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Found 2 results

  1. Just bought a 14 R/T and want to give it more juice. Any suggestions on what’s available like chips or bolt ons. Can’t find much of anything. Thanks
  2. Thinking on getting a 2012 Journey Hello there! I'm new in this forum! I currently have a Korean 2005 sedan, I’ve never had a SUV or CUV, but my family got big and I need a new car. I'm seriously thinking on purchasing a 2012 Journey, obviously used, only one owner. All maintenance from the local dealer, apparently no issues. I haven't had the opportunity to test drive it nor even talk in person with the owner, just by phone. I'll probably do it this weekend, however I'll like to know a few things about having a Journey from other Journey owners. This particular model is a 2400cc 4l. I know I know, I should be looking for a V6 instead because the car is too heavy and the 4l engine is old. The thing is that in Costa Rica (where I live), gasoline prices are too high. Do you think the 2.4 really sucks? I've heard about the problem with the brake rotors, for me safety always goes first, so I will definitely upgrade it to bigger rotors and if needed, Mopar calipers. How much did that cost you? Is it true that the steering wheel is kinda heavy and stiff? This model comes with a 4.3” radio, and I believe it doesn’t have Bluetooth (I didn’t ask), Is it too difficult to upgrade it to 8.4 stereo? I always use original parts, Where can I find the part numbers so I can purchase them online? Does the 2016 model uses the same spare parts as the 2012? If they're different part numbers, can I consider the 2016 parts to be better since they’re different (more recent) revision? And the most important question: What should I be looking at this weekend when I get to try it? Is there a particular issue or matter that I should be worried about or at least pay attention to? Thank you in advance for your responses.