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  1. Transmission "clunk"

    My 2014 did as well. I looked it up and found that it was common. Still worried me so I took it to the dealer. They said it was the motor mounts, not sure if it was true, but the clunking stopped after that.
  2. I would never get another Jeep, they have gone down dramatically in quality. It makes business sense, what you say about scaling down the DJ, then removing it for the sake of something from their dedicate "SUV" line of vehicles. And yes, I did LOL at "(and it's buck-toothed cousin, the Chrysler Voyager)"
  3. How often to wash?

    I'm not worried about the brush composition, but more how much dirt the brushes hold from wash to wash. That is where the swirl marks come from, the contaminants trapped in the brush, then those same dirty brushes being used to "clean" the next vehicle. How often they clean these brushes is also a major factor.
  4. Did you read the original post? Try starting there, then work up...
  5. Agree with the 3.6 being a great crossover. Also agree with it being a bad move for Dodge getting out of the crossover business, they will lose a ton of money doing it. Calling the Durango a hemi powered minivan hurt..., It's one of my top 5 vehicles. I never liked the neon, always thought it was a death trap. I rented one a few years ago and it was one of the most ill designed vehicles I've ever had the misfortune of getting. I drove it exactly 2 hours, then called Enterprise and told them I needed to switch to a safer vehicle.
  6. How often to wash?

    I am really conflicted on this topic. I used to run the old DJ through the car wash, no problem. When I got it from my wife, she had run it through the car wash a bajillion times so it had a ton of swirl marks and tiny scratches. Since trading it for a new DJ, I want to start off right and not get into bad habits, sooo...I have washed it by hand since getting it, but that sucks since I don't own a power washer, which means going to the self serve car wash. That isn't an issue, it's the inserting damned quarters every time I want to rinse off the soap. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!! (#first world problems)
  7. It would seem that they are...friggin dingbats.... LOL!!!!!! So true.
  8. No more 3.6L engine is one of the dumbest moves they could make. Sales WILL take with just offering the 2.4L. Looks like no more DJ's in my life. The ride was fun while it lasted.
  9. All I see are DJs

    I have noticed them for a while now. It seems like lately though, I do so more and more on the road. Me and my two little ones say "Dodge Life Baby" every time we see a Journey, we seem to say it a lot!!!
  10. 3 years 44k miles

    3 years and only 44k miles? That's amazing. Driving like that it should last you a good while.
  11. Sound system

    Punctuation is your friend...
  12. Just bought a Journey SE Blacktop

    Welcome to the team!!!!!
  13. Did you buy it new? That info should be on the window sticker. If you don't have it you can go to the dodge owner website and get that info. EDIT This is the website. You will need to create an account but it is free to do so. https://www.mopar.com/en-us/my-vehicle/dashboard/details.html