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  1. Rear Bumper Pad Protector

    Mine is still holding up very well. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts in this thread I did use some extra automotive 3M double sided tape. I just doubled up on the existing tape that was already on the bumper protector. This worked out great since the protector has a molded lip all around and it sits on the bumper perfectly.
  2. nice feature

    May not be a joke. Most Chrysler vehicles that are shipped overseas have power folding mirrors. Here in the states we have to manually fold the mirrors in and out. I noticed he is from England, so he may just have the power folding option on the mirrors.
  3. Husky Floor Mats / Liners

    I was asked by a member about laying the stock mats over the Husky liners. I never thought about it so I just tried it. They fit very nicely in place although they may tend to slide or shift a little depending on how much you move your feet.
  4. Husky Floor Mats / Liners

    The slush mats are just as flat as the regular floor mats. The Husky mats are form fitted with a raised lip all the way around so nothing will spill over on the carpet. If you look at the drivers side pic I posted you will notice that the Husky mat also covers the left side foot rest, which I liked. Keeps everything nice and clean. They also offer the rear mats, and cargo area mat.
  5. Husky Floor Mats / Liners

    The mats are perfectly molded to shape of the floor and do not slide around at all. I purchased them at a local Auto & Truck Accessories shop here in Macomb Michigan. Cost was $75, took one day to arrive.
  6. Just got my set of Husky floor liners for the front. Fit is excellent and they look great. Here are a couple of pics.
  7. Splash guards

    I just installed the splash guards today..
  8. Rear Bumper Pad Protector

    Installation took about 10 minutes, mostly prep time. There is 3M tape on the pad but I bought some more and doubled up on it because it did not look thick enough to me. You also have to remove 4 plastic push pin fasteners from the bumper itself right under the weather strip. Simply use a flat head screw driver or pair of pliers to pull back the center head of the push pin, then the rest of the push pin comes right out. Here is a pic with the plastic push pins removed The included directions are pretty clear. Line up the protector with the holes, I installed the push pins, then remove the backing on the 3m tape. Firmly press in place.
  9. Today I installed the rear bumper protector. My wife likes it now because she doesn't have to worry about scratching the bumper with the kids stroller. It is made by Vmaxx which I found out about here on the forum. Ordered from autoxclusive.com for about $145 delivered. I thought it was a bit pricey but I figured it would cost more to keep repainting the bumper. What do you think??
  10. Michgan Journey Owner Here

    Bought my Journey right before the new year. Silver SXT. I just want to say hi to everyone. Jerry