you for your 100% honest opinion.
  15. 2012 Journey SXT

    11,000 CAD, I don’t have any pictures at the current time.