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  2. Car won't start

    I fixed it. It was a loose ground cable.
  3. So my car won't start. things that have happened 1. wouldn't start but after a boost it would be fine for few days. 2. Changed battery, lasted few days then needed a boost again. 3. Took to mechanic, changed out the alternator. 4. Next day car is going crazy lights off and radio off and on. I take it back. Turns out wrong alternator was bought. Switched out for proper one. 5. Started happening again. But not right away. Took it to work. Started going crazy again. See attached to see what it's doing. http://sendvid.com/fyd4o133 6. After driving with it doing this. Now car won't start at all. left battery boosting for 30mins. Nothing. Once I disconnect booster cables. Car lights go out. planning to check the battery connections tomorrow and make taking the battery out to make sure it's all good. Any other ideas to get car started at least? when trying to start it only gives a little click and small try to turn but not enough. Also noticed the lightning bolt is lite up now.