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  1. 2nd Row Climate Controls/Headliner

    Ok, I guess I will learn to live with it. Thanks for the info.
  2. OK, So I get in the 2nd row seat and I start to play with the climate control knobs. No real reason, I never sit back there so I figured I would check things out. Upon turning the knobs I find that the entire assembly, headliner included are not anchored to the roof. It drops down a good 2", maybe a tad more. 1st question; Is this normal, or am I simply to type-A of a personality to think it should not be this way? 2nd; In my quest to understand why this part is not attached as I think it should be I attempt to remove the climate control assembly. What is the intended method of removal? I tugged, squeezed, rotated, used plastic wedges to compress invisible clips, no joy. What gives? I took a breath, and exited the vehicle before I took the saw zaw to it. Seeing how I have yet to find a functional service manual for this vehicle, I would be grateful if one of you learned men or women can shed some light on this predicament. Did I mention this is my wife's vehicle!? What possessed me to even get in it? No matter, the damage is done. Thanks, Land Locked In AZ.
  3. 2016 Journey 3.6 R/T. After engine start and while running there is a low growling or whining sound. From past experience I would say it was the power steering pump, because the sound gets lower when the wheel is center position. The odd thing is with the hood up, engine running I hear nothing. I know the Caravan has had similar issues due to a filter in the power steering reservoir which gets clogged (great design or job preservation)? The steering appears to work fine, at this point but it is still aggregating none the less.
  4. In the U.S. the EPA has made it law that ALL octane fuel will contain additives, as a dirty engine creates more HC. The extra money you pay for higher octane fuel is in effect a waste, and has been proven. In fact one test on a dyno and emission test showed that the 91 octane actually had more unburnt fuel as a result of all the additives and there gave worse emissions. As far as fuel additives goes I would be very careful. Actually I now use none. Having had several Dodge trucks, I used various engine cleaners and additives and the result was a plugged up EGR every time. I don't have the pics any longer but the EGR valve piston was sealed shut with black, burnt debris.
  5. I thought it might be a Dodge thing. I have a 2016 R/T with the 3.6 and I noticed as I came to a stop it felt like the suspension on a dirt bike loading up. The thought of a tranny issue did cross my mind as well as motor mount etc. Seeing as Dodge does not see fit for us to check our own tranny fluid level I have not pursued it. If it is an ongoing issue and has been identified in prior years I will definitely sign a petition, as I know Dodge will do whatever they can to avoid it.
  6. 2016RT

  7. performance chip

    Dude, really!? Performance and economy live at different addresses..... You get one or the other, not both.
  8. Ok, I can't take it any longer...... This is the 4th or 5th thread on Journey exhaust and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. I get you all want a cool sound in your ride. BUT, guys your ride, as mine, is a modern version of the late STATION WAGON!!!! It is meant for toting the youngins, better known as a "Grocery Geter". You can put all the perf. parts you can find in it, and it will STILL be a Journey. Not to be confused with a 7 seat Challenger.... An important consideration many have missed is, true performance does not equal good mileage or reliability. It is a simple and proven fact, that the more you port, bore, stroke etc. leads to a higher rate of thermal, as well as mechanical breakdown. This is why race cars are not daily drivers. If you REALLY want to get to the red light before the, choose your make crossover, simply put a 100lb. shot of NOS into it... You will go like the wind, until your valves burn, or you throw a rod, eat a bearing, choose your fate. Now if you want to remove your 2nd and 3rd rows and add a big block in their place, then you are a braver man then I. The fact is, I as I would guess many of you bought this vehicle to hall your stuff, and passengers, not to challenge street racers on the weekends!? This reminds me of life in Ecuador, all you saw was two seaters covered with high perf. stickers, just like Fast and Furious. The big difference was, stickers were as far as it went, most of the parts they advertised can not even be gotten there. Yet every car you saw has neon under, in, and anywhere they can find a place to put it. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking you guys, I am as big a gear head as they come. I just found it hilarious how many are in the pursuit of power and speed from a platform that is not meant for it. The fact is NOTHING sounds like a V-8 with headers and straight pipes. Why is there no CAI? you ask... Simple, there is no place to get the cold air from! The battery takes the common place of a scoop and the fender wells have no room. The configuration of the engine compartment alone make it a NON issue, you will pick up too much heat from all the plumbing to even make it worth it. Sure you can wrap your tube with fire cloth and whatever you want but the fact is, the area is far to hot to make it viable. I live in Phoenix, there is NO cold air to be gotten during the summer, even at night!!! The asphalt itself hovers at over 100 deg. F alone, on a cooler day. The exhaust exiting is proportional to the induction. There is no means to speed up the airflow enough to really make the engine put out what it could in another vehicle. Yes, there are numerous "Little" things that can be done, but in the end without serious engine work, which would then make the transmission a weak link may, only get you 2% more output on a good day,and you would not see it on a dyno therefore it is not worth dumping the cash into. Now aesthetic improvements, as well as audio and video stuff is in my mind a better choice of things to spend money on, if you must. You will not get that seat of the pants feeling you get from a "Cuda", so why waste the money.
  9. Rear Bumper Pad Protector

