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  1. 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad AWD V6

    Nice whip, welcome to the group.
  2. new floor mats

    Thanks for the heads up on these. Was looking for a set for the new DJ and these look pretty darn good.
  3. 8.4 model? Not sure of the model number, RA3 or RA4 perhaps?
  4. 220 miles a tank!?

    I def get more per tank, but the majority of my miles are highway or a combo of both. Check the brakes like mentioned. Keep us up to date with this one.
  5. Battery Tray Corrosion.....

    Glad to see you got that fixed. Stealerships are horrible with that up-sell every time you come in for something, no matter how minor. Good advice on checking the tray next time the wheel is off.
  6. It means they know who you are and where you live...
  7. 2018 Journey SE Blacktop

    Man, I hope not. Hopefully that is a picture from earlier this year.
  8. 2016 SXT picked up today

    Congrats on the new whip! The 2.4 was a less than desirable for me, I just got another Journey, 2018, to replace my old one, 2014.
  9. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    Did you buy them or make them yourself?
  10. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Believe it or not, that happened totally by happen stance. I went in and they had 33 SE's on the lot, all 2.4L engines. I told him I wanted the 3.6 and AWD, didn't matter the color except no white or red( I think dirt shows up best on those two colors). He found a black SXT and I thought, sure why not, but then told him if he found an SE with what I wanted that would be fine. That was the only one he found on a sister lot of theirs. Had to get it delivered in the morning and I picked it up after work. that evening.
  11. Caliper Covers

    Since getting the new DJ, I have been thinking of a set of brake covers but they do seem hard to find, for a halfway decent price.
  12. Door courtesy logo lights

    I have been looking at them online for awhile now. Haven't pulled the trigger on them cause I'm not sure what they would looks like. I have bought the light up costers for the cup holders though. I know they are pretty much useless once you sit a cup on top of them, but they are pretty cool looking at night.
  13. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Still raining here, you'd think I was in Seattle instead of Baltimore we've had so much rain. The first pic is the new 2018 SE, Blacktop. The second is the 2014 SE, I think it was called the American Edition.