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  1. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Believe it or not, that happened totally by happen stance. I went in and they had 33 SE's on the lot, all 2.4L engines. I told him I wanted the 3.6 and AWD, didn't matter the color except no white or red( I think dirt shows up best on those two colors). He found a black SXT and I thought, sure why not, but then told him if he found an SE with what I wanted that would be fine. That was the only one he found on a sister lot of theirs. Had to get it delivered in the morning and I picked it up after work. that evening.
  2. Caliper Covers

    Since getting the new DJ, I have been thinking of a set of brake covers but they do seem hard to find, for a halfway decent price.
  3. Door courtesy logo lights

    I have been looking at them online for awhile now. Haven't pulled the trigger on them cause I'm not sure what they would looks like. I have bought the light up costers for the cup holders though. I know they are pretty much useless once you sit a cup on top of them, but they are pretty cool looking at night.
  4. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Still raining here, you'd think I was in Seattle instead of Baltimore we've had so much rain. The first pic is the new 2018 SE, Blacktop. The second is the 2014 SE, I think it was called the American Edition.
  5. Curb rash

    A couple of good videos on DIY rim fixes.
  6. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Yeah, I know. I gotta take a few, but it's raining now. Want to take a few tomorrow after I get in from fishing.
  7. Congrats man, sounds like a job well done.
  8. Light bar, hikari led headlights

    That looks pretty dang good man. Great job. If you just bought wasn't the housing covered, or did you just not want to deal with the dealership?
  9. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Thanks for the welcome, but it's more like a welcome back. Been around for a couple years just not very active lately. And you are right, it was an SXT not SRT, damn my fat fingers and muddled mind. Forgive the typo.
  10. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Just traded the 2014 SE in for a 2018 SE Blacktop. I was looking at an SRT because all of the SE's on the lot were 2.4 L. While he was running the numbers for the SRT, I told him All I needed was the 3.6 and AWD, if he could find an SE with that, I was happy. He said he found on but it was a Blacktop Edition. I told him that was fine and to pull the trigger on that. a bit later he told me he found one for sure that was local and he would have it today. I did all the paperwork last night and picked it up today after work. The only things I don't like are no sunglass holder, no Oh shit handles up front, and no 3 zone climate, but I knew that going in. Pretty happy with it for having it for just a few hours.
  11. Look at the window sticker, that should list all features. Hard to believe a 2018 SXT doesn't have those, BUT stranger things have happened.
  12. Soooo...it has been a long day at the hospital. I never once thought of checking them. Thanks for jump starting the ole think box. Ebay has been kinda crap for me the last few years, really hit or miss. I used the get a ton of stuff there, hunting, fishing, camping, car stuff. Not so much lately. Thanks.
  13. My duaghter was diving the DJ and hit a rabbit and it knocked the cover out. I have a 2014 SE so it never had fog-lights, I just need to grill like cover that was there. Anybody got any ideas besides the dealer? I think they are going to charge a premium price for it. Thanks.
  14. Take it back to the dealer, they should fix it.