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  1. 12 sxt zero power to anything

    It's basically your negative battery terminal. Took me 5 minutes to replace. 80$
  2. 12 sxt zero power to anything

    Just thought I would update everyone. I went ahead and replaced the battery temp sensor which was my suspicion. That was the problem she's running great.
  3. Car won't start

    Do you know what ground wire it was?
  4. Hey guys 2012 sxt 3.6 I started having lights flickering and before i even had a chance to look into it the next day she wouldnt start. Checked the obvious battery (good) alternator (good). Here is where i am at she will stay running ONLY while on a jump from the top. If i try to jump from the battery itself she wont get anything. I literally have no power no anything unless i've got the cables to the top posts. I ordered a new battery temp sensor to rule that out but still not sure of that one. All my grounds are good. I am stumped all i want is to at least get this toilet running. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks ahead guys