    Maybe it's me, I have been trying to use the first link for the bumper pad. The Vmaxx from autoexclusive.com, but I get to that page it it has five other links none of which show a pad from Vmaxx. I end up at carid.com looking at bumpers but no pads!!?? Tips?
  10. Data logging and tuning

    Just my .2 cents, When it comes to power mods, be careful and remember the engine is just an air pump, the more air you can get through it the more power it will make. I say this because, there are many components that are in between the air filter and the tail pipe. If you start throwing parts at it the outcome can be less power and worse gas mileage. Unless you plan to get into the motor, your best bet is to find out what C.F.M. the stock unit should flow. This number should be higher than what the numbers are now with all the emissions and factory size ports and exhaust dimensions. Then again it is "your" money, so do as you will. Just remember not all speed shops have your best interests in mind or will they be well versed in your particular motor. There is also the O.B.D. (Onboard Diagnostic System) to contend with, sure you can easily put a load resister in line with your intake air temp as well as coolant temp sensors and trick the computer into going closed loop and ramping up the mixture, but this will have an affect on the initial factory program. You can get performance computers that are easy to connect and will allow you to change various settings, and they will run you $300-$500. That would be my first choice, as you can reset it all back to stock with no harm done. Once you start opening ports, grinding this and that changing exhaust sizes, intakes, cold air/hot air induction you are going to be past the point of no easy return. I guess the main point is to know what the stock engine is capable of and decide what you want it to do. Then build from there, throwing parts at it will add up fast, with negligible gains. It is after all, a "Family Truckster" of sorts, not a "Barracuda"... Having dumped money into many bikes, cars and trucks I wish I knew then, what I know now. Good Luck, and keep us in the loop.
  11. 2016 CrossRoads Backup Camera install

    Has anyone seen a service manual for the 2016 Journey? I want one showing all the electrical diagrams etc. I want to add a camera to mine also, the wiring should be there, I just need to find out how to tie it into the 8.4" front display. If anyone has done this, please let me know.
  12. Footwell LEDS

    Did you use LEDs or a light bar? I wired my Versa in Ecuador and had to buy LED tape, which is a string of 3-way LEDs all under clear plastic and you cut off what you need. I also put single LEDs buy window controls and door handles, but had to add a resistor to bring down the 12vdc to a level the LEDs could handle. I wired mine into the interior lights so they worked off the instrument controls for dimming. Looks great, the blue is very bright.
  13. Being a "Gear Head" from an early age, I have made Mods to just about everything I have owned. I recently moved back to the U.S. from South America where parts are very hard to find much less anything aftermarket... 


    I wanted the Hellcat, but the wife said "No Way", knowing what I was thinking so we settled on the V-6. I convinced her the extra power would be needed with a full load etc. We are Sans kids, just gave the youngest to the Navy, so now it's me time, well "Us" time I guess.


    Just looking for some projects to keep my busy and make the most out of the new ride. Anyone in the Phoenix area, feel free to contact me.

  14. Hey all, I just bought a 2016 RT with the 3.6 ltr. V-6. I have the large screen head unit, I quess the 8.4? My question is; can I hook up a rear camera and use main screen to view?, and as it only has one (1) DVD/CD slot under head unit can I view a DVD on it? I don't know what radio I have, It appears to have everything, except Nav. Any advice would be great. Thanks