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  1. Look at the window sticker, that should list all features. Hard to believe a 2018 SXT doesn't have those, BUT stranger things have happened.
  2. Soooo...it has been a long day at the hospital. I never once thought of checking them. Thanks for jump starting the ole think box. Ebay has been kinda crap for me the last few years, really hit or miss. I used the get a ton of stuff there, hunting, fishing, camping, car stuff. Not so much lately. Thanks.
  3. My duaghter was diving the DJ and hit a rabbit and it knocked the cover out. I have a 2014 SE so it never had fog-lights, I just need to grill like cover that was there. Anybody got any ideas besides the dealer? I think they are going to charge a premium price for it. Thanks.
  4. Take it back to the dealer, they should fix it.
  5. Congrats on getting this resolved.
  6. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    Looks good!
  7. What made you smile today?

    Fishing with my two youngest. My boy loves to fish, but the girl really LOVES to fish. We went fishing yesterday and she wanted to use my Bang garlic lure spray. I told her yes, but tried to tell her to wait because of the wind. Well she didn't wait and as soon as she sprayed it the wind blew it back in her face, thankfully she had the presence of mind to close her mouth and eyes. I ran over to her thinking she would be upset, but all she said was, "well, at least I won't get eaten by a vampire", then kept right on fishing. That put a huge smile on my face.
  8. Nice Arse

    I am of the other persuasion, I really like the look of the Durango rear lights. I wish they would do it to the new Journey models.
  9. What grinds your gears?

    nosey people really burn my biscuits.
  10. 2010 Journey Passenger Grab Handle (bar)

    I'm gonna have to check when I get off work this evening to see if they are there in my SE(i know the post above says they aren't but I swear I remember them being there).
  11. LED headlights

    Yuk yuk yuk So that's a yes to both questions?
  12. LED headlights

    Plug n play, no adapters needed either?
  13. LED headlights

    So these are just drop in bulbs, no need to switch housings or anything?