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Found 29 results

  1. I have a 2015 DJ R/T, on the search for some LED headlight bulbs. My first question is: Should I get an LED kit that is "CAN-bus" ready? Second question: Any recommendations on a quality brand? (Most of them look like cheap knockoff brands to me lol) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Headlight HID/LED Conversion

    Hi all, I am am wanting to replace the standard headlights on my 2013 SXT. Has anyone done the replacement housing to the AKKON (check amazon) HID lights? They look awesome but want to make sure I don’t waste money. Curious us if you do have them, how much brighter are they than stock? And did you do a LED swap for the fog lights or something else to improve how bright the lights are? Thank you!
  3. The LED light on one of my 2014 Journey's tail lights is not working. I can't afford to spend $150+ for a new LED assembly. Kinda expensive for a single light bulb. But I can get complete replacement assemblies for the car made for 'normal' light bulbs for one-third the price. My question is, can I use the 'old fashioned' bulbs directly with the existing wiring? Or is the LED wiring at the plug a different voltage for the LED...?? Thanks....!!!
  4. What's up fellow Journey owners, I just bought a 2017 Journey over the weekend & I'm already making a few adjustments. I bought LED bulbs for the interior, back up & brake lights. BUT I'm having trouble getting to the brake light bulb. I had no problem when it came to the back up light neither the turn signal light but when it comes to the brake light I'm able to twist the socket out but the actual bulb is inside the tail light, I took off the screws off the tail light assuming I would have access to the bulb by opening the tail light but no luck. Has anyone run into this problem? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Was curious if anyone has looked into LEDs for the rear bumper reflectors on the DJ, and if anyone thinks it will interfere with Canbus... https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-Rear-Fog-Light-Kit-For-2011-2015-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-WK2-Compass-Patriot/232477683866?fits=Make%3ADodge|Model%3AJourney&hash=item3620bff09a:g:U7gAAOSwzJ5XbRB3&vxp=mtr
  6. Rear drivers side LED circle light not working. Took light out but only an amber turn signal bulb to replace. There's a 3 wire harness there but how do I get light working again? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hi folks, I was looking at superbrightled.com at the led bulbs for my license light bulb. I came at a step, where i have to choose between normal led bulbs, and can bus led bulbs... I dont know which one i should choose. The reason i am changing i bought some cheap led on eBay and they started to flicker. It bothers me, and i hate the yellowish light of the bulbs since all my car is factory equipped with led inside. Another question, for the trunk light, they're also yellowish. I want to buy led. When i opened the cover, they were dome light shaped (212-2), and superbrightled are saying they're 579... Please help me here too. Thanks, i appreciate it.
  8. So, I saw a post of someone that installed an LED bar on the front bumper and am going to give it a try. The credit is for CARRITT11, am going to make a custom brackets since the LED bar is heavy, am going to attach it to the bumper bar. The LED bar that am going to use is from ebay, the brand is CREE and is 20,000Lumens. yes I know that's a lot!!. and instead of getting another button am going to wire it to the fog lights that way I don't have to worry about getting another relay and all that mess. my foglights are LED already so the power draw is minimum giving me more for the bar. The second mod that I want is to make my headlights like the black "CROSSROAD" ones. but am not planning on paying 300+ for the headlights, instead am going to open the headlight and use black high temp manifold paint. the only question is that I know some people use an oven @250 degrees ,others uses a heat gun for the glue. I wonder which method is better since journey's headlights are huge!! any ideas???
  9. We just recently bought a 2011 Dodge Journey SXT. I took the vehicle to have a hitch mounted, wiring harness installed, and brake controller put in. The shop was able to do the hitch and wiring harness, but had to quit on the brake controller. From what I understand, the level of the wiring is too low due to the LED Brake lights. I tried a local RV dealer thinking they would of had similar issues, but they are also at a roadblock. Seems Chrysler isn't helping much. Has anyone had success in installing a Brake Controller in a Dodge Journey (with LED lights), and if so, can you please share how it was done. Our trailer is in storage, and pretty soon I need to get it out.... and I don't want to attempt that w/o the trailer brakes obviously! Coke
  10. LED reverse lights

    From the album 2016 Journey

    Did the tail lights as turn signal mod and decided to rewire old turn signal harness to the reverse light circuit and installed four 30 watt led projector bulbs. Great for blinding tailgaters when your stopped at the next light and especially at night.
  11. Hey guys! LED fog lights seem to come up on the forum quite a bit, and I am in the market to buy some, so I thought I'd check with The Retrofit Source to see if we could put together a group buy on their Morimoto XB LED fogs. These aren't cheap LED bulbs to put into your housing, it is a completely separate Dodge specific housing outfitted with authentic Phillips Luxeon LED bulbs that produce 1200 lumens per side (2400 lumens total!). The LEDs are projector style and provide a wide, saturated flood light with a sharp cutoff that blows the OEM "lights" out of the water. Group Buy Details: Full price - $170 10 pairs = 10% discount - $153 15 pairs = 15% discount - $145 20 pairs = 20% discount - $136 25 pairs = 25% discount - $128 Product details: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-headlight-fog-light-housings/morimoto-xb-led-fog-lights-dodge.html#.VmIFJrgrK00 I have no affiliation with this company beyond being a happy customer, I'm simply looking for a deal on some amazing projector LED fog lights. For more details about timing and such, private message me and I will answer your questions. Fingers crossed their are others who want a set! Lobitz68 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
  12. LED kit

    From the album The Black Pearl

    Another color
  13. LED kit

    From the album The Black Pearl

    Another color
  14. LED kit

    From the album The Black Pearl

    Another color
  15. Pic at night of LEDs

    From the album The Black Pearl

    42" strip on sides 36" strips on front and rear and in grille
  16. Led kit

    From the album The Black Pearl

    One of several colors kit does.
  17. First set of LEDs came in the mail. Wanted to share with everyone to show how simple it is. First the link to the bulbs on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005DHXSSQ/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B005DHXSSQ&linkCode=as2&tag=kinsrev0a-20&linkId=QRKRGQDOXEFN4YL7 Next, here is what I received: To install the new bulbs, you will need just a small flat head screw drive and gloves (unless you don't mind hot bulbs on your fingers). If you look at the image of the removed cover, there are two hinges that control the pivot of the map light cover (which also serves as the switch). Use the flat head screwdriver to slowly ease the hinges out. As you can see, they are really delicate. Should pop out easily. Here is the old bulb. My owner's manual says 578s. Looks like 194 to me. Should pull out easily. Add your new bulbs. Activate the switch to make sure it works. If not, switch the polarity by installing the bulb the other way. Viola!
  18. New DJ owner here. I tried searching to see if anyone has installed these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J65YYA2/ref=s9_wish_co_d4_g263_i2?ie=UTF8&colid=3KHFBJO66L4N3&coliid=IY0QYU6EF6O6H&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=typ-top-left-1&pf_rd_r=1JJPDJ2W6SE1JQN209TV&pf_rd_t=3201&pf_rd_p=1780082482&pf_rd_i=typ01 I imagine it would be a simple install (and I wouldn't have to mess with the CANBUS system). I'm willing to be the guinea pig (and post pics as well).
  19. Okay. So i recently bought Audi style LED dual color switchback light strips. They change color between amber yellow and xenon white. They function as both DRL's and turn signals, as they change colors. My SXT has DRL's. I am confused because on the Journey the parking lights and turn signals are the same set of wires and light... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is the directions for the LED Strips from the company: "There are three (3) wires that are on the LED strip; turn signal positive, running light positive, and negative. The turn signal positive is connected to the vehicle's factory turn signal positive wire, the running light positive is connected to the parking light or accessory (ACC) wire positive, and the negative is grounded to the vehicle's chassis on bare metal." _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ They say they are universal on all cars... I am confused because i have to connect the first wire (Turn signal positive) to factory turn signal positive wire... And the running light positive from the LED's is connected to the Parking light or Accessory wire positive... How do i do this if the parking lights and turn signals are the same? How do i go about doing all this?? Very confused. Please Help! Also if you could help me identify wires... I'm inexperienced with car wiring. Thanks! Jordyn.
  20. This is my first post to this forum and I hope that it can help someone out there. Here is my recent experience with switching out the factory fog light bulbs with LED bulbs. Driver side bulb switched to LED and passenger side still stock. The LED bulbs that I bought can be found here: http://www.amazon.co...fb_lfb_prodpg_0 The stock bulbs are removed by grabbing the plug for the bulb, pressing firmly down on the tab to release and carefully pulling straight back. Then grab the bulb by pressing both tabs on either side to release and carefully pulling straight back to remove the bulb from the housing. The bulbs that I got need some modification to fit the housing. The above image shows both sides of the new LED bulbs, one of the old bulbs and the housing. Carefully using a sharp knife or razor shave off the single tab on one side of the bulb and the thick tab on the other side. You should compare the stock and replacement bulb to see if yours require the same modifications. The bulb showing the large tab on right in picture that is to be shaved off (sorry the picture is a little blurry) The bulb after the large tab is shaved off (again sorry for the blurriness) The bulbs should then fit in to the housing and just need a firm press to latch into place. The plug then needs a firm press to fit into the bulb. The plug can only fit into the bulb one way so don't force it in, only a firm press should get it to fit correctly. The bulbs came from the supplier slightly imperfect. One bulb had a clip broken off and the other had a bubble in the glass over the main forward facing LED. The broken clip is no big deal it is just going to be annoying if/when I need to remove that bulb. The bubble in the glass does't seem to affect the output, yet. I will be taking a closer look in the near future to see if it might affect the light pattern. The new LED bulbs have a much larger and round pattern from what I can tell so far. When I removed the stock bulbs the pattern was wide and flat. I am going to adjust the aim down due to the larger round pattern that the bulbs have to try and prevent any dazzling that they may cause for other drivers on the road. The light color is really nice and is comparable to 4300k from the information I can find online. Before After I do not have any problems with heat or melting as I have read some people have had when switching out for LED bulbs.
  21. Visor Bulbs???

    Hey all, Does anyone know the part # for the sun visor vanity mirror bulbs - both stock and LED. I want to replace the bulbs with LED and the Lamp Replacement Guide from Sylvania does not list the vanity mirror??? Thanks in advance, Rob
  22. Helo everyone again, If your into making your Journey stand out lets try and get our journeys their own halo kit from Advance Automotive Concepts (ACC) you can google them by their longer name and go to their website and get a good look at the type of stuff they make and quality, for the 2011+ Journeys with the Afterburner LEDs having front LED tube lights would really bring the lighting on the car together (short of Projectors that I wish they had!) They make them for virtually well not virtually every car but close, I mean they make them for the Nitro so they should for the Journey. If they get enough interest in the Journey they will start to design and prototype them, its nothing more then making a PVC in the shape of the lines in out headlight. If we email them and show interest we might pull throughout and get one for our Journeys and freemonts, I mean its a popular crossover make ours stand out more!
  23. Has anyone connected underbody lights (leds) with help of an relay? I was thinking to have underbody led lights that switches on when the interior lights go on. But I need to know where to connect the relay